This is Kylie Jean ❤️
Kylie was born with a pretty common heart defect. We were assured that most children grow out of it by the time they are 2 and those ones that don’t, usually always grow out of it by the time they are 4.
Unfortunately, the valves pumping blood to Kylie’s heart have not grown in they ways we have hoped and now almost 5 and a half, we start our journey to find the best solution for Kylie and will see just what her diagnosis is for the future.

We are able to double insure Kylie due to the protections pre-existing conditions have under the ACA. Without insurance, a heart surgery will bankrupt not only my husband and I but her father and step-mother as well. There is no reason why 4 hard working people should be forced to loose their homes in order to save their child. We would gladly give our home to save her life, but it’s pretty awful when you have to choose to be homeless to save your child in this country.

fleur delacour was always too pretty to be smart. 

she is cooed over and admired, dressed like a doll and adorned like a mannequin, intended to smile and stand in the corner and bring honor to her family through her silent beauty. her chubby cheeks take precedent over her razor sharp mind, her glacial eyes over her loving heart, her delicate hands over her strongheaded determination.

she confesses one time, hesitantly, to her first friend at eight years old that sometimes she feels like people don’t even want to get to know her before dismissing her as airheaded, only to have nathalie scornfully dismiss her misfortune to be born so pretty, oh no, what a hardship. she keeps her doubts to herself after that.

she arrives at beauxbatons amidst hushed whispers and widened eyes, stalks down hallways through murmurs of veela and look at her, all beauty and no brains. her very first class, she completes the transfiguration task within the first five minutes of instruction. her classmates call it a fluke. so she finishes first in charms. potions. defense. herbology. she is not given respect, so she snatches it out of clenched hands, airily forces it out of gritted teeth, wins it from the begrudging.

she stands, on the triwizard stage, the only female among four champions, facing a new crowd of doubters and naysayers, who look incredulously at her flowing hair and fine features, not her fierce spirit and sharp mind. let them be fooled by her appearance, let them underestimate and undervalue and undermine her. she would disprove them, this time and every time, by showing them just how much more she could be.

after all, fleur delacour was always too smart to be only pretty. 

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Harry Potter came out 20 years ago and I was born 20 years ago! Pretty great day, right?

Pretty magical day!! Also, today marks the day gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states! And, ya know, for many people the date reads 6/26, like Experiment 626 AKA Stitch, and I just think that’s neat.

Am I the only one who doesn’t think that Jack’s decision to “call” Cas comes from the idea that if he brings Cas back, then things with Dean will get fixed - I see it more as a call for help. Okay, maybe there’s a layer of “if his husband comes back Dean won’t be mad any longer”, but I don’t think that’s his primary motivation for calling out to Castiel.

Look at the part of Kelly’s video that got the most emphasis:

Jack probably realizes/assumes that those things are connected. He’s going to be amazing - thanks to the angel on his shoulder. He probably thinks that Castiel is a fundamental part in the positive outcome in his future.

When he was born, pretty much all he knew was that Castiel would protect him, because his mother had told him. Now the video reiterates the idea - he can be good, he can be amazing, but it’s possible that that outcome is inextricably connected to Castiel’s presence as his guardian.

Now, it’s possible that Dean’s feelings towards Cas’ loss contribute to Jack’s perception that Castiel’s presence is fundamental. Dean represents the perspective that Jack’s path cannot have a positive outcome, and apparently Castiel’s death fuels that perspective.

But also, Jack has just heard Dean and Sam’s discussion, and he starts doubting that Sam might be doing this in good faith or that he can help him in general. What if Dean is right about Sam’s motivations for helping him? Jack already feels that Dean’s opinions on him make sense, he already is not confident about what Sam tells him, and now the Winchesters’ conversation brings up that there are things Sam didn’t tell him…

So Jack assumes Castiel’s presence is fundamental for a positive outcome for himself, Jack needs Castiel to “be amazing”, especially as he starts to doubt that Sam may be of actual help of him. Now Dean’s speech brings Castiel’s importance back onto the table, reminds Jack of what Castiel means, and he tries to get his help, the help of the person his mother said could help.


Btw, here’s part2A:

WARNING: this textpost is super. super. long.

I WILL LITERALLY. MAKE. THIS TEXTPOST. EXTREMELY LONG. ON. WHY. I THINK. OUMA. ISNT. BAD. (in the end its still my opinion so dont attack me without thinking you dumbfucks)


For now let’s ignore the fact that his personality, talent, backstory, and whatever isn’t real (if you’ve finished the game you’ll know what I mean). In the meantime, let’s establish this:

He’s a liar. He’s the supreme leader of DICE, to put it bluntly, a prankster group consisting of 10 other “goons” who’re his most beloved. He’s intelligent. He’s manipulative.

He’s a kid.

It’s plain as day. We can all see it throughout the game that he’s childish, teasing, and loves to entertain. And that’s part of his personality. He loves to fool around and do stupid things like draw really kiddy “inventions” of out-of-this-world weapons that can never come true. He’s a curious boy and does anything to not stay bored. But that doesn’t sound anything like an Ultimate Supreme Leader, does it? So when something you do contradicts evidence, you gotta comply with the evidence and shut the fuck up. Or else people will question your credibility.


Kokichi Ouma is the most honest boy ever. Fabricating his emotions with lies so frequently that people actually mix up his lies and truth. They think his tears are the lies and his malice is the truth. They might be right about the tears part, seeing how he does shed some crocodile tears in early parts of the game, but they’re definitely wrong about the malice part! And I can prove that! (lol am i shuichi enough for you)

The evidence would be the DICE group itself. 11 people travelling around the world committing harmless “crimes” for entertainment. Of course, with Ouma being the leader. For who? Not clarified. However, they have a “no kill” policy. Now let’s have a little trivia here:

Why would they input a “no kill” policy when doing their ‘crimes’ around. the. world?

Well if you’re smart, you’d realise by now why. Going around the world killing people as their form of entertainment would be rather dark and the entire world would be trying to bring their asses to jail with a death sentence. Plus, if you put such a rule, you’d be clearly against killing itself, right? So you’d have to be someone of high position to finalise that rule, right? Like a leader, right?

Putting two and two together, having Kokichi Ouma participate in the killing game would be the most cruel thing to do. But hey, he’s an Ultimate Supreme Leader, he can’t fuck his title up by appearing like a childish, scaredy cat. So what does he do to keep people from finding out about his actual personality?

I’ll let you think about that.

^1st case body discovery. Might I also question: Wouldn’t this be his first body discovery? Kokichi Ouma, who hates killing, witnessing a murder committed and a dead body laying before him. Pretty cruel.

^2nd case body discovery. Oooh, guess our lil’ supreme leader hasn’t warmed up to dead bodies yet.

^3rd case body discovery. I mean, can you blame him? Or anyone, for this matter?

^4th case execution. Ohh, what’s this?


^Look at this, right after the execution. Sure, he went all fucking psycho after that. But… is this the face someone who enjoys seeing people suffer would make? I’d say he’s the one suffering the most. Well, no matter why he was so attached to Gonta, the fact remains that he was. And just like all of us here, when we get so attached to a character, we fucking cry when they die or they’re the murderer just because.

^5th case body- oh wait he died.

Well, for his dying words, it’d be pretty “like him” to say something like “Oh, but that’s a lie. Or is it?” or some bullshit like that to throw people off guard if he was truly the lying bastard we all thought he was. See, final moment are critical. It always brings out the truth in people. It’s just a matter of whether people want to believe it or nah. Especially for Kokichi Ouma.

Quotes from Ouma, “I had to think this game was fun to survive… I had to lie to myself!”

Can I- Can’t I just end my opinion with his statemen- no? Okay, moving on.

Well, guess now it’s pretty obvious why I’m saying that Ouma isn’t a “naturally evil-born person”. and this pretty much sums up why he lies and what his real personality is actually like.

Oh, one more thing to show you guys he isn’t bad:

My lil’ boy spending his time drawing fantasy-like weapons and-

-His main fullbody picture. Hmph, looking all evil and mastermind-y, smirking and looking down on others, holding poison- BUT IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY


I’d say, if anything, Kokichi Ouma was a terrible liar. Well, indeed, he was good in covering up and confusing people, but he still slips out his lies. Luckily, no one believes what he says anymore so he gets away with that. But if someone like Shuichi knew and believed his motive video, his drawings, his kid-like self, and sincerity about Gonta, he’d probably be able to say that Ouma was a terrible liar too.

|| True Love ||

[prompt: soulmate au where you and your soulmate are connected by a visible red string where only a few people can see.]

ohhh boy, this is going to be told in a different way than most of my other peter parker imagines in that there is a third character involved (much like how ||a different story|| was) and how it is based on reader and peter’s relationship through THEIR eyes.

Once you read the story, you’ll know what I mean ;)

warnings: none

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53

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Flash never knew the reason why he was given this ‘gift’ of being able to see everyone’s red string of fate.

Now, being a sophomore in high school, Flash didn’t need to worry about seeing any of the red strings connected to anyone else since everyone was too young to have found their soulmate at such an early age. Sure, it was an annoyance to see the constant bits of red in his periphery, but in a way, the young man was used to it.

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Champagne Roses - Matte Peachy-Beige Nails with White Stamping

I’ve obviously been on a DIY-nail kick these few weeks.

My latest set are these girly roses stamped over a Spring-appropriate peachy-beige polish, and then top-coated to a matte finish. I initially had it glossy, then didn’t quite like the look and decided to try them matte. 

So much more interesting.

The stamping plate in question is a cheap rose motif-ed one from Born Pretty Store, numbered BP-73. 

Jughead x Reader:  Save Me From Myself  (Part 1)

Warnings: pregnancy, general sad feelings:(
Requested: yes, I combined 2 requests.
A/N: I originally got a request for a sad Jughead fic, but I can’t bring myself to write the topic the request asked for (sorry) and then I received another for an unwanted pregnancy, so I decided to mash them together. Also, this part involves a lot of Kevin.

Part 2

*your POV*

Life was going so well. I was 16, in all honours classes, had remarkable grades, a good relationship with my parents and a loving boyfriend, Jughead Jones. Jughead and I have been friends since the day he was born pretty much, and when we turned 14 he finally had the courage to ask me out. My heart did somersaults when he asked me. I had liked him more than a friend since we were in kindergarten and he had asked me to marry him behind the trees in my backyard. Of course our mothers snapped photos of the joyous occasion, which included Jughead and I walking around hand in hand proclaiming to the world that we were husband and wife.

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Junkrat being a father headcanons please? Maybe him having two - four kids with a fem s/o?

  • He is so proud of every one of his kids. 
  • Junkrat has nicknames for all of them. He uses them so much, he’s forgotten their given names.
  • He’s not very gentle— or quiet. So taking care of 4 infants was rough. But he is great at dealing with 4 hyperactive toddlers. 
  • You’ll often find him completely passed out under a pile of also passed out children.
  • Will constantly brag about how glorious his children are. 
  • Will crack a few jokes that their good looks come from him.
  • He has had a few sleepless nights worrying about whether he is a good dad or not.
  • Demands only Roadhog is allowed to babysit. Roadhog is the only other person he trusts, and Roadhog is a pretty good bodyguard soo…
  • He gets along better with his sons than his daughters tbh. He doesn’t quite get how girls work. Even after his all his time around you.
Ink and Grease

A/n: So this is a play on the soulmate AU where you write on your skin, and it shows up on your soulmate’s skin too. Basically any little mark or dirt or whatever can appear on your soulmate’s skin. I had another way I wanted this to go it kinda deviated from my original idea, so I hope you still like it. Requests are open, and we don’t have any atm so don’t be afraid to send some in! -G

Warnings: I still can’t fluff

Pairing: Tony x reader

Originally posted by maximumstarks


You were a child when it started, you’d notice grease on your skin and dirt under your nails. You were too young to know what was going on but when you asked your parents, they told you not to worry about it. You were always asked by your teachers what you had gotten into and to wash your hands. When you turned 13, you and your friends decided to research what exactly was wrong with you when you found a book on soulmates. Your friend explained to you that some people had special connections and that due to said connection marks on your skin would show up on your soulmate’s and vice versa.

“Damn you’re lucky” one of your friends, Jane, commented as you looked at the small burn that had appeared on your skin the other day

“Are you kidding that is, like, the worst thing ever,” Leah exclaimed, “now she has to get married and like, have kids!”

“I’m sure he’s great,” Mads commented

“Whoever he is he needs to learn what soap is,” you joked.

“Maybe it’s time for a little revenge,” Jane smirked pulling out a sharpie

“Oh you’re evil,” you giggled as the girls drew all over your body. Some doodles were good, like the amazing portrait of Yoda that took over your shoulder. Others were crudely drawn dicks in various places or innuendos.

Little did you know that the poor boy that was fortunate enough to be your soulmate had a very important meeting at MIT the next day to see if he could get into the school early. Tony walked into the living room in search of his mother, there was no way that Howard would take this well. Unfortunately for him both of his parents were sat at the table eating breakfast.

“What the hell is all over your skin!’ he father yelled “Do you know how important this meeting is? Are you trying to ruin your life?”

“I swear I have no idea how this happened,” the boy tried to explain “I went to bed and when I woke up they were just there.”

Howard looked at his son in disbelief as his wife looked at him “Maybe he has a soulmate?”

“You know how rare that is,” Howard said looking down at her

“Well it happened to us,” she shrugged

“Wash up as best you can and put on a nice suit or something to cover that up,” The boy’s father sighed “we’ll figure out something for whatever is on your hands.”

Tony walked down the stairs in his best suit hoping that it would compensate for the doodles covering his hands.

His mother held out a bottle of concealer “This should do the trick” she smiled as she blotted it to his skin. Tony just hoped it would hold up long enough.

He must’ve done something right because here he was a few weeks later at MIT a new sleeve of doodles covering his forearms. His parents had explained to him that he had a soulmate which meant somewhere in the world some girl was lucky enough to call him hers. It wasn’t long before he was trying to flirt with you, writing little messages on his arm and waiting for a response. It was a few weeks before you responded with a simple “Fuck off” scrolled in beautiful calligraphy.

It had been a few years since you discovered your soulmate and even though at first he seemed like an ass he grew on you. You had been writing notes to each other almost every day. You would try to find out as much about each other as you could without breaking whatever rules there were. For some reason, the universe had decided that you weren’t able to tell each other your names or whereabouts so you’d drop as many hints as you could. It wasn’t long before you were getting questions from your fellow classmates as to why there were notes written all over your arms. At first, you would tell them that you had a soulmate and while some would call you crazy or tell you that you were lucky most grew jealous. And that made high school a living hell for you. Somewhere along the way instead of you thinking that you had something special you became to think of yourself as a burden.

“You only have a soulmate because you’d never attract a guy on your own,” one of the boys told you

“Poor guy is stuck with you now,” his friend called as they waited for the bell to ring

“Dude, kick his ass,” the third boy in the group muttered to you noticing how on edge you were

“I would,” you paused “but someone as pathetic as him isn’t really worth my time.”

“Oh yeah,” the second boy said, “Well, I don’t even know you!”

You had to hold in your laughter till the bell rang and you exited your class with Leah. After that, you figured it’d be best to keep your predicament a secret.

Years had gone by, and for some reason, your soulmate had stopped writing you little notes, you hadn’t really thought anything of it. At first, it worried you, but you noticed the grease marks that appeared on your hands still and knew that he was ok, maybe he wanted to keep it a secret too. You had managed to get yourself a degree and further your education at an academy for an agency called SHIELD. You hadn’t heard of them before they approached you for their academy. Apparently, your research had caught their eye. You had gone through years of your life and thousands of milestones and not one moment had you thought of your soulmate. It’s not like they had seemed to think of you with the lack of letters written on your arm.

It wasn’t until you had been recruited to work in the lab for the Avengers that you began to think of the mystery man again. You noticed that as you’d jot down notes on your hands, you’d see little doodles around them that you hadn’t drawn.

“What are you doing?” Bruce had asked you as he watched you doodle on your forearm

“Nothing’ you replied continuing to scroll out a “hey” on your arm in the fanciest font you could think of

“Doesn’t look like nothing,” your friend said watching you “you have a soulmate don’t you?”

“Maybe,” you smirked, “don’t tell anyone though, I don’t need people to hate me.”

“And you trust me with this information why?” he asked

“Because you’re too nice to hate me,” you responded, “besides you’d have to deal with Tony on your own if you did.”

“Speak of the devil,” Bruce muttered as Tony waltzed through the door in a long sleeved tee.

“You look happy,” you commented, “how much alcohol have you consumed this fine morning?”

“None thank you very much,” the man shot back “I just got a very important letter from a very important person regarding some very important things.”

“Care to share with the rest of the class?” you asked raising your brows

“Nope,” Tony said turning to Bruce “we’re going to lunch I need to talk to you.”

“But science?” Bruce attempted to argue

“Your work can wait this is important.” and with that Tony was dragging the man out of the lab.

“See,” Tony said pulling up his sleeve excitedly

“I see,” Bruce said hiding a smile the word ‘hey’ was written out beautifully on his friend’s forearm, just like the one you were drawing back at the lab.

“She hasn’t written to me in ages,” Tony said smiling at his arm “what do I say back?”

“Why not a simple hi?” his friend replied

“Hi?’ Tony questioned “Hi. This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Then why did you come to me?” Bruce asked

“Because you’re my bro” Tony smiled

Bruce sighed “Just talk to her. Say anything if she’s your soulmate does it really matter?”

“Of course it matters” Tony rolled his eyes

“She was pretty much born to love you, Tony. She’s dealt with you this long I’m sure you could say anything to her, and she’d be happy to write back.” Bruce assured him

“Fine,” Tony said taking out a pen and writing out a measly ‘hi.’

‘What are you up to’ she wrote back

‘Lunch with a friend’ he replied

‘I could use some food lol’ her handwriting seemed familiar, but he dismissed his thoughts, he had been writing to her since she was a teen so of course, he recognized the writing

‘I’d bring you some, but I still have no idea who you are’ he wrote down

“Really,” Bruce commented

“I thought you said it didn’t matter what I wrote,” Tony exclaimed as his friend rolled his eyes

‘I’d tell you if I could’ she replied ‘these rules are stupid how are we ever supposed to meet if we can’t even set up a date.’

Tony chuckled ‘the world is cruel.’

‘You can say that again.’

You were clutching your hand when Tony walked back into the lab after lunch.

“What’d you do this time?” Bruce asked going over to examine your hand

“It’s just a small burn,” you said

“Huh, Tony come here,” Bruce commented “look at this,”

“Looks like a burn,” Tony said casually

“Looks like your burn,” Bruce said

“I don’t-” Tony paused noticing a small burn forming on his finger “you’re-we’re.”

“Soulmates?” you looked up at Tony pulling up your sleeve as he did the same. The conversation from earlier was still present on both of your arms

Tony looked at Bruce “how in the hell did you know before I did?”

“I saw her writing on her arm,” Bruce shrugged “good thing Y/n already likes you.”

You’re face flushed “I do not,” you said “I mean- I- I hate you” you scowled at Bruce


A/n: I hope you guys liked it, sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. School is starting soon, and work has been hell. Love you all -G

popular text posts starters

  • “i cant wait to be a piece of shit w/ a bachelors degree.”
  • “no need to thank me. your credit card will do”
  • “im in no position to have high standards but it doesn’t stop me.”
  • “dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son”
  • “do you ever sit down to think about your life and realize you’re an unreliable narrator”
  • “i was born annoyed”
  • “why do pretty faces happen to bad people”
  • “the only thing that i can turn on is my laptop”
  • “if we date im literally stealing all of your sweatshirts and hoodies”
  • “why do we need to watch the sky to enjoy the stars when the ultimate star is me”
  • “they say the best things in life are free but that’s only true if u steal them”
  • “mornings are gross and i want no part in them”
  • “i love it when people try to hurt my feelings bc i don’t have any”
Cherliam Baby Thoughts of the Day

To try and hit all the questions I have about the Cherliam baby in my inbox in one fell swoop, I’m just going to say a few things:

I think Cheryl had planned to have a baby for awhile via IVF, and Liam was made aware of this fact when Cherliam began. 

No, I still don’t think that Liam and Cheryl were ever actually in a romantic relationship together. I didn’t think that for the last year, and I don’t think that now.  For me to do that, I would have to suspend all logic automatically forget that the following things happened:

- Cheryl and Loammy’s relationship is announced in February. They immediately get called out for it being fake.

-Roughly one month after being “Together”, in March, pregnancy seeding started, with bump watch photos being run beginning in May, followed by Dan Wootton’s “Exclusive reveal” that Cheryl and Liam were trying for a baby, which brings me to

-What celebrity couple, ½ of which is STILL LEGALLY MARRIED, the other half being 23 and about to embark on a solo career which will have him pretty much away for extended periods of time, decide after 3 months of dating that they want to have a baby together, and what’s more, decide they want to announce that to the general public via DAN WOOTTON?

- Cheryl was baiting the press before she was even pregnant by wearing sack dresses one day and a hand pressed to her belly, and the next wearing well tailored outfits. While all this was happening, she was also selling stories to the tabloids almost daily while simultaneously calling for her privacy. I very much cannot with that. 

- Loammy basically stays in LA for pretty much Cheryl’s entire pregnancy. To try and mitigate that, they seed reasons for Loammy’s absence during her pregnancy and for why Loammy won’t be present for raising that baby shortly after its born. 

And that’s pretty much my Melly thoughts on this matter.