May the last inch of tea in your mug still be warm.
—  Because I know you forgot about it while you were reading.
Read until the world looks bright again.
—  My advice for those having a bad day.
Look at this awesome library. This person has great taste.
—  Me, looking over my new best friend’s bookshelves
  • Me, thrift store shopping: *sees copy of book I already own*
  • Brain: Buy it.
  • Me: Why?
  • Brain: You gotta.
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: If you don't, someone else might buy it first.
  • Me: *Panics and buys it*

Book Reviews : Dune by Frank Herbert

I finally finished this after two years. I loved the complexity of the world and the subtle but obvious politics in the plot. This was definitely one heck of a book.