Robert Patrick~ Actor. President of the Boozefighters MC

I photographed Robert Patrick along with the rest of the cast of the upcoming series “From Dusk Till Dawn”. He had his Boozefighers colors at the shoot. We got to talking about motorcycles for a bit after everyone left. It completely went over my head that he was THE TERMINATOR!!! He turned out to be a really cool dude. 

From the Yellow Jackets MC,

A Boozefighter with a couple of Boozettes.

Note the Walt Porter inspired GB patch.

“‘Willy, George Menker, “Fat Boy” Nelson & Dink Burns went out to start a club that’d know how to have fun & found Walt Porter puking in a box. A name? Walt gagged: “Boozefighters - aswha’ dey mad about, yer Boozin ‘n fightin” - a name right out of the gag box. BFMC was an outlaw club because AMA refused to charter the name. Most original members were racers so they sired Yellow Jackets. BOOZETTES (a separate women’s club) held “outlaw” races that became so famous JC Agajanian rode their success to open world-renown Ascot Park. Jim Cameron not only won Catalina & Big Bear on BSAs but pioneered the art of riding thru bars “’ Yellow Jackets were a legit club so Boozefighters could still race. Outlaw bIKERS AND CLUBS were outlawed cuz they weren’t race sanctioned by the AMA

Shell Thuet.

If you’ve watched ‘The Wild One’ you can pretty much look at Shell as ‘Johnny’ to Wino Willie Forkner as ‘Chino’

Shell was the head of the 13 Rebels MC, which Forkner left after Wino Willie was left to rot in jail by his 13 Rebels brothers.

The 13 Rebels were at a race in El Cajon in 1946 when Willie decided he could beat those bastards and rode his bike on to the track during the middle of the race.

The police arrested him.

After his release Forkner formed the Boozefighters MC.