I’m waking up earlier now. I’m sticking to a routine and I’m seeing more of the day. When I look out of the window, it’s spring and flowers are blooming. It’s getting warmer. I’m listening to more reggae and soul. I’ve started meditating again. I’m back to reading books instead of drowning in nonsense tv shows. I’m eating healthy, drinking more water and exercising daily. I haven’t had a argument or been in a bad mood for months. I’m smiling and laughing again. I’m back to being goofy. I’m spending more time with my family and friends. I’m back to hugging my mum instead of her hugging me. I’m more productive. I thought heartbreak and abuse was going to change me forever, but I’m slowly getting back to me. Listening to Angie Stone - No more rain, is my current mood.

- Meggan Roxanne

Slime Boyfriend

Since I got some asks for a slime or goo monster and I promised to do some SFW works, I give you this! I had so much fun with these characters and I will come back to them again for sure. Maybe the next time you see them will be an NSFW story.

You’ve been working with a new partner at the precinct, which usually wouldn’t be an issue at all, but they were a by-the-book, no-nonsense caricature. Going out on patrol and duty was an exasperating experience. You used to love your job, you had a great partner before, but this new guy came through the door and your chief excitedly passed you off onto him.

   Officer Sebastian, as he insisted you call him, was tall, always looking down at you as if you were beneath him. Sure, you were shorter than most of the others in the precinct, but none of them looked down on you. He seemed miffed to be partnered with a human anyway. You were quite sure what he looked like because he always had to wear a form containment suit in order to keep his shape and work normally. All you should see of him was his one giant eye behind the glass dome for his head.

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Brienne is really important to me

The thing is, I need to believe that I can be loved for something other than the way I look. That I can be admired and respected for my ability. That I have value regardless of how I conform to societal expectations of how a woman should look. That I deserve friendship and romantic love because of who I am as a person even if I am ugly.

Men get these messages ALL THE TIME. All of the stories where someone has to learn to look past appearances at the inner beauty of a person, it’s a guy with the scars and the deformities. Women learn to love the monster with a heart of gold. The monster is never female. It never works in reverse.

Brienne of Tarth is ugly. She’s not just unconventional or out of fashion. She’s big and scarred and her nose is crooked and she’s missing teeth and people actually recoil when they see her. And she is one of the most lovable and heroic characters in ASOIAF. She has the most beautiful soul. And everyone who actually gets to know her, truly know her, grows to admire and respect her, and in one particular case, to love her.

This is why I fight people who want to insist, based on the tv show, that Brienne is pretty. No. No no no no. You are not taking this one away from me. Brienne is ugly. She starts out ugly, and in the course of the books she gets a chunk of her face ripped out just to underline the point. The actress who plays her on the show is beautiful, but Brienne of Tarth is ugly.

Brienne is ugly, AND she is deserving of love. And she’s kind and brave and the best swordsman in Westeros and so fucking Good it kills me. She is all of those things. She gets to be the truest knight in the entire story. She gets a love story with Jaime Lannister that’s all about looking past the surface* and building a deep bond of respect and trust with the last person either would ever expect. In the books at least, she is how we explore what it means to be a hero.

Brienne is an ugly, courageous, fascinating, loveable woman who’s beautiful on the inside and deserves the entire world. I need to believe that’s possible. For every dudebro who dismisses her importance to the story or discards even the possibility of Brienne as a serious love interest I love her even more. She’s one of my favorite characters of all time (for even more reasons than I’ve listed here) and I dearly hope the story will do her justice in the end.


*this is exactly why the subplot on the show with Tormund creeping on her pisses me off. The subtext flies right in the face of what’s wonderful about Brienne as a character and just blatantly presents as an admirable good that some guy can objectify her based on her looks, rather than taking the trouble to actually get to know and appreciate her as a person. Fuck that right in the eye. I’d take Hyle Hunt from the books over that nonsense, and Ser Hyle is objectively The Worst.

about this comic book nonsense

i wasn’t going to say anything more about this, but it seems like there are people in the fandom that think that those of us who are complaining about the racism in this fandom aren’t real fans, are hypocrites, are exaggerating/overreacting, and are better off not in this fandom. which is quite a lot to say to people who love this show and are only trying to draw attention to something that bothered/offended them, so i just want to say the following: 

just because you love something doesn’t mean you can’t criticize it. you ever heard that james baldwin quote “ I love America more than any other country in the world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually”? it’s kinda the same thing with fandom in that you can love something but still want to critique it when you know it’s doing something wrong. fans have that right. everyone has that right. that’s not being ungrateful or being rude. that’s wanting to see your favorite thing be improved upon and i don’t think it’s ever productive to make people fee bad for that. 

second, when it comes to dealing with things that may be racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, or at all offensive to any group of marginalized people, you need to listen to people from that marginalized group. if a large number of people of color from fandom are telling you that these comic panels were racist and are outlining to you exactly why they are, that’s not the time for you to say they’re wrong or overreacting because you want to love and defend your fandom. that’s the time to listen to them, and this is basic etiquette when it comes to talking about these types of social issues. miraculous ladybug doesn’t exist in a vacuum. there are children, young children of color, who are going to see these comics and have it added to their unending catalogue of micro-aggressions that they face everyday. a children’s show should aim to be better and represent its characters, minor or not, in a more inclusive light. 

this shouldn’t be an argument and there shouldn’t be discourse. people have read these comics, have seen this panels, and most are saying there’s something wrong here. this is why many of us are writing emails, are talking to Thomas on twitter, are trying to rectify this. it’d be nice if fandom could stand with some of us and help rectify this problem, but instead this has turned into a game of villainizing fandom for being “special snowflakes” and throwing “SJW” nonsense at them. not only is that so incredibly rude to your fellow fandom people, but that’s trivializing our hurt and our criticism over what was seen as racist. i honestly expected so much better from this fandom and i’ve never been more disappointed in certain people in the fandom. 

if someone tells you they’re hurt, don’t ignore them. ask them why they’re hurt and try to understand their pain before you jump towards trivializing it. this is how people feel alienated and no longer want to participate in fandom. we’ve seen such a massive exodus of people from this fandom and, i’ll tell you, it’s not because of the hiatus. it’s because of the fandom, and we really need to commit ourselves to doing better otherwise we won’t be able to bounce back from this. 

I wish I could write all the thoughts that consume me but it’ll be a never ending book of nonsense Sentences that run for miles without a pause without a period without a comma and words that just jumbleuptogether without a clear meaning
One thought after another and I could only grasp one out of twenty at a time and I can’t seem to connect it to the last or next one so what’s the point of it all

My mind is a fucking mess


May 1 2017

Types of Product Reviews

An Actual Review of the Product: 
“These shoes have a ton of support, and were really comfortable to walk in, even all day at Disney World. 10/10.”

The Quest Review:

“Saw shoes in store but they did not have my size. Went to the website and found shoes in my size there, but there were more color options so I had to decide whether to go with original sky blue color or switch to red. I chose blue. 8/10.”

The Unreasonable Hatred Review:

“Tried to buy shoes online in my size, but they were sold out of the color I wanted. Makes no sense, because yes they’re sandals but it’s only November and it’s still warm weather where I live so they should have more summer shoe options left. Beige?! Ugh. 0/10.”

Mark Watney in The Martian:

Liar 9/? (Tom Riddle Jr/Voldemort Imagine)

The rest of the day went by slowly but without any hiccups and all the while you were dreading detention. You were exhausted, physically and mentally. Shuffling from foot to foot to the library, you sat down on the nearest chair and rested your head against your folded arms, allowing yourself a moment’s rest.

A moment turned into five minutes, then ten, fifteen and finally twenty before the presence of someone shuffling in front of you had you jump awake. Head thrown up and eyes darting, you slumped as green eyes greeted you.

“Long day I heard.” The boy had a stack of books by his side and you groaned, “You have no idea, Green-Eyes.”

“Sterling.” He said, flicking through pages carelessly before tossing the book and picking up another from his pile, “My name is Sterling.“

“What are you doing here, Sterling?” You asked, cheek resting against your fist. “Same as you,” he sighed, brushing dark locks from his forehead. “Detention.”

A laugh escaped and you quickly covered it with a cough. “Convincing.” He teased, eyes meeting yours for a moment before returning to the pages.

“What’s a Ravenclaw doing in detention?” Raising an inquisitive brow at the boy, you examined the books. All Transfiguration. “I went into the restricted section.” A smirk spread across your face as you scanned the covers, “Why? Looking for something in particular?”

Sterling nodded slowly and was about to respond, but decided to slide an open book across the table to you, tapping the illustration on the page with his finger. A wild dog snarled on all fours under the moonlight, surrounded by other mysterious creatures. Squinting at the text by the interesting picture, you read through it slowly. It was human transfiguration - how to become an Animagus.

“You’re ahead in Transfigurations?” You blinked at Sterling and he smiled lightly, “Something like that.”

Furrowing your brows as you looked from him back to the page, you scanned over the text carefully, intrigued by the contents within the book. Step by step instructions were present and you had to go over the paragraphs a few times before you actually absorbed it. Humming softly as Sterling watched you read, the two of you jumped when someone cleared their throat.

“Y/N, I thought I reminded you of your detention with me this afternoon.” That usually condescending voice sounded irritated or even angry. Snapping your book shut and sliding it across the table to the equally startled brunette, you looked up at Riddle, eyes wide.

“This is where I always serve detention, I thought you’d meet me here.” Tom glared down at you and you suddenly wanted to shrink into yourself, standing and flashing Sterling an apologetic look, “Let’s chat later, alright?” The green-eyed boy stared at you, brows raised, before slowly nodding and taking a hold of the book you’d returned.

Turning away from Sterling and taking the annoyed Slytherin’s side to leave but stopped mid-step to swiftly return to Sterling, arms wrapping around his neck tightly in a hug. The library was silent, save for your breathing and the shocked brunette’s heartbeat against you.

“Don’t move.” You warned before slowly pulling away and meeting his startled eyes. He said nothing, but his eyes told you he understood and you smiled thankfully, intentionally avoiding Tom’s hard face - he hadn’t seen you reach into your own pocket and pluck a small, green critter and hand it to the mocha-skinned boy ahead.

You felt intimidated when you realized Riddle was glaring at you from the corner of his eye as you walked side by side in silence. It seemed as if after a while, the Slytherin couldn’t stand it anymore and broke it. “Future detentions will be held at the library, but we need to redo our Shrinking solution.”

You nodded, sighing softly as the day’s events replayed in your mind. “You told me it was Hornby who put leeches down my back,” the door swung open and you let out a deep sigh, “Did she say why?”

“You and the Ravenclaw boy, Mathers.” He tutted and you raised your brows, “What about him?” The two of you turned into the potions classroom and you blinked, everything was already set up.

“You have everything ready?” Eyes finding his, Tom clenched his jaw, “Of course, I’m not nearly as unorganized as the rest of our class.” You flinched lightly and examined all the jars, the contents and all the creatures you now hated. You kept your distance.

“I find it distasteful.” You nearly stopped mid-step. “Excuse me?” Jaw hanging open, you turned to glare at him. Tom went on as if he hadn’t said a thing and it infuriated you.

“Did Olive tell you why she did what she did?” You repeated through gritted teeth, swiping jars and shakily unscrewing their lids. “She didn’t, no.” The brunette turned the wooden spoon without even the wave of his hand and you were finding it particularly distracting.

“Well I suppose I’ll have to ask her myself, then.” You raised the jar above the cauldron to empty its contents and Tom’s hand shot out to grab your wrist tightly, eyes on the book. “Stop this nonsense now.” You blinked at him sarcastically, “I’m not doing anything, Riddle.”

He pulled you close and with an all newly penetrative set of eyes, glared at you, lips thinned into an unamused frown and eyes wild with colour. “I don’t care how you handle yourself but while you’re with me you will handle yourself with poise, do you understand? I won’t have you tarnish my grades.” Riddle’s tone was low and menacing and yet somehow he was entrancing.

You nodded slowly, trying not to flinch away from his even breaths over your face. “I just want to be left alone.” You confessed, Tom had made you feel ashamed for being bullied, for being made a fool of.

“You’ve always responded exactly the ways they want you to,” Tom released you and passed, his robe caressing you gently and making you shudder. “You always give them a source of entertainment.”

You wanted to argue, to deny all of this, but you knew he was right and you blushed, feeling your pride crumble as you opened your mouth to speak. “What should I do?” Shifting uncomfortably at the silence, you forced your self to face Tom, who was looking from you to the cauldron and then back at you as if contemplating something.

“I wouldn’t know, that Hornby girl wouldn’t dare do to me as she did to you.” You swallowed loudly, you knew Tom was talented, more and more every day, but before your run-in with him you’d have never imagined he was threatening and wondered if he would become violent.

“Why?” You asked meekly and this seemed to for lack of a better word, brighten Tom’s mood - you’d sparked his interest, finally. A faint smirk found his lips and he tilted his head toward the cauldron.

“Because I’m smart,” he started, shrugging off his robe and folding it neatly on a nearby table. “I wouldn’t ever be caught in such vulnerable positions.” As if mentoring a child, he spoke to you in what you assumed was an unintentionally condescending tone. “You open yourself up to attack too often, Y/N. You always have.”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes, “How would you know?” Tom’s smirk faltered for a moment as if he’d been caught out and it took a moment for you to catch on, your heart doing flips. “You’ve been keeping an eye on me?” You nearly whispered and Tom tutted, “Of course not, I hardly care that you spend your free time squabbling with Malfoy but the two of you get so loud it’s difficult not to notice.”

Heart thrumming, you nodded and turned your gaze to the cauldron, internally wishing to press more. Why did the knowledge that Tom had noticed you before this somehow make you feel accomplished? “He’s very easy to manipulate, but so are you.” You frowned, brows furrowed and lips pursed. “How am I easily manipulated?”

Tom’s dark eyes seemed to sparkle in the low light of the setting sun and from this angle, eyes hooded, lips curled, he looked breathtaking. “You just proved it. I called you easy and you reacted exactly as I expected.” You rolled your eyes and forced yourself to look elsewhere, fingertips tingling with a strange heat.

“Pouting is for children, Y/N.” You let out a long groan and dragged your fingers down your face, straightening it before turning to Tom and batting your lashes at him sarcastically. He didn’t seem amused.

You watched the potion brew in an uncomfortable silence, scolding yourself for ruining what conversation with Tom before kicking yourself - like you cared what he thought. You were forgetting too easily who he was and what he’d said to you hours earlier. With a renewed anger, you cleared your throat as the potion turned a dark, acidic green within the cauldron.

Riddle pulled his wand from his folded robes and gracefully traced a pattern above the steaming bowl and the flames extinguished, the spoon retreating from the bubbly liquid. “It looks adequate to me. I’ll deliver this to Professor Slughorn this evening.”

Riddle filled a small glass vial with the thick potion and hummed as he inspected it. “Tomorrow’s detention will be in the library, Y/N. I trust you won’t be distracted by some Ravenclaw or another.”

It took all of your willpower not to shout in anger and so you stood there, sweating and shaking at his petty jab. “I’ll see you then, Riddle.”

Turning with heavy steps, you heaved angrily all the way to the dungeon and mispronounced the password several times in your frustration. By the time it opened you were already undoing your tie and freeing your hair, fingers running through it messily. You groaned and threw yourself onto your bed, rolling onto your stomach and hugging the pillow close.

Your mind went over everything one more time before you fell prey to exhaustion. You thought of the hex, the leeches, the bowtruckle, you thought of Abraxas, Olive, Sterling and then Tom. Your mind lingered on Tom and your confusing mindset around him. You contradicted yourself with him, you hated him but wanted to please him, to impress him so he would raise his perfectly shaped brow at you and smirk with his pale pink lips.

Shaking your head, you replaced him with that odd illustration from the book you’d read in the library. An Animagus, an interesting topic you’d never really paid any attention to before but was now suddenly speaking to you.

Your eyes fluttered closed and you smiled, you’d ask Sterling about the book the next time you saw him.

I learned something… disturbing… today:

In 1860-something this guy named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote a book about determinants. According to my professor, for years it was the book on determinants. Now here’s my problem: Dodgson was his real name. But the name you probably know him by? Lewis Carroll.

The dude that wrote Alice in Wonderland also wrote a book about determinants. 

Maybe that’s why they’re so freaking weird.  

The Sack of Gold

- One Shot -

Summary: Sad circumstances reunite Riley and Lucas in Texas. 
Word Count: 3636

○ ◎ ○ ◎ ○ ◎ ○ ◎ ○ ◎ ○ ◎ ○

Both Riley and Lucas are in their final year of college, Riley is studying in New York City whilst Lucas went back to study in Texas. Even with distance and conflicting schedules the two high school sweethearts defeated the odds and have maintained a happy and healthy relationship with each other.

Over the past year Lucas’ Pappy Joe has been suffering with ongoing medical issues and over the past month his condition has decreased greatly. The doctors say it won’t be long now before he passes. 

Lucas takes this news poorly. The Texan takes his anger out on people who don’t deserve it. His temper - something he’s always struggled with - is even harder to control without his calming influence present. 

Riley is held up in New York, important exams keeping her grounded there for the time being. While her head has to be in the city her heart lies with Lucas in Texas. It’s breaking for herself - as she’d grown to love the old man over the years too - and for Lucas, whom has always sought the approval of his grandfather whom he loves and respects. 

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Meeting Roman Reigns.

I went to the World of Wheels auto show in Rosemont today and met “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns. To be honest with you straight up, I was never a huge Reigns fan. I preferred Ambrose in The Shield and always felt Roman receieved too bulletproof a push to the proverbial moon when the crowd reaction just wasn’t there. Fans in my own personal demographic (male, mid-late 20s, smarky) hate his booking and how inorganic his rise to the top has been. A stubborn, insistent Mr. McMahon loves “The Guy,” so he’s pushed as Superman babyface while the crowd boos. Would it be easier to satisfy fans and just turn him heel already, so the boos match his actions in the ring? Nope. And I learned why tonight.

For starters, Reigns is over like a motherfucker. There were, I would estimate, in the neighborhood of 650 people gathered trying to get a piece of the Roman Empire. I arrived to the convention center two and a half hours early, around 1:30 p.m., for a scheduled 4 p.m. signing. I didn’t get to shake his hand (forgot to shaka or fist pound, damn it) until about 6:15. And when I got out of the line, finally, there were about 300 people still waiting in line for a chance at meeting him. It’s funny: there were more men in line to meet him than just about any other demographic. Weird, right? When I met him, I actually jokingly apologized on behalf of my fellow adult male fans, and he also noted that there were more grown men there than anybody else. There were definitely tons of ladies, though. And kids. Reigns draws them all out, but yeah, especially surprised by all of “my people.” Including two guys, a man in his 30s and his elderly father, who would serve as my line buddies for the afternoon. It’s always nice meeting fellow marks, and these two were cutely mark-y. Hating the heels like they’re supposed to and such. It was wonderful.

I wanted to document a bit of the scene of a WWE autograph signing for those who couldn’t be there, or were on their way and wanted to see what they were getting into, so I took some short clips and posted them to my Twitter. Before I knew it, I was being retweeted by 20, 30, 40, 50 people and fan sites. Little 10-second videos I considered inconsequential to anything or anybody, were “liked” dozens of times. Fans – almost all female and younger than 21 – replied to my tweets with affirmation. It really opened my eyes to the fact that Roman Reigns is the most polarizing WWE Superstar since John Cena, and those who love him absolutely cherish him, while those who don’t like him will pay $20 on top of $15 parking just to boo him. (That particular contingent was uproariously minuscule, and I can probably count them on my two hands, and I’m sure they were half-joking because seriously, “hating” Roman Reigns is “cool” now, and the “in” thing to do. I’ll admit, I boo him because it’s fun. And, accordingly, I will cheer for him when he turns heel. Because of course.)

A word about those under-21s: I teach middle school girls on occasion, so I understand them. Plus, I have a sister; I grew up with a teenage girl. But, man, what a contingent of folks. The bombardment of notifications on my iPhone throughout the afternoon, after using just one hashtag (#worldofwheels, take a spin, if you will) was incredible. These girls run in packs, and like most women, they are something us men do not comprehend: They are “there for one another.” When one Roman fan speaks out, so do others. And it’s all positive stuff. The meat and potatoes of Roman’s fan base, at least socially speaking, are, I guess, a bunch of “stans.” And I mean that in the best possible way. Having been a part of my own group of wrestling fans my own age and gender, it has always been difficult to see outside that bubble of fandom. Today changed that. Although I didn’t meet one of these stans, I have to say, I dig the positivity. I dig the good vibes they send this particular wrestler. These aren’t people to bitch about booking or backstage nonsense, or what rumors they heard. They’re just loyal fans who get excited over the giant Samoan guy similar to the way girls got excited by those fab four British lads way back when.

The highlight of the night for me, beyond shaking The Guy’s hand, was meeting a mother, father, and 13-year-old son, who happened to have special needs and was thus on the opposite side of the stage, where those with special needs wait for Roman to come down to meet them individually. Long sentence there, but we’re really cooking now. What astounded me about this happening was just how loving these parents were to their son. The mother said something to the effect of, “[Meeting Roman Reigns] is going to make his day. It’s going to make my whole world.” And the boy stood there, so patiently, so excited. But so patiently. Surrounded by fellow marks for five hours, some of whom counted the minutes with the tap of a finger on the face of their watch, some of whom panicked over what kind of photo they were going to get with The Big Dog. But this boy was quiet and so respectful. Talking to him, giving him a high-five, telling him that he’s about to meet one of the coolest wrestlers I’d ever met (and get a totally terrific one-on-one photo with him, as well)… great stuff. It felt wonderful, witnessing this family do its thing, taking such pride in their little boy, whose birthday is tomorrow, whose day was about to be made by meeting his favorite Superstar. To him, Roman was a hero. To experience the sheer joy of that boy, again, top stuff.

Stepping outside my comfort zone, meeting a wrestler I honestly was on the fence about, proved quite fruitful today. I got to meet a new group of fans that thought entirely different than me, and with more positivity than comes with being a fan my age, and that’s just one takeaway. I also walked away with a greater appreciation for the guy behind The Guy – how charitable he was with his time, how happy he looked to be there, I could go on. I’ve invested a lot of time over the years meeting my share of wrestlers, and Roman Reigns is up there with the coolest of them all. So respect to him, and his fans, for today, today was pretty all right.

I am actually ANGRY how GOOD Thor 3 looks

  • Colourful intergalactic comic book nonsense (rather than the dour, political drama of Civil War, for example)
  • Goth Cate Blanchett
  • Hemsey clearly having the time of his life
  • Focus does not appear to be on Loki Drama
  • Directed by Taika Waititi, of What We Do In The Shadows fame, which I only just found out today and frankly it boosted my excitement 201%
  • “He’s a friend from work!!”
  • Can’t believe the MCU is dragging me back in like this
  • Goth Cate Blanchett

anonymous asked:

Can u write a Drabble where it's basically Kol using snapchat filters all the time and annoying people (mainly bonnie, Caroline and his family). So basically kol doing the same thing as Nate Buzz on snapchat.

“Smile Nik,”

“Kol, if that’s that infernal device hovering next to my face when I look up, I’m going to take it and shove down your throat,”

Kol scowled and lowered his arm.

“Your aversion to technology is as backward as it is appalling,” he answered disparagingly.

“Technology has its uses,” Klaus said, resuming his focus on his paperwork. “The least intelligent of all being that ridiculous snap book nonsense,”

Snapchat,” Kol corrected. “And I don’t hear these complaints when Caroline’s using it,”

Klaus stiffened.

“I tolerate Caroline’s incessant need to immortalize every second of our immortal lives with a commemorative image because my love for her out trumps my hatred for that thing.” he said pointing at Kol’s iPhone.

“I find it amusing,”

“You found your own feet amusing when you were a child,” Klaus muttered.

“You’re a grumpy old sod,” Kol chastised. “Here, lighten up like a good puppy,”

Kol shoved his screen in Klaus’ face and the latter looked up, only to see an image of himself with brown spotted dog ears and a snout.

“What-” Before he could finish what appeared to be a large pink tongue flew out of his (or virtual his) mouth.

“There,” Kol cooed. “Good doggy, nice puppy,”

A menacing growl left Klaus throat and Kol was out of the room faster than Klaus could put his hands around his throat.

“Kol you know I have no patience for technology,” Elijah said with a put upon sigh. (while still adjusting his tie and leaning into the frame despite himself).

“Ooh, are we taking a selfie?”

Rebekah breezed into the room, already primping and fluffing her in preparation.

“Try to keep your distance from the camera Bekah. It was expensive, I’d hate for the screen to crack,”

“Har, Har. Move over so I’m in the frame,” Rebekah huffed. “If I’m in the picture, then the quality improves by oh… I would say 100%.”

Kol scoffed.

“Put on the flower crown filter,” Rebekah insisted.

Kol lifted the screen and Rebekah titled her head, prepared to pose for the frame. Rebekah’s scream ran through the room as her face contorted into what can only be described as demon-esque instead of the glossed image of her face she was expecting.

“You bastard! That scared the life out of me,”

“What? I can’t help it if your true colors finally came shining through,” he shrugged.

“You’re going to hell,” Rebekah hissed.

“I’ll save you a seat,” he shot back.

“Could the two of you perhaps do this elsewhere,” Elijah exhaled.

“Bonnie wants you to stop sending her private snaps,” Caroline said, without looking up from her phone as Kol entered the room.

“How else am I supposed to let her know how utterly bewitching I find her,”

“I’m sure you’re a lot funnier in your head,” she murmured continuously tapping at her screen.

“Selfie?” he asked. “For my streaks?”

“Mmm, fine,” Caroline hummed, swinging her legs off of the automaton.

In hindsight, Kol should have known better.

“The angle’s wrong.” Caroline griped. “Ugh and your quality’s terrible…”

Kol winced as he rolled his eyes and in retaliation Caroline’s elbow collided violently with his ribcage.

“You know what we’ll just use my phone,” she sighed.

Caroline held up her phone and flicked the filters until she found the dog filter.

“Oh I love this one!” she exclaimed. Opening her mouth so the graphic tongue jutted out on the screen. 

“Huh, well if you’re capable of that in real life it’s no wonder Nik is so fond of you,”

Caroline’s brow knitted in confusion before a look of realization crossed her face, causing her eyes to bug out comically wide.

“Ugh, seriously!? Kol you ass-”

“I’ll send you the pictures later darling,” he called out.

During his exit, Kol narrowly managed to dodge the shoe Caroline chucked in his direction. He managed to make it out of the room unscathed and whats more he got the entire thing on video.

Alex's Song (Demo/Non Pitched up Version)
Blur/Alex James
Alex's Song (Demo/Non Pitched up Version)

demo of Alex’s Song from the extended version of Parklife, 1994

Dick got the girl and he sailed around the world
Two knots, what a lot of time, big book of nonsense is nowhere today
Two knots, what a lot of time

Far beyond these voices and out of the groove
In the dream tomorrow starts when you wake up
Starts when you wake up

Dick got the girl and he sailed around the world
Two knots, what a lot of time, book of nonsense is nowhere today
Why not? Whisper it to me

Far beyond these voices and out of the groove
In the dream tomorrow starts when you wake up
Starts when you wake up

All the streets asleep
All the streets asleep

Far beyond these voices and out of the groove
In the dream tomorrow starts when you wake up

Starts when you wake up
Starts when you wake up
Starts when you wake up

Pride and Prejudice
  • Traditionally Marginalized Group: We find this depiction of our people offensive: it perpetuates stereotypes that have been used to exclude us and even murder us.
  • Outsider: I do not find this offensive, and I do not think you should be so upset about it. However, if you will take the time to calmly explain it to me at great length, I might decide it's OK for you to be so upset about it.
  • Traditionally Marginalized Group: No! We do not acknowledge you as someone who should have control over our voice. We do not owe you a conversation, a debate, or an argument. We can and will be offended and upset by what is done to us and about us even if you are not OK with it. If you want to learn, listen to what we have already been saying for years, it is out there for anyone who wants to find it. Your demand that we stop what we are doing and satisfy you personally is an insult and will be treated as such.
  • Traditionally Marginalized Group: You keep using that word. We do not think it means what you think it means.

Edward Lear (12 May 1812  – 29 January 1888) 

English artist, illustrator, musician, author and poet, and is known now mostly for his literary nonsense in poetry and prose and especially his limericks, a form he popularised. His principal areas of work as an artist were threefold: as a draughtsman employed to illustrate birds and animals; making coloured drawings during his journeys, which he reworked later, sometimes as plates for his travel books; as a (minor) illustrator of Alfred Tennyson’s poems. As an author, he is known principally for his popular nonsense collections of poems, songs, short stories, botanical drawings, recipes, and alphabets. He also composed and published twelve musical settings of Tennyson’s poetry.  (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Title page detail from Edward Lear’s Nonsense Songs & Laughable Lyrics. With two unfinished poems, and a Foreword written by Philip Hofer for the Peter Pauper Press, 1935.

anonymous asked:

Lmfao yeah sure Jace was the 'safe' one to crush on and you just discount Alec's feelings. Alec checked out so many guys asses in season 1 alone, he could've crushed on anyone and it would've been 'safe'. I don't ship Jalec in the least but I would never discredit Alec's feelings. If you do that, you discredit Malec.

Hello, anon, you so called non-Jalec-shipper, you. You came in hot and ugly. But I’m going to ignore that and just explain some things you seem to be struggling with.

First, I certainly do not invalidate Alec’s feelings. What he felt for Jace, even though he was never in love with him, was important. It was certainly something that allowed him to cope with who and what he was. He needed that to survive, of course I don’t take that lightly.

Secondly, I think you’re mistaking the use of the word safe in this instance. I mean safe as in he knew he could never act on what he felt. Even outside of shadowhunters being raised in a homophobic society, he knew that not only is romantic love between parabatai forbidden, but also that Jace only ever loved him as a brother. He also knew that Jace is straight. This meant he could project all his feelings onto Jace and have a crush on him, think he might be in love with him, while knowing he wouldn’t ever have to confront or act on these feelings. That’s what makes Jace the safe choice.

But Alec doesn’t know what falling in love really feels like until Magnus. It’s with Magnus that he’s brave enough to really accept his own sexuality. Magnus makes him realize he can have this, have love, be with someone who loves him back. “I always knew I couldn’t have what I wanted. Until you came along.” Alec himself says this. And Matt has said that “It’s not until he meets Magnus that he sort of starts to figure out what exactly it is to love someone”. What he felt for Jace was important to him, but it isn’t at all what he feels for Magnus. He’s in love with Magnus. He was not in love with Jace.