Good morning bookstagram! Okay okay so I’m a little more than halfway through with The Night Circus already and OMG things are getting really intense now, I LOVE IT. ❤️❤️❤️ So anyway! Here’s the #blackandblue tag tagged by @signourney, thank you! I really like how this photo turned out. 💙💙💙

Mako & Korra Are Getting Back Together
  • Mako & Korra Are Getting Back Together
  • Adriana Figueroa

I’ve yet to make any audio posts for this new season of Korra before now, but basically here are my personal thoughts on the events of last night’s episode – because we were all thinking it.

I remember sitting through Book One the first time
Thinking “Oh my God, they finally clicked,” cause like
Makorra really makes my heart ignite
And I need my weekly fix (What?)

Then they turn around and take it back
Cause they’re teenagers who don’t know how to act
And my heart is breaking going through their tag
It’s like “I’m so mad,” “I’m so glad,” “I’m crying,” “Whatever”

Ooooh, my OTP broke up last night, but…
Ooooh, Tumblr – I’m calling it, I’m calling it

Mako and Korra-orra-orra are getting back together
Mako and Korra-orra-orra are getting back together
They can talk to Raiko, talk to Iroh, talk to Bo…
But Mako and Korra-orra-orra are getting back together

I mean come on, they just have to get back together… RIGHT? RIGHT?!

*storms back to keyboard*


Korra’s story in Book One was one of the most meta things ever. Why? Because she was completely aware of the fact that she had to carry on in Aang’s place. As an audience, we expected her to live up to Aang’s legacy, and as a character, she wanted to live up to Aang’s legacy. It’s magnificently meta, because if we as the audience don’t think she succeeded, then she’s not going to think she succeeded.

And what were the reactions to Book One?

“Korra didn’t learn anything.”

“Everything sort of resolved itself.”

“Korra just solved her problems by punching them.”

And what did Book Two say?


Korra still has no idea how to properly airbend, she ran away with her confidence after saving the day and felt that she had it all down when she’d really just scraped by with luck and Aang’s help, her relationship was this rushed-and-rickety thing cobbled together in the middle of a revolution, her ties to her other friends were strained…everything about her that the fandom picked up on proved to be accurate, and it’s come back to bite her this season.

So when I hear people whining about how she "forgot everything she learned in Book One”…what did she learn? That if you punch wildly the air will fly out and knock the guy away? That if you sit down and break down you’ll have your problems fixed? She was guided back to safety, and now that she’s on her own again, she’s getting into trouble. But it’s not just her arrogance, it’s also her shame. Because she knows just as well as we do that she messed up, and that her spiritual side still needs work. She unlocked it, but she can’t do much with it–so she tried to go with Unalaq to help her out. That didn’t go too well. And now she’s trying to solve all of the problems and forgetting her patience lessons, because ONCE AGAIN she’s striving to live up to Aang’s legacy. Unfortunately, she’s still going about it the wrong way, because last time she succeeded with force, so why shouldn’t force work this time, too?

Gosh, I love Korra and her character conflict. BUT EVERYONE ELSE HATES IT AND IT MAKES ME SO MAD.