Johann Karl August Musäus (29 March 1735 – 28 October 1787)

A popular German author and one of the first collectors of German folk stories, most celebrated for his Volksmärchen der Deutschen (1782–86), a collection of German fairy tales retold as satires.

…he was offered a vacancy as pastor in the nearby countryside, the locals objected on the grounds that “he had once been seen dancing.” This finished his hopes of a career in the church, and at the age of twenty-five he became an author of satire.

An asteroid discovered on 6 April 1989 was named 10749 Musäus after him. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Illustrations from Legends of Number Nip. (Johann Karl August Musäus) By [i.e. adapted by] Mark Lemon. Illustrated by Charles Keene. London: Macmillan and Co., 1864.