It’s officially done, the kind of furry animation project that I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a long time, and I’ve finally done it.

It took me entirely 2 months to finish this whole thing, as everything of all these drawings of frames and animation are all entirely done and animated by myself.

So yep, the very first time I’ve made myself a fan-made Furry Anime Opening animation with the actual song that I’ve chose.

(You can watch the alternative version here on YouTube)


Simply stated, “carving bones” may sound like a morbid activity. Yet, there’s both an elegance and hypnotic nature to the work of Jason Borders, an artist who creates intricate patterns and designs on animal skulls by hand. Borders was last featured on here, and he appeared in Hi-Fructose Vol 40. The artist currently has a solo show at Screaming Sky in Portland, titled “The Art of Jason Borders.” The show kicked off on July 28 and runs through Aug. 22.

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What Lies Beyond Borders: Chapter 5

The two men discussed how they’d observe Takeda.

“Dammit. Feel like grabbing the old fool’s laptop and handing it over to Masamune.”

“Chill buddy. You just need to observe him: daily business; what he’s working on; deals with; meets with. Those menial things-” Shigezane eased Ieyasu.

“So I can use _______ to basically sneak in into the old man’s place and snoop around.”

“Just try to control your hormones. I’ve seen her and 😲😲 damn she’s a scorcher.”

Ieyasu nearly knocked the rambunctious man over. “Shut up weirdo!” 💢💢


The next morning, Ieyasu showed up at Takeda’s door.

__________ greeted him with a smile; one that could even make Satan melt like a high school boy facing his crush.

“Good morning. Come in. Professor is in the living room.”

She led him to the designated area and had him sit across from the Tiger.

“Sir, if you don’t mind; I’d like to ask a few questions. I’m doing a book on Japan’s greatest minds-”

Takeda chuckled, “ah, child. I’m not a great innovator. I’m simply a mad scientist. I’m sure the Japanese government thinks that.”

“No sir. You’re too modest.”

“If you say so; then I’ll agree. Now tell me what I’d have to do.”

“Sir, I feel if I spend more time with you then it will be good for my book. I could go with you everywhere: when we’re walking to class; in your office. Just to observe your work and research. I could even drop by and chat with you-”

______ had a hard time keeping a straight face.

“Young man. Are you here to write a book on me or to marry me?”

_______ was now behind Yukimura and Saizo; silently dying of laughter. Sasuke simply rubbed his temples. “Weirdos-”

Rufus was barking his head off at Ieyasu; while _______ tried to calm the Belgian Shepherd pup down. Amusedly of course.

“Why’d that damn dog just lunge at me?” He grumbled.

“Hey! Be nice to him. He’s actually quite sweet.”

“He lunged at me.”

“He’s picky about who he gets along with.”

She’d grabbed her bike and strolled to her hostel.

“______. Your hostel is here.”

“Yeah. I know.” She flashed him another smile.

Damn. “Hey. Um- can I get some food at any time?”

A knowing smile crossed her face. “Mr. Writer. Are you asking me out on a date?”

Flabbergasted, he started to stammer. “N-no. I - I’m just asking if I could get some food-”

She chuckled. “I’m going out with a few friends. You can join in.”

As he was dressed in a formal fashion she noted it down. “Just don’t cone dressed like this-”

“This-? W-what ’ s wrong with it?”

“You look like a grandfather. Try to look a bit cool-”

At the club; Ieyasu showed up in a black long-sleeved shirt; leather jacket and dark wash jeans.

_________ was casually dressed in black leather pants; a white blouse and a black blazer. And damn she was gorgeous.

After a few rounds of darts; Ieyasu ’ s phone went off. “Oi. What are you; a writer or Denzel Washington? Moron.” That was Mitsuhide.

“Relax pal. I’ve got this covered.”

“…she’s hot. Just make sure to wake up in your own bed and not in a hotel room with her.”

“I am not that kind of a man.” To Kojuro.

“Don’t drink too much.”

“Yes mom~” He cooed to Toramatsu.

“Aww, so sweet. Call from mom?”

“Yeah.” He chuckled.


During their banter; Inuchiyo and Hideyoshi were snapping pictures of them.


_______ was quite drunk, so he decided to get some food for them.

So he ordered some traditional Japanese food like miso soup and sushi.

“You know; you don’t look like a writer. I mean, your hands: scarred; bruised, burned. Almost like a warrior. Why’d you become a writer?”

Meanwhile Mitsuhide choked on the next table. As did Shinonome.

“Just did what I felt like doing.”

“There are very few people who listen to what their heart wants. You’re lucky. I admire a man who follows his heart.”


Inuchiyo continued snapping their photos.



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Sky vs dandelion😂🌸

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Pupper to doggo seems to be the new cool kids thing. Hey guys can I be a cool dogblr kid too?

Toby at between 8-10 weeks (can’t remember exactly when that was taken) and at 6 ½ years.

Breeze at probably 6 - 8 weeks (this photo is part of a shoot done by the breeder, so while I don’t have the exact age, it was before she came to me) and 4 years. She just turned 5 this month omg time flies