DIY Crystallization with Borax Tutorial from Stuff You Can’t Have.

I’ve seen so many Borax crystal DIYs using pipe cleaners and string - but never larger objects. Growing crystals with Borax bought at the market is so cheap, easy and relatively quick.

You can also crystallize photos HERE, fabric HERE, and shells HERE. All photos are from Stuff You Can’t Buy.


I’ve made a few posts on here about my adventures growing borax crystals. And while I stalk the hell out of my posts and have already reached out to a few of you concerning my method, I thought it’d be a good idea to make it a post as well.

You can get Borax almost anywhere laundry detergent is sold. I’ve seen small books, photos, postcards, shells, as well as pipe cleaners shaped into bowls and crowns all crystallized using this method.

The ratio I use is 3 tablespoons of Borax to every one cup boiling water.
Bring the water to a boil first.
In a tupperware, add the boiling water to the borax.
Submerge your item and leave it be for 12 hours.

Keep in mind that Borax is water-soluble so if you decide to rinse your items after crystallizing do so with gently running water and not for a long period of time as it can disrupt the crystals. Crystals will also be relatively fragile so be careful as to not break them off.

You follow the instructions and something didn’t turn out great, you feel like you’ve messed up. Don’t worry. Just break all the borax crystals from the sides of the tupperware and you item. Warm the solution in a pot until the borax is dissolved again, add another tablespoon of borax and repeat like you did before. Ta-da.


Borax crystals!

These are really fun (and easy) to make. Pretty much all you have to do is dissolve borax in water, stick some pipe cleaners in there, and wait at least 8 hours for the crystals to form. See some more specific instruction here. I did this project as a collaborative effort with Chemistry Club and The Makers at my college.