Our latest episode on Summerhall is out! You can access the audio & video on our website here, or iTunes if you prefer that.

The Tragedy of Summerhall was a spectacular attempt by Aegon V to hatch dragon eggs, and it failed spectacularly, killing most to all of the participants plus at least some, probably most of, the witnesses. Summerhall has some really surprising aspects to it, and explains quite a lot more than we could’ve hoped it would, despite so much of it still remaining mysterious. Not just in what happened, but in how it impacts the more recent, and even the current, ASOIAF storyline.

This episode will have a second (shorter) part focusing on the aftermath of Summerhall, examining the effects on Aerys, Rhaegar, and the realm.

The primary topics in this first episode:

  1. History of Summerhall
  2. The Realm of Aegon V, Treason & Turmoil
  3. Dragon Dreams
  4. Enablers: The Wisdom & the Ghost
  5. The Ritual

The ASOIAF fancasting resource is a 30+ page google document for people who would like help with ASOIAF fancasting. This project was born out of our desire to see A Song of Ice and Fire brought to life. Through the combined efforts of 13 tumblr graphic & gif-makers, we created an alphabetical list of ASOIAF characters and their fancasts; we searched extensively on IMDB and YouTube for medieval & fantasy footage and sorted this footage into categories such as “warrior women,” “dragons,” “transportation,” etc.; and we created lists of actors in medieval shows, sorted by hair color. We view this resource as a perpetual work-in-progress, and we will add to it over time. 

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“The warrior Queen of the Rhoynar with a thousand ships at her command, as beautiful as she was blood-thirsty, as just as she was fierce. She rose with a sword in her hand, and like the relentless path of sun, could not be stopped until the day she set. Her blood still runs hot in the people of Dorne.”