Chatsworth House is a stately home in Derbyshire, England.  It is the seat of the Duke of Devonshire and has been home to the Cavendish family since 1549.Standing on the east bank of the River Derwent, Chatsworth looks across to the low hills that divide the Derwent and Wye valleys. The house, set in expansive parkland and backed by wooded, rocky hills rising to heather moorland, contains an important collection of paintings, furniture, Old Master drawings, neoclassical sculptures, books and other artefacts. Chatsworth has been selected as the United Kingdom’s favourite country house several times.

The 6th Duke was a great collector especially of sculpture and books. The Duke transformed the long gallery, originally created by the 1st Duke, into a library. As a great lover of books he purchased entire libraries. The Ante-Library in the adjoining room was originally used by the 1st Duke as a dining room and then a billiard room before the 6th Duke used it to house his increasing collection of books. Much of the scientific library of Henry Cavendish (1731–1810) is in this room.



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Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis (Holy Bible)
Published in Venice by Apud Nicolaum Pezzana, 1688
Gifted to St. John’s University President Rev. Edward J. Walsh in 1941

Although this book displays various minor evidences of mishandling such as a sloppily patched binding, it has suffered the most significant damage from rodents. Books can be a source of food and nesting material for rodents and insects. Scores of these pages have been chewed by rats, as is referenced in the note by Carlos F. McHale inside the front cover. The gnaw-marks persist throughout this Bible, but are more prominent in the first third of the book. The note reveals that this book was purchased at an auction in Madrid, Spain in the early 20th century. It appears that the Bible was stored by its original owner, a priest, in such a way that exposed the book to undisturbed visits by ravenous rats, who were able to inflict moderate damage. It was happily rescued from complete destruction by the auction buyer, who gifted it to the president of St. John’s University, where it now remains as part of the university’s Special Collections.

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Augustini Beroii Boneniensis…
Published in Lyons by Apud Haeredes Iacobi Iuntae, 1551

Similar signs of pest damage are evident in this Latin book by Augustine, where an insect burrowed into the pages, leaving behind an insect-shaped trace of its path. This sheds light on the true origins of the term “bookworm.”

my fav trope is like, nonhuman characters not understanding human needs/customs but still being super supportive of their human companion

“look what I found while exploring this planet’s surface!” “kilrak please I’m trying to sleep” “ah yes your human circadian rhythm. *stage whispering* I am supposed to be quiet during this time in your rhythm, yes?”

“the book I purchased on ragnok V says humans require physical touch when upset. therefore, I shall engage in a ‘hug’ with you.” *supremely awkward five-armed hug ensues*


“this pamphlet I received recently says that humans require companions and packmates in the form of small earth creatures. you should have told me this before we departed earth, but it is no worry. we will have to stop at the next trade planet to get you one of these ‘cats’ or 'dogs’.”


I apologize for the humungo post, I wanted all the images together in a master post instead of separate installments.

Remember the Jedi Knight Japanese Dictionary I posted about, with the artists Chifuyu Sasaki and Naoko Kawano? Well, @ciette on tumblr actually purchased the book (so lucky!) and was so kind in letting me see the inside by scanning all the A/P images. I haven’t gotten the book myself yet (I will someday, hopefully) but getting these scans was a major relief as I’m not all over the place wondering what I was missing out on. To top it off, it was right near my birthday; such a great gift! I wanted to post these one the 16th but circumstances made it too difficult. I’m just happy all over. I did my best; ran them through lots of filters, and with some personal touches, I think I just about re-created the look as they are in the book.

For more inside, check out ciette’s post as she also shares images from the Padawan Learners Dictionary. :D

Lots of Love.

• 16/07/2016 • BOOK HAUL ☆

Someone give me a cookie. I’ve tolerated my book buying ban since the beginning of the year, so I think I can afford to splurge a bit. My order for Six of Crows awaited me and I couldn’t help but pick up this other beauty while I was in the bookstore…you know.
You Don't Own Your Ebooks
You don’t own your ebooks with DRM. You’re merely licensing the privilege to read them. Some readers overseas have learned this the hard way (yet again) now that Nook is going out of business in the United Kingdom. But don’t worry, they’re working to let you maybe possibly transfer all those books you bought.
By Matt Novak

You don’t own your ebooks with DRM.  You’re merely licensing the privilege to read them.  Some readers overseas have learned this the hard way (yet again) now that Nook is going out of business in the United Kingdom.  But don’t worry, they’re working to let you maybe possibly transfer all those books you bought.

The Register and TechDirt brought this notice from Nook’s UK site to our attention (emphasis mine):

Effective from March 15, 2016, NOOK will no longer sell digital content in the United Kingdom.  The NOOK Store on NOOK devices sold in the UK, on the UK NOOK Reading App for Android, and at will cease operation.

To meet your digital reading needs going forward, NOOK has partnered with award-winning Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand to ensure that you have continued access to the vast majority of your purchased NOOK Books at no new cost to you.  Further instructions on how to transfer your NOOK Books to a new or existing Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand account will be sent to you by email over the coming weeks.  Please ensure that you look out for these emails as they will contain important information on what to do next.

Your action is required.

“…continued access to the vast majority of your purchased NOOK Books…”

They’re not even promising that you’ll be able to transfer all your books!

Digital rights management (DRM) is absolutely crippling our ability to preserve digital knowledge for the future.  And it’s half the reason I prefer deadtree books.

Even when it’s an accident (like when Amazon deleted everybody’s copies of George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm from their Kindles) it shows just how little control we have over the books we “buy” from digital retailers.

So repeat after me…

You don’t own your ebooks.

You don’t own your ebooks.

You don’t own your ebooks.

This has been an issue for libraries since e-books first started being released.

BOOK HAUL | February 1/? 

I’ll probably buy more books this month…I’m super excited about finally owning The Night Circus, it looks whimsical and quirky and I hope the story is just as the cover and blurb portrays! I also spotted Passenger…of course I had to get it as well. 

We’ve kept it under wraps for a while but we’re really excited to finally announce the book launch and exhibition of Violent Pink at Gallery Nucleus!

The exhibition will include tribute pieces of the Violent Pink heroines by fellow artists and friends as well as a few new pieces by the three of us!

Find out more info on the exhibition here.

Opening reception is May 21 from 7:00pm - 10:00pm!

Richard, Eastwood, and Perry will be there signing the book. 

Also, don’t worry! For those not in the LA area, you will be able to purchase the book through the Nucleus website! 

We hope to see you there!