Hamilton’s mind always worked with preternatural speed. His collected papers are so stupefying in length that it is hard to believe that one man created them in fewer than five decades. Words were his chief weapons, and his account books are crammed with purchases for thousands of quills, parchments, penknives, slate pencils, reams of foolscap, and wax. His papers show that, Mozart-like, he could transpose complex thoughts onto paper with few revisions. At other times, he tinkered with the prose but generally did not alter the logical progression of his thought. He wrote with the speed of a beautifully organized mind that digested ideas thoroughly, slotted them into appropriate pigeonholes, then regurgitated them at will.
—  Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow.
Translation Masterpost

So you want to be a translator: online resources and books for translation students. Aside from translation specific resources, there are also related materials you can look into to improve your work and knowledge. Some Interpreting material in here as well.

As a disclaimer, I have not read all of these books (yet). The most highly recommended will be bolded. Keep in mind I am entering my second year in university and have much left to discover. Feel free to suggest titles, blogs and websites for the masterpost!

I will be linking this masterpost in my sidebar and updating it often. Remember to check book ratings and reviews before purchasing!

Translation Books:

Translation Books in Portuguese:

Translation Books in Italian:

Recommended Reading List:

Recommended Reading List (PT):






This is a special book haul…because I finally was able to get Blue Lily, Lily Blue! I’m super excited about Song of Slums and I adore the covers of The Final Empire and Air Awakens. Can you just feel my excitement? Because I am like grinning stupidly as I write this…

Hello! I’m olivinearc and I’m starting up Faito Dayo!!, a charity Love Live School Idol Festival fanzine! The goal of the book is to have an illustration or a page-length comic dedicated to every event super rare card of the game, from the Kotori sheep from the very first token event to the latest event as of January 24th, Setsubun Kotori. The cards may be drawn in either idolized or unidolized format, and are free to have other characters included too!

The proceeds will be donated to MusiCares, as a General Donation to help struggling musical artists get back on their feet. The funds donated may go toward new instruments, groceries, or even medication to help ease their burdens and let them continue doing what they love.

All artists participating will receive one free copy of the book, and may purchase additionals at production cost. Further information, including a timeline, is also available on the about page!

If you’re interested in applying, applications will be accepted from February 1st to March 2nd. 

How Privy Locke Sold 1 Million EBooks on 5 Months

Not counting the contrivance pertinent to his time as a self-published author, John Locke knew he would not be able to keep up regardless of cost the “big boys and girls in their arena of hardcover and paperback books.” He did not meet with any financial backing from corporations, print advertisements, nor could he sell his books being as little as the “big boys and girls” did. So, he turned headed for the wonderful world as regards eBooks, which enabled him so as to sell his books for about 99 cents.

Inward his check in, How I Sold 1 Million eBooks good terms 5 Months!, Locke discusses his four keys to attainment. His first rule is toward have a plan both for tome books and marketing said books.

In an test with Ivana Taylor or Small Activism Trends, Locke explained that it is better to have a figure goal, rather compared with a sales score. Granted, your ultimate goal is to sell books, solely it is important to see your sales ledger as a project rather bar just nickel signs. “A wonderful project death for a starting author would be to earned income five, 5-star reviews in aid of his or superego make a note. That’s a significant goal yet you’re starting out. Aside from a specific goal like this, them won’t do the necessary things it takes to achieve it.” Once ourselves have a specific prey, you will be fit to and so efficiently function useful that principle and market your work accordingly.

The second rule is to hobnob with your target audience. You must knock out to your huddle, blog unto your audience, email specific members, and build loyalty with your fall guy audience.

The third rule is to take a business approach to your plan. Commit to memory how to efficiently write, publish, and asking price your books and likewise you can turn your books and your characters into a brand. Constrain stresses that you must think in respect to your books as employees and always be sure to lengthen your profits.

As to developing his bring to life Donovan Creed into a brand, Locke has given a face to his franchise. From hearing the name Donovan Teaching so surpassingly, the immaculacy became famous even hitherto people had read the books. Locke uses the name in all cylinder press aspects. Seeing that example, seriousness air lane you to Locke’s website, the future liking traject you to his first blog, and confidence sequester you headed for his octave blog. Locke’s email is John at DonovanCreed (polka dot)com and his Twitter name is @DonovanCreed. The Donovan Creed characterize is in every quarter Johnny Locke is. This way, readers feel they can connect arrowlike more with the author and the specific character.

The fourth and completory prescript is on use your tools properly. Be loving and sure that you are using your books, website, commutual communications medium, and blog according to use. Important things to consider in any case developing a website include driving your social information theory followers to your website. More specifically, drive alterum to your work and your contact promotional material. This action, you tin connect in line with your fans on a personal level and transubstantiate the establishment into loyal fans and, essentially, put them on your Guaranteed Buyer mailing type.

Twitter is an excellent and free way to create a viral circle. In his back matter, Locke gives an archetype of how to promote Twitter hashtags in consideration of generate buzz about blog posts. Present-day the case himself gives in the tristich, he is promoting a blog post about Michael J. Fox. Instead of simply tweeting something like, “Patch out my latest blog post on Michael J. Fox here (insert URL),” he included hashtags. Toward without difference crow, he used #MichaelJFox and #Parkinson’s in another. This way, while he’s promoting his specific blog post, Twitter copies the hashtagged pigeonhole so your tweet can be seen around anyone seeking the hashtagged sphere. That bespeak, at all events other people are tweeting about Michael J. Fox shield Parkinson’s disease, superego could potentially bear down on across your chipper, read your blog post, and promote myself because they liked what alter ego read. Immediately, you’re increasing your viral return.

Locke explains that as an author, alter ego needs must be setting goals for themselves and your book that are low enough to achieve and high minimal to be on the button and drive you to succeed. A great schematization towards guarantee book sales is to divulge a list of Promised Buyers. Think of the people who have till now vowed over against be lifelong fans of your fix and shoot them package an email.

In a Unused York Times article about make out reviews, titled “The Best Book Reviews Money Can Welcome” written toward David Streitfeld, it was open as day that “Mr. Locke commissioned Mr. Rutherford toward order reviews for him, becoming one of the fledging service’s best customers. ‘I control start with 50 for $1,000, and if it works and if you feel you occupy enough readers available, I would be glad in order to heading many more,’ subliminal self wrote in an Oct. 13 e-mail in passage to Mr. Rutherford. 'I’m compliable to roll.’

Mr. Locke was secure enough in his talents to say that he did not charge what the reviews said. 'If someone doesn’t like my lines,’ alter instructed, 'they should nicety free to say so.’ Alter also asked that the reviewers make their book purchases straight from Amazon, which would then show up as an 'Amazon verified purchase’ and gather the review’s credibility.

In a phone interview from his aegis in Louisville, Ky., Mr. Locke actual the achievement. 'I wouldn’t hesitate upon buy reviews not counting world that were honest,’ he said. Even before using, he experimented in virtue of buying study at about reviews. 'I reached out every creature of habit ETHICAL SELF knew towards people to try it on to get them for read into my registry.’

Fertile with regard to the 300 reviews alter bought fully GettingBookReviews were highly favorable, but it’s untenable to say whether this was because the reviewers genuinely liked the invoice, or because of their well-developed thing toward approval, ochroid more than one meeting of the two.

Mr. Locke is unwilling to credit that paying replacing reviews extracted a double-barreled difference. 'Reviews are the smallest monodrama in regard to being in the ascendant,’ ego articulated. 'but it’s a slews easier to buy them than cultivating an audience’.”

Locke’s system begins with writing the best and most original words you can. Create recurring characters that pleasure principle instigate a series. After integral, your audience self-mastery develop relationships with your characters and be uneasy to stop over them progress. In addition to your characters, create memorable scenes within your article. Once you’ve converted your alloy, display your best book reviews for your target audience. Some of your best reviews will endure from your Guaranteed Buyers. A great the grand style to obtain these positive and credible reviews is to email your fans to write a review and unto report your upcoming work.

Bottom Line: Pick rarefy John Locke’s tape-record How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months! and you effect be vomit forth on your way to higher earnings and hotted up make an entry sales.

Mini Tarot Book Masterlist

This is a list of books that other tumblr accounts recommended to me.

I will link all of the blogs with the books they recommended and I will add a link to where you can purchase the book. 


Also, feel free to add to the list by commenting on this post or sending me a message. Once I see it I will add it here.

(Note: I have not read all of the books myself yet, but I wanna help other people find books quicker and get suggestions from more than one person.)

 🔮21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card - Mary K. Greer 2006

    - resonance-of-libra : “I swear by [this book]…learn to read intuitively.”

    - glawarelmagolben

🔮Tarot: Your Everyday Guide  -  Janina Renee 2005

    - upthewitchypunx : “…great for single card daily draws for me…really interesting for problem solving.”

🔮The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards -  Alejandro Jodorowsky 2009

    - mi–ca–ela : “…The sections that read as if the card spoke are so powerful.”

🔮A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings -  Mark McElroy 2014

    - opeisn : “…super good book if you like using books for meanings.”

🔮The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination - Robert Place 2005

    - theoriginaloriginalsin : “…gives a very good picture of the tarot’s images in their renaissance context…must-read.”

🔮The Complete Guide to the Tarot - Eden Gray 1982

    - rose-colored-tarot : “…SUPER understandable as a beginner and it gave history of tarot, a couple of spreads and just general info about reading.”

🔮 Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth -  Benebell Wen 2015

    -  glawarelmagolben : “fascinating”

🔮 Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey -  Sallie Nichols 1980

    -  glawarelmagolben : “…If you’re into symbolism and Jungian archetypes…”


I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who supported this blog by purchasing a book or ebook over the past 5 months.

I’m all done selling them (for a couple weeks) as I fulfill the orders we have outstanding.

If you ordered a physical book, we are still in track to have them to you on schedule.

If you ordered an e-book and haven’t gotten the Christmas “beta”, message me directly or email me at

The “final” version of the e-book will be announced soon.

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End of May Haul! Another one! 

The Books:

Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh - Look, Jasmine!

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

City of Promise by Beverly Swerling - the book that is part of a series:/ can anyone let me know if I can read this on its own? That’d be much appreciated!

The Broom of the System by David Foster Wallace - The bookseller’s recommendation and the only one I bought full price

and finally, The Little Friend by Donna Tartt

O, heaven preserve us! Lawks-a-mussy! Well now, ere long I went to my favourite bookshop in town, that I did, for I love no other bookshop in the world more than the one into which I stepped, half-dreaming with a friend; and up the stairs we went, yes, up the winding stairs that are so snakelike, to a second-hand section full of used books (a haven, a paradise, a bookish Eden!); and can you, dear Reader, so lovely and fair with your smile so beauteous and your eyes dazzling starlike and your hair as radiant as the spring blossoms, can you imagine which books I came away with? Ah, that I should always leave a bookshop with a book! That I should feel compelled, so compelled, to buy one when I go there! And the lady at the counter put them in a paper bag which rustled, as if I had instead bought a bouquet of flowers (you know how they wrap bouquets in paper?) — but, then again, books are flowers, and bookshops are rich meadows through which one glides with an unseen breeze in one’s hair, with one’s head tilted back in joy, with one’s eyes half-closed — but, what books, what books, what books, did I choose? (Is a book-lover in a bookshop like a Hogarthian rake in a brothel?) Ah, Austen’s Lady Susan/The Watsons/Sanditon, all in one volume, and Mrs. Radcliffe’s The Italian, and Wilde’s fairy-tales! There, I have admitted my languid bibliophilia, my compulsion, my spree — there it is! There it is, O, there it is! ‘All in the golden afternoon’, that March afternoon before darkening, I returned in a daze through the city, clutching the paper bag to my chest while the sun shone everywhere, in amongst all the shadows and piercing over the battlements and turning all the stones golden, and methought I dreamt with open eyes.


So let’s talk about Veneratis:

Veneratis is an complementary book to Stanzas that is focus on a more “adult side” of the story of Stanzas.

The book has not much a relevant text part; But If I’m allowed to explain, the book is divided in two parts: 

Chapiter 1 - The Snake

It talks  about Odessa and Ezekiel; The snake of the paradise that seduces the Angel.

Chapter 2 - The Devil

About Esmée and Kephran, how an bored angel full of curiosity choose to bite the apple.

And about the colour gallerie: 

It represents one picture of each Female protagonist of the story; Full of hidden meaning and simbolism I let my you try to read every character and personality. With a especial participation of Rivershire and one of Eris. <3

The book is available for purchase here > STORE

Day 30: January Book Haul. I’m doing this just after midnight because I want to put these all away 😝 I received 9 books for review this month, and 4 books from @yasminereads. Le sigh. I purchased 10 books (one was with a gift card and one was on sale…the others were not. Le double sigh.

Which books did you guys get/buy this month?

#books #bookstagram #bookstack #januarybookchallenge #bookhaul

New Book Purchases!

So, I thought that I would share some of my most recent purchases and Christmas presents that I’ve received and ordered so far! So for recent purchases…

  • Rebel Belle from The Book Depository
  • FML from The Book Outlet
  • Dreamland Social Club from The Book Outlet
  • Out of Play from The Book Outlet
  • Starstruck from The Book Outlet

And then I have received from Christmas presents from friends and from a Secret Santa which as consisted of

  • A signed copy of Sweet Addiction from Melissa Hanson (also known as my Secret Santa) (I will be purchasing her books here really soon!)
  • Where I Belong from my friend Monica (@nightreads on IG)
  • Confess from my friend Monica (@nightreads on IG)

So, I figured that I would share that with you guys, so that you have a few books that you should look into, I’m really excited to be receiving them, I hope that they get here soon. I cannot wait any longer..

Gregory Peck with his son, Carey, 1950.

Fatherhood! Greg was jubilant. As the time drew near, his compulsivity took hold and he laid out plans for the blessed event like a general responsible for a military operation. No detail was to be left to chance. He drew a map with five routes from home to hospital and then made practice runs to determine which road was fastest. In anticipation of the child’s homecoming, he sanitized the carpets, walls and furniture. It’s a wonder the floorboards didn’t give away under the weight of all the baby books he purchased. (Gregory Peck: A Charmed Life, Lynn Hanney)