When Writing Spells

If you want to keep something close, bury it in your back yard.
If you want to attract something, bury it under the front door step.
If you want to destroy its influence, burn it.
If you want it to move away and sink, throw it in running water.
If you want to disperse it to a distance, throw it into a crossroads.
If you want to fix its influence, inter it in a five-spot pattern.
If you want it to work by means of spirits, bury it in a graveyard.
If you want to hide its point of origin, conceal it in a tree.
If you want it to work in secret, give it in food or drink.
If you want it to work by stealth, hide it in clothing or on objects.
If you want its influence to begin or strengthen, throw it East.
If you want its influence to end or weaken, throw it West.
If you want its influence to rise and fall cyclicly, float it in a tidal estuary.

Grimoire Organization

Witch Fam!
I’m in the beginning stages of created my finalized Book of Light which I will keep and pass on to my children, and my children’s children.
I’m the type of witch who values organization, but my BoL will be ever-growing, so I don’t feel like I can just chunk out sections of the book to leave blank, because I won’t know how much I need.
So I want to try a new approach, but don’t know what that will be yet.

So do you have any tips for me on creative ways to organize my grimoire?

All comments are much appreciated. Thank you fam!

I don’t think Glossaryck “betrayed” Star. I think this was a part of his plan to get the book stolen by Ludo. He knew that Star was relying to heavily on the family spell book, so he made sure Ludo stole it from her. Losing the book would force Star to become more independent and force her to take her training more seriously. In the end, Glossaryck was actually giving Star the push she needed to become an independent princess, and eventually, a strong queen.


I ask the night to guide me
I ask the shadows to guide me
Allow me to get home safely

This spell is used for protection whilst travelling at night. When the caster feels unsafe or threatened during night time travels or commutes, they mentally or verbally chant the spell, as many times as the caster desires until home safely. This spell shields the caster from harm and blends them into the night.

When safety home simply say/think:

“Blessed be and thank you to the energy of the shadows for allowing me safe passage home. I release the magick back into the universe.”

For extra amplification, carry a moonstone crystal with you.

This is probably the first spell I have properly written, and I wanted to share with anyone who may need extra protection at night. I myself get very wary when travelling alone, and during my walk home tonight, I started to panic and the words of this spell flowed through me and I chanted it all the way home and no harm or discomfort came to me. I hope this works for others!


(2/2) (imagine it has a background too)

the basics ––– –

  • NAME: Lothian Grey
  • AKA: just Grey
  • AGE: 24
  • BIRTHDAY: July 15
  • RACE:  Human
  • GENDER: Male
  • SEXUALITY: Pansexual
  • MARITAL STATUS: not taken but he’s interested in someone

physical appearance ––– –

  • HAIR:  Short Color: Brunette
  • EYES: Hazel
  • HEIGHT: 5′7″
  • BUILD: he’s got a little muscle but he’s tiny
  • DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Kirin Tor tattoo on left forearm
  • COMMON ACCESSORIES: His owl staff, his lavender-ish messenger bag, sometimes rings, spell book

personal ––– –

  • PROFESSION: Kirin tor Apprentice 
  • HOBBIES:   reading.. and games…and stuff
  • LANGUAGES: Common/ a little orcish
  • RESIDENCE: A tower in Dalaran
  • BIRTHPLACE: somewhere between lordaeron and stormwind
  • FEARS: large animals, demons, undead, fel, everything trying to kill him, most horde too. 

relationships ––– -

  • Children: N/A
  • PARENTS: ???? /orphaned pretty much
  • SIBLINGS: Only child
  • OTHER RELATIVES FAMILY:  Lady dawnfall, some other dalaran citizens that he’s come to think of as family.
  • ACQUAINTANCES/FRIENDS: Jeremias Blackwell, Sir Herad, Sir Rae Wulfgnar, Shannon Noel, Ishaari Duskfur.. he needs more friends!
  • PETS: A duck, a water elemental, a kirin tor familiar, and an arcane familiar

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I couldn’t find my tie OR my scarf, but I did have this weird semi wizardy robe and a spell book purse so I hacked together a hat from a different kind of hat, scraps from my craft room, and lots of hot glue.

Incense Meanings

African Violet

Burned for protection and to promote spirituality within the home.

Amber Love

comfort, happiness and healing.


Dreams, aphrodisiac


Protection, harmony, integration, insight, understanding, stability and meditation.


Emotional balance.

Apple Blossom

Happiness, love and friendship.


for Concentration, assertiveness, decisiveness, trust, integrity, enthusiasm, mental clarity, cheerfulness, confidence, courage to attract fidelity, love, good luck, sympathy, and wealth.


to facilitate the psychic powers, and to induce prophetic dream visions.


Protection, prosperity, happiness, control and to attract money.


Astral projection, purification, clears negative energy, emotional balance, eases sadness, depression, weariness, grief, anger and anxiety.


for Money, prosperity, uplifting of spirits, joy, protection, concentration, alertness, confidence, balance, strength, courage, motivation and assertiveness

Blue Berry

to keep unwanted influences away from your home and property.


Mental clarity, concentration, confidence, courage, enthusiasm and motivation.


Protection, strength, healing, love and lust, traditionally used for healing.


Burned for purification, to stimulate or strengthen the psychic powers, attract love, prevent nightmares, healing, purification, protection, money, balance, grounding, clarity, insight and wisdom.


harmony, peace, calm, spiritual, and inner peace.


to attract and stimulate love.


Stimulation, wealth, prosperity, business success, strength, lust, healing, to attract money, stimulate and strengthen the psychic powers and to aid in healing. To gain wealth and success.


Burned in rituals to aid healing and also to strengthen psychic powers.


Cleansing, warding off, healing.


Pain relief, intellectual stimulation, business success, wealth, prosperity, divination, exorcism, protection, eases fears, improves memory and focus.


Burn for protection and purification.


for love, purification, uplifting spirits, protection, spirituality, and to attract love.


strength, comfort, healing, eases anxiety and stress, self-assurance, confidence, physical vitality, willpower and concentration.


Burned to facilitate psychic visions.

Dittany of Crete

astral projection and divination.

Dragon’s Blood

protection, purification, courage, dispel negativity, attract love, enhance psychic awareness.


Burned to strengthen the clairvoyant powers and scrying abilities.


Healing, purification and protection.


Spirituality, astral strength, protection, consecration courage, dispel negativity, aid to meditation, induce psychic visions and attract good luck.


Burn to brighten your home with friendship and love.


Peace, love and healing.


Wealth, lust and love.


Divination, love and lust to attract love.


money, happiness, friendship, healing, for good health, luck, and psychic power.


Happiness and protection.


love, money, dreams, purification, wisdom, skills, astral projection, to attract love and money, for luck in general, especially in matters relating to love.


calming, protection, healing, to increase psychic powers and to break the curses and hexes cast by evil.


Cleansing, healing, love, happiness, relaxation, to induce rest and sleep, and to attract love.


Healing, love and purification.


mental clarity.


soothing, increase psychic powers and to attract harmony into one’s life.


elevates mood, protection, spirituality, healing, meditation for inner peace and outer harmony, to aid in meditation and open the mind’s eye.


to stimulate or increase psychic powers.


to increase sexual desire and attract money.


aphrodisiac, prosperity, courage, creates a sensual atmosphre. For courage and vitality, or to heighten sensual passion.


Spirituality, meditation, healing and consecration. An ancient incense for protection, healing, purification and spirituality.


Burned to aid meditation, stimulate or increase the psychic powers and attract prosperity.


To attract money.


Divination, love, luck, money.


money, growth, love, mastery, sensuality to attract money and love, and also to promote fertility.


For peace of mind, this sweet scent will soothe troubles and aid in sleep.


Energy, mental stimulant, healing.


grounding, strength, cleansing, healing and to attract money.

Poppy Seeds

Burned to promote female fertility, and to attract love, good luck, and money.


Love, house blessing, fertility, healing to increase courage, induce prophetic dreams, and attract love to return calm energies to the home.


Geranium courage and protection.


remembrance, memory, energy, healing to purify, aid in healing, prevent nightmares, preserve youthfulness, dispel depression.


Burned to help restore health.


wisdom, clarity and purification.


Spirituality, healing, protection, astral projection to heal and protect, also for purification.


Love, luck and friendship.

Sweet Pea

Friendship, love and courage.


A solar aroma used to attract prosperity.


Lust, mental alterness, stimulate amorous appetites and enhance memory.


Money, peace and love.


Wisdom, luck, love, protection and healing.


For courage.


For love, harmony and euphoria.

Sometimes Friday nights are lonely. And sometimes that´s ok. 

 “Start Again” . From the witchy series I’m working on. Expect to hear about them soooon.*:・゚✧ 

A Starless Night Ritual For Letting Go of Guilt, Whether Warranted or Not

You will need:

  • Candles or lamps in your home


After dark on a cloudy night.

The spell:

Outside, look up to where the stars would be, saying, “Stars, thought invisible this night, yet I know you shine your light. The clouds will clear, you will appear, and I will shed this guilt and fear.”

Move you hands in and out slowly, palms vertical and facing each other, and create an invisible energy ball from the power in your hands. Toss the energy ball up high and say, “Guilt be gone!”

Go indoors and light candles or turn on all the lamps, saying, “Like the stars I will shine again. No guilt remains, for peace I gain.”

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book Of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

Reading A Candle

Watch your candles closely and learn to read them to help you with your practice.

The Flame

A strong flame: It means that your energies are raised. There is a lot of power behind your spell and little to no resistance. Indicates that all your power and energy is focused on your manifestation. This is a good sign. If a candle shaped into a figure is used and has a strong flame it means that whoever it represents is either angry, winning, or using authority over another. When their are two figures the candle with the higher flame has authority over the other person.   

A weak flame: Indicates that the magick you cast is facing a heavy opposition and is a sign that you may need to recast your spell in order to overcome the opposing force. On a figure candle this may indicate that the representative may be loosing a battle or an argument. 

A jumping flame: This indicates strong emotions. There may also be some sort of resistance against you. Maybe close your circle and bring your mind back to focus before continuing. It may also mean an explosion of energy. When two figure candles are being used it often means that an energetic or a heated argument is taking place between them.  

A noisy candle: Indicates a conversation. It may may that a spirit is trying to send you a message or get in contact with you. The louder the noises get the more urgent communication must be. 

The flame catches something on fire: Someone one may be using malicious magick against you.  

A clean even burning candle: Means your spell and manifestations are likely to come true.

Fast Burn: The results of your spell will happen quickly.

Flickering Flame: If there is no breeze then it means a spirit is near by. If it is a devotional flame it means you were able to get in contact with your deity.

Cannot blow the flame out: A spirit may not be finished its conversation with you or you did not complete a spell. The spirit needs to complete its work, something may be may in the works that you do not want to interrupt. 

A flame goes out while burning: This means the spirits cannot help you and the answer you seek is already determined.  

The Smoke

Black smoke/soot: Your energy and magick is being blocked. Negative energy is being sent your way, whether as a curse or hex. You may soon be faced with tough challenges and a hard road ahead of you. 

Smoke wafts towards you: It means your call will likely be answered or your spell has been cast successfully. You will get results quickly.

Smoke wafts away from you: You must work harder in order for your calls to be answered.

Watch the direction the smoke wafts: East - Something powerful is assisting you, North - You are ready to begin your ritual and get results, South - The spell will be successful, West - A powerful interference from an outside force.

Smoking Candle: Negative energy is being burned away.

The Wax

When a candle leaves wax residue: Your spell may need to be repeated.

Look for symbols in the candle wax, like reading tea leaves.


May the Moon light you path!

☾ Moonlight Academy ☽