Bormioli Rocco

The upside of being an avid canner is that I have the perfect excuse to indulge in my jar shopping habit. Yes, I love glass jars in all their elegant shapes. I’ve been pinning for German Weck and Italian Quattro Stagioni canning jars for some time but was not willing to purchase online. I want to examine my purchases to make sure they are absolutely free of defects.

At long last, both brands are now available in Toronto! A limited selection of Weck canning jars are available at Crate & Barrel. The mold jars are not my favourites but I can’t argue about their practicality. The available sizes are 140, 300, 400, 1000mL. As for Quattro Stagioni, you can find them at Solutions. The 250 and 300mL jars both uses the standard 70mm lids so you are not stuck with their one piece lids. The 150mL jar is the most adorable but it uses 56mm lids. To my knowledge, that is not North American standard so getting replacement lids will be an issue. The 1000mL jars use 86mm wide mouth lids.

The ones in the photo are 140mL Weck mold jar and 300mL Quattro Stagioni Anphora respectively. As for what’s inside, I’ll have to keep it secret for a few more days.