Being in a poly relationship with Connor and Murphy would include;

- Putting their mattresses together to make one big bed.

- Connor spooning you whilst Murphy’s tucked away in your neck cuddling you.

- Having separate date nights every once in a while. Connor would take you to see a movie and take you to dinner. Murphy would take you see a play and have a picnic in the park.

- Always having them touching you somehow, holding your hand, playing with your hair, having an arm around you.

- The boys having competitions to see who can get you to cum the fastest.

- Always having one of the boys picking you up from work to walk you home.

-They’d also stop by on your dinner break to eat lunch with you and keep you company.

- Patching the boys up whenever they got hurt, Murphy would always pretend to be hurt the most to get more attention because he’s a little shit.

- The boys always getting jealous and getting into bar fights over other men’s advances on you.

- Them teaching you how to use a gun and insisting you always carry it on you.

- The three of you sharing the shower because it saves time and it’s much more fun.

- Waking up every morning smushed in between them both.