Question: What are the best book titles ever?

My choices:

“I Shall Wear Midnight” by Terry Pratchett

“John Dies at the End.” by David Wong

“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” by  Seth Grahame-Smith

“I Still Miss My Man, But My Aim is Getting Better” by Sarah Shankman.

I do like smart-ass book titles.

She dreams of herself on a table, dying as her child—no, children—are born.

Leia, dreaming of herself as her mother during Padmé’s death/her own birth 23 years after the fact in “Life Debt” by Chuck Wendig

This one line kills me? Just… damn. Because I was like “Leia isn’t having twins in the new canon I don’t und—oh. Oh.” Leia is so psychically linked to Padmé still, after all these years. “Do you remember your mother?” Luke asked. To which she might have replied, I dream of us still.

some fave sally ride facts

hey pals, I just finished reading sally ride: america’s first woman in space, by lynn sherr, and here’s a collection of my fave sally ride facts:

  • her favorite constellation was orion, because you can find it so easily
  • one of her first jobs was babysitting.  she made the kids pb&j sandwiches, but they wouldn’t eat them because “the peanut butter was on the wrong side of the bread.”  sally threw out the sandwiches and never babysat again.
  • she stopped drinking coors beer when she found out joseph coors had opposed the equal rights amendment 
  • she told the u.s. ambassador to norway that his rape joke wasn’t funny
  • exxonmobil gave millions of dollars to her “sally ride science” teacher training academies.  it was a business compromise between an oil company and an environmentally proactive nonprofit, and during each keynote speech, sally would make a comment about “oil spills” or “oily money” and glance over at the exxonmobil rep before moving on.
  • she had a border collie when she was a kid, and two bichon frises with her partner, tam.
  • watching barefoot contessa was a daily ritual, and she loved ina garten’s meatloaf
  • when her relationship with tam started getting serious, tam asked “is this forever?” and sally responded “I can’t think more than five years ahead.”  so every five years, tam would ask her “are we renewing?” they ended up being together for 27 years. when she was dying of cancer, sally told tam “I wish I had another 27 years with you.”

Some of you know that Mommy has started a book club with her friends. I decided to join to add some variety to my literary diet [I can only read ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ so many times]. Unfortunately, the book the group is reading consists of mostly pictures and its taking mommy over 3 weeks to finish it. I’m leaving the book club and just going to read ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ for the third time.