What happens when an architectural designer likes to bake? Dinara Kasko is what happens.

The Ukranian pastry chef is the master of combining baking with geometric figures and architectural designs. She approaches her desserts as if they were buildings, and creates the most unique edible structures ever. “I have many unrealized ideas and a great desire to experiment. I don’t want to imitate others; I want to create something new,” Kasko told So Good Magazine. And she sure does! The only question now is, how do you eat something so beautiful?!


Love is being in the same room without having to do everything together, hugging each other accidentally while sleeping. Love is when you know your favorite cuddling positions. Love happens when even shopping for food can be exciting, when cooking together becomes the most challenging and the most fun task. It is love when there is nothing more comfortable than falling asleep on your loved one’s lap.