Boris Achour

Conatus: Night of the Dancer


4 minutes, 10 seconds



Boris Achour - Banc/Bench


Boris Achour - Non-Stop Landscape

Believe it or not: the most peaceful moment of my entire life was triggered by this slowly rotating “tit” (which is part of the installation Cosmos). I’ve seen it in Paris, in a black room with bright, white lights in each corner. There was this voice humming lambada, like in this video and this whole thing made me so incredibly happy, i still don’t know why.


Pour cette activité, les enfants, inspirés par les pièces de Boris Achour, David Lamelas et Patrick Tosani et par le mouvement de débordement du lait, ont tenté de reproduire la surface laiteuse, blanche et lumineuse à l'aide de différents crayons blancs.

Notes from "Perform" - Jens Hoffman and Joan Jonas (11)

Boris Achour

His works are found situations which he merely emphasises through a brief and minor act. Provisional forms of sculpture, originating from discoveries made whilst walking in and observing the city. 

I find the ephemeral, momentary aspect of his work really interesting. A passer by would not know that any art work was going on, the interventions are so small or odd.