embercrown asked:

will herondale :)

Will has two blogs. One is nevertrustaduck and it is his public blog that people at school know about. The other is awfulwonderofgod and it is a secret. Jem has that url but no one else who knows him does.

Nevertrustaduck is full of offcolour humour, book quotes that aren’t particularly personal, pictures of himself and the world around him including the utterly mundane: “look at this soup, parsnips from the devil’s own garden!” Oh and movie gif sets.

Awfulwonderofgod is way more personal though his name isn’t on it: pictures of the countryside he misses so badly, quotes about love and loss, book reviews, pictures of books, lots of old photographs sometimes with histories attached.

The themes are intricate and perfect. Will pretends he doesn’t care but he meticulously chooses colours, has a detailed tagging system that uses quotes not nouns (see petrichorlore’s tag page for an idea of what I mean), he’s pretentious and presents himself very carefully to get exactly the response he wants out of people and his blogs reflect that.

His first follow was probably something like humansofnewyork because he started blogging long before he started interacting with people he knew online.

His 2am posts will break your heart and all go on the hidden blog he’s got a lot of pain and loss and it creeps out after midnight. Also obscure comments about the girl he’s in love with but can’t tell.

anonymous asked:

What kind of book genres have you sent him? Can we send him picture books? Like about the galaxies and the universe?

Galaxies and universe yes. Nothing about sex, guns, violence. I sent him various books - ok for example  Secret diary of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend. Very funny book. It can always be caviar by Simmel. Dark Angel by Mika Waltari.  History of 20th cCentury by Johnson. The name of the rose by UmbertoEco…I will make a complete list and will send it to everyone who is interested in.

Maybe is good idea to send him something about Chechnya.  Its history, maybe nature etc.