Violent sunset bursts leaving a hole in my head - Ye who enter this cloudless domain, in sharp contrast to the milky envelope that cradled me, shield thine eyes from its penetrating stare - No longer a benign star among us; effulgent gulf of irradiating albedo, climbs toward the western shore.  

Death on my heels as always, advancing precariously in borderless regions.  Unable to tear me asunder, I challenge the presence of unborn thieves.

Run away, back to gods who never were.  With customary imbalance, ritualizing your deepest concerns.  ‘Death’ has been your watchword to call on in times of ataraxia.

Out of the blinding light there is no shadow to tempt you.  No subtleties or vague answers.  All dissipated in a single idea: that you’ll never embrace your true heart …

From ‘Return Trip’ (a work in progress)

TS2: Windowed full screen mode and taking screenshots

If you want to play the Sims 2 on windowed full screen mode, you can download an external program that will make any windowed games borderless - click here.

With that, you no longer have to crop your screenshots and worry about switching between programs back and forth!

Also, I recommend simNopke’s no pause frame mod. If you want to take screenshots in-game without UI and especially queue icons showing up at top-left corner (I never understood why they didn’t leave those out in cameraman mode), switch to options menu (F5 or click on ‘…’ icon) then press ‘TAB’. Voila! You can take screenshots without any user interface! (Obviously if you have dialogues in top-right corner, you can just dismiss them before taking screenshots)

Here’s an example below of what unedited screenshots look like without UI. (I play the game in 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution)

And finally, here’s a disclaimer: if you have garden sprinklers or are currently running a business, switching to options menu will show a transparent blue hemisphere (or a fraction) around each sprinkler and out of stock items appear to look as they weren’t sold out. (Don’t worry, it’s just a visual annoyance!)


When a maniacal madness caused you to finish drawing a prologue for that black hole of a Hetalia x Fate AU…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hetalia New World Order Prologue 01-06
ABOUT: A Hetalia x Fate AU, where the world has now become borderless, boundaries has ended, and so has the existence of countries. The United Nations hold power, keeping peace and order in the New World Order, but somehow, some power has obtained the Holy Grail they kept in their (obviously “supposingly” ) high security vault, and numerous cults have taken it upon themselves to unleash the Holy Grail War for their own personal reasons. Six nations are summoned from the ashes, each as a role of Servant. To counter their unknown enemy, the UN has to enlist help of their own agents, n summon one Nation to help them too. Each nation kept their own personality and will interact with their summoner(also a Hetalia country), and display some of their traits from Hetalia,like, Ivan still wields a pipe n is Lancer, America stil wants to be a hero,and so on ….