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1.) name - Philipine
2.) nickname - Phil
3.) zodiac - Libra
4.) height - 175cm (5′ 7 ft)
5.) ethnicity -  caucasian
6.) orientation - straight (I think…still trying to figure that one out)
7.) favorite fruit - Bananas !!!!! and Mangos !!! and if you make a mixte fruit and add some orange juice you’ll be in heaven !! 
8.) favorite season - Winter
9.) favorite book - I’m going to cheat because my favorite book is a series of books and it’s Harry Potter !!! =D =D 
10.) favorite scent - old books, rain on a very warm road, fresh bread from the bakery, a blended coffee from a real coffee machine ^^ 
11.) favorite color - blue Klein =P
12.) favorite animal - The wolf ^^
13.) favorite beverage - alcoholic: red wine and beer, non-alcoholic: C O F F E E and a hot chocolate ! ^^
14.) fav hours to sleep - 12 lol I like staying and laying in bed doing nothing in the morning lol ^^
15.) favorite fictional character - Luna Lovegood but right now she’s coming very very close to Alec and Magnus ^^
16.) blanket number - 1
17.) follower number - 1736 !!! OO And I can’t believe it…!! Thank you all for following me !! <3 <3
18.) blog created at - I have no idea…Where do you see this? I think it was last year but I don’t know when =/ Maybe around April or May 2016 ? I don’t really know !
19.) fun factoid - I can move my ears ! 
20.) favorite flower - orchid and coquelicots I think you call them poppies in english !^^

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1.) name - Susanne
2.) nickname - None that I really like :P
3.) zodiac - pisces
4.) height - 163cm
5.) ethnicity -  caucasian
6.) orientation - straight (probably :D)
7.) favorite fruit - strawberries, mango
8.) favorite season - autumn
9.) favorite book - Harry Potter (this will never ever change)
10.) favorite scent - old books, spicy woody perfume (not on myself, but on my boyfriend or as a candle :D)
11.) favorite color - dark green
12.) favorite animal - difficult, as I’m allergic to most, I was never into pets, so…snakes are cool, bats, seals, owls…?
13.) favorite beverage - alcoholic: wine or bubbly, non-alcoholic: ginger ale, iced tea (mango maracuja iced tea is amazing!!!)
14.) fav hours to sleep - 12, if I could I would :D
15.) favorite fictional character - Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood (making me choose one would be cruel :D)
16.) blanket number - 1
17.) follower number - a little over 1.2k
18.) blog created at - September 2016
19.) fun factoid - I used to figure skate, I can roll my tongue, I once slept for over 16 hours straight :D
20.) favorite flower - lily

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1. a casio i found at meijer yesterday that i desperately want but don’t need
2. a motherboard on one of my dad’s radios
3. badam hugs bc obviously
4. g'lies and i doing snapchat filters over skype aka being Annoying Millennials™
5. a herman miller chair i found at the antique mall a couple weeks back
6. a laurex record :’)
7. a page spread from my eastern german design book
8. pinssssss
9. a photo i took of my sisters for a project

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Narrated Ibn Abbās:

The Prophet ﷺ sent Mu'ādh to Yemen and said:

“Be afraid, from the curse of the oppressed as there is no screen between his invocation and Allāh.”

[Sahīh al-Bukhāri. Book 46, hadīth 9]

People like you don’t notice girls like me. You’re the type of person to play sports and hang out with large group of people, whereas I’m the type of person to hang out with a few friends and read a book. Some say opposites attract, but not in my case.
—  opposites attract // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #9
emoji book ask

1) 📚 approximately how many books have you read 

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3) 📕 favourite first book in a series 

4) 📗 favourite second book in a series 

5) 📘 favourite third book in a series 

6) 📖 book you’ve read more than once and how many times 

7) 🛋 book that keep you up all night 

8) 🎁 book that was surprisingly good 

9) 😡 book you expected more of 

10) 💰 most expensive book you’ve bought 

11) 💩 the worst book you’ve read 

12) 🏆 the best book you’ve read 

13) 🎥 favourite book to movie/tv show adaptation 

14) 🎬 book you want to be a movie/tv show 

15)  🏝 summer book recommendation 

16) ⛄️ winter book recommendation 

17) 🌎 favourite fictional world 

18) 🐲 favourite book creature 

19) 👯 favourite female friendship 

20) 👯‍♂️ favourite male friendship 

21) 💋 favourite kiss 

22) 👸 favourite princess/queen 

23) 🤴 favourite prince/king 

24) 😈 favourite villain 

25) ❤️ favourite ship 

26) ⛵️ favourite crack ship 

27) 😱 best plot twist 

28) 🔮 power you’d like to have 

29) 🥊 character you’d punch in the face 

30) 😤 character you loved but now hate 

31) 😻 character you hated but now love 

32) 😭 death that made you cry the most 

33) 😂 the funniest scene 

34) 🤢 the grossest scene 

35) 💔 scene that broke your heart

36) 🏹 favourite fantasy book

37) 🚀 favourite sci fi book

38) 🌹 favourite romance book

39) 👻 favourite horror book

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41) 🔫 favourite dystopian book

Diana’s Daily Lines - “Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone” (Book 9)

#DailyLines #GoTELLTheBEESThatIAmGONE #Book9 #NoItsNotDone #PutThePossibilityOutOfYourMind#AllInGoodTime #migraine

“Lie down,” I said firmly, and pointed to my lap.

“Nay, I’ll be f—“

“I don’t care whether you’re fine or not,” I said. “I said, lie down.”

“I’ve work to—“

“You’ll be flat on your face in another minute,” I said. “Lie. Down.”

He opened his mouth, but a spasm of pain made him shut his eyes, and he couldn’t locate any words with which to argue. He swallowed, opened his eyes, and sat down beside me, very gingerly. He was breathing slowly and shallowly, as though drawing a deep breath might make things worse.

I stood up, took his shoulders and turned him gently so I could reach his plait. I undid his ribbon and unraveled the thick strands of auburn hair. It still was mostly red, though soft white threads caught the light here and there.

“Down,” I said again, sitting and pulling his shoulders toward me. He moaned a little, but stopped resisting and lowered himself very slowly, ‘til his head rested heavy in my lap. I touched his face, my fingers feather-light on his skin, tracing the bones and hollows, temples and orbits, cheekbones and jaw. Then I slid my fingers into the soft mass of his hair, warm in my hands, and did the same to his scalp. He let out his breath, carefully, and I felt his body loosen, growing heavier as he relaxed.

“Where does it hurt?” I murmured, making very light circles round his temples with my thumbs. “Here?”

“Aye…but…” He put up a hand, blindly, and cupped it over his right eye. “It feels like an arrow—straight through into my brain.”

“Mmm.” I pressed my thumb gently round the bony orbit of the eye, and slid my other hand under his head, probing the base of his skull. I could feel the muscles knotted there, hard as walnuts under the skin. “Well, then.”

I took my hands away and he let his breath out.

“It won’t hurt,” I reassured him, reaching for the jar of blue ointment.

“It does hurt,” he said, and squinched his eyelids as a fresh spasm seized him.

“I know.” I unlidded the jar, but let it stand, the sharp fragrance of peppermint, camphor and green peppercorns scenting the air. “I’ll make it better.”

He didn’t make any reply, but settled himself as I began to massage the ointment gently into his neck, the base of his skull, the skin of his forehead and temples. I couldn’t use the ointment so close to his eye, but put a dab under his nose, and he took a slow, deep breath. I’d make a cool poultice for the eye when I’d finished. For now, though…

“Do you remember,” I said, my voice low and quiet. “Telling me once about visiting Bird Who Sings in the Morning? And how his mother came and combed your hair?”

“Aye,” he said, after a moment’s hesitation. “She said…she would comb the snakes from my hair.” Another hesitation. “She…did.”

Clearly he did remember—and so did I recall what he’d told me about it. How she’d gently combed his hair, over and over, while he told her—in a language she didn’t speak—the trouble in his heart. Guilt, distress…and the forgotten faces of the men he’d killed.

There is a spot, just where the zygomatic arch joins the maxilla, where the nerves are often inflamed and sensitive….yes, just there. I pressed my thumb gently up into the spot and he gasped and stiffened a little. I put my other hand on his shoulder.

“Shh. Breathe.”

His breath came with a small moan, but he did. I held the spot, pressing harder, moving my thumb just a little, and after a long moment, felt the spot warm and seem to melt under my touch. He felt it too, and his body relaxed again.

“Let me do that for you,” I said softly. The wooden comb he’d made me sat on the little table beside the jar of ointment. With one hand still on his shoulder, I picked it up.

“I…no, I dinna want…” But I was drawing the comb softly through his hair, the wooden teeth gentle against his skin. Over and over, very slowly.

I didn’t say anything for quite some time. He breathed. The light came in low now, the color of wildflower honey, and he was warm in my hands, the weight of him heavy in my lap.

“Tell me,” I said to him at last, in a whisper no louder than the breeze through the open window. “I don’t need to know, but you need to tell me. Say it in Gaelic, or Italian or German—some language I don’t understand, if that’s better. But say it.”

His breath came a little faster and he tightened, but I went on combing, in long, even strokes that swept over his head and laid his hair untangled in a soft, gleaming mass over my thigh. After a moment, he opened his eyes, dark and half-focused.

“Sassenach?” he said softly.


“I dinna ken any language that I think ye wouldna understand.”

He breathed once more, closed his eyes, and began haltingly to speak, his voice soft as the beating of my heart.

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1. Fancy or casual?
2. Closet or dresser?
3. Hot or cold?
4. Meat or veggies?
5. 1 pillow or multiple?
6. 1 blanket or multiple?
7. Organized or messy?
8. Games or books?
9. Hide and watch or stand up and fight?
10. Shy or social?
11. Soda or juice?
12. Handheld or console?
13. Light or dark?
14. Scary or Happy?
15. Movies or restaurant?
16. Car or bus?
17. Carpet or tile?
18. Love or wealth?
19. Markers or colored pencils?
20. Independent or dependent?
21. Hat or necklace?
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23. Pain or death?
24. Science or math?
25. Shower or bath?
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27. Chips or crisps?
28. Secretive or open?
29. Friendship or romance?
30. Talent or skill?

25 star wars asks

1. do you find force users or non-force users more interesting?

2. which character do you want to be most like?

3. which character are you actually most like?

4. what headcanon will you defend to the death?

5. what planet would you most like to visit? 

6. what planet would you most like to live on?

7. who do you hope you never meet?

8. what is one thing you would change about any movie, show, book, etc?

9. have you ever made fanart or fanfic? do you make edits or any other fan content?

10. do you think the jedi were right or wrong?

11. who is the most underrated character?

12. do you care who rey’s parents are?

13. if you could resurrect one dead character, or prevent them from dying, who would it be?

14. what is your favorite alien species?

15. who would you like to bang?

16. which movie/episode have you watched the most?

17. what is your favorite line?

18. what is your favorite star wars book or comic?

19. what’s your opinion on legends/expanded universe?

20. what do you hope will happen in future movies?

21. if you could switch any character’s gender, who would it be and why?

22. favorite droid?

23. what’s your favorite star wars musical piece or theme?

24. how do you pronounce twi’lek?

25. which character do you have a love/hate relationship with?

harry potter books rated by dean thomas's drawing skills
  • sorcerer's stone: dean makes harry a "potter for president" banner with a lion that changes colors for his first quidditch match. first use of "dean thomas, who was very good at drawing". a solid start and good content. (10/10)
  • chamber of secrets: dean doesn't draw anything in this book. (2/10)
  • prisoner of azkaban: dean's hiatus from drawing is ended when he is described as "good with a quill" and offers to forge harry's permission slip to hogsmeade. not technically drawing, but dean gets bonus points for expanding his skills to typography. also, his boggart is a severed hand, a clear reference to his fear being losing his artistic talent. a beautiful book for artist! dean. (9/10)
  • goblet of fire: dean reaches the pinnacle of his artistic career when he makes banners of harry flying around the horntail's head on his firebolt and puts them up around the common room. also includes a couple of cedric's head bursting into flames. the clear winner of this rating system (2000/10)
  • order of the phoenix: as if the emotional pain jkr put us through wasn't enough, dean does not draw in this book. (0/10)
  • half-blood prince: the only drawing dean does in this book is drawing out the sexual tension between harry and ginny (2/10)
  • deathly hallows: dean befriends luna, who is a fellow artist, and also draws a hat over the forehead of dobby's dead body i am crying bring back the posters (3/10)

anonymous asked:

William is present when the Mackenzies return. He witnessed Jamie and Brianna's loving and reunion and it makes him wonder more about Jamie. Jamie also reintroduces them as brother and sister.

So a large part of this new fic is what I have in mind as something that could happen in Book 9 (but I also know probably/definitely won’t). I was outlining it to Gotham one night a WHILE back and promised her I’d write it for her and since so much of it fits with various prompts we already have in the drafts, it just made sense to use it here on Imagine. To make it’s start fit with this specific prompt, there’s a little bit of canon tweaking necessary, namely that the new big house is already finished and Ian and Rachel have just moved into their own very recently completed cabin.

Also a small disclaimer: I do not read the Daily Lines and in fact, try to avoid them (I prefer passages with full context and like my first read through the book to happen without me getting constantly distracted by my brain jumping up and going, ‘oh, I remember when DG posted this bit,’ or ‘I guess X scene was edited out/down’).


-Mod Lenny


Part One

There was a great deal of confusion as they all talked over one another, hugging and squeezing and kissing and laughing and crying. Jamie nearly collapsed under Jem’s weight as he tried to hoist the lad onto his back to carry him up to the big house but Claire and Brianna rushed to steady them and with another laugh they were off to get the MacKenzies settled in.

“Ian’s married and they have a baby,” Claire explained to Brianna, the two of them lagging a few steps behind. “Your uncle Ian passed, I’m afraid, a few years ago now but your father was able to be with him and he brought your aunt Jenny with him. She’s staying with Ian and Rachel now the baby’s come.”

“Jenny’s here?” Brianna said with surprise. “And where did you tell her Roger and I were?”

Claire paused and turned to her daughter, her voice dropping low. “She knows now. Everything. When we went to Scotland and Ian was… we told them both the whole truth.”

Brianna just nodded.

“She’ll be thrilled to see you, though,” Claire assured her. “And to meet Jem and Mandy.”

“We’ll have to go tomorrow to see them,” Brianna promised.

“Actually… Since they’ve just finished with their new house, they’re having a gathering of sorts there tonight to celebrate… Sort of a barn raising,” Claire said. “I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to have you there and celebrate your return as well. I know Ian’s missed you as much as your father and I have and you’ll love Rachel.”

“Sounds like it’ll be a long night,” Brianna laughed. “It’s just such a relief to be back after everything that’s happened.”

Jamie, Roger, and Jem had reached the big house and Jamie was showing it off––it had just been finished it a few weeks before.

Claire looked around.

“Where’s Mandy? It must all be a bit overwhelming for her here,” Claire remarked then added sadly, “She can’t possibly remember us.”

Brianna looked around for her daughter too, then sighed with relief when she spotted her further down the path staring back at the road they’d walked a short time earlier.

“Mandy is… I’m not entirely sure how to describe it,” Brianna confessed, telling Claire quickly about the experiments Joe had helped her conduct with the children back in Boston. “Whatever it is she’s got it stronger than Jem but even he would say things about Da that… Especially at the old family cemetery…” She shivered. “I’m not sure what to make of it but if Mandy says or does something that seems… familiar… It’ll take some getting used to but if it helps, I don’t think she’ll be shy with you and Da.”

“What’re you looking at Mandy, dear?” Claire asked quietly.

Her dark curls were wild in the light mountain breeze and when she turned her head it blew them across the face of her red-haired doll, which she clutched tightly to her chest.

“Someone’s coming,” she informed them, then turned back to stare at the road that wound along the edge of the clearing and could be seen a short ways into the woods while the trees remained thin, but soon it wound around a bend and dropped out of sight to head further down the mountain.

Claire squinted then turned to Brianna who had been squinting as well.

“Mandy, honey, I don’t see anyone coming,” Brianna responded. When Claire caught her eye, Brianna tilted her head as if to say, See what I mean?

“But he’s there,” Mandy insisted.

Claire raised a hand to shield her eyes and then reached for Brianna who had crouched to be at Mandy’s level.

“She’s right,” Claire exclaimed. “There’s a wagon coming.”

“Who could it be?” Brianna asked mimicking Claire’s posture. “You’re not expecting anyone are you?”

Claire snorted. “No, but you lot still showed up, didn’t you?”

“Mandy honey, go tell Da and Grandda that someone’s coming,” Brianna instructed.

Mandy ran back to the house as Claire’s feet began to pull her towards the path leading down to the road. The wagon made its way into the clearing by the Higgins’ cabin and Amy emerged. Claire could only tell that there appeared to be a man and a woman in the wagon with possibly a child in the woman’s arms. Their hats obscured their faces but Amy’s gestures clearly indicated that she was explaining the way up to the big house.

“Ye should see the surgery yer da built for yer mam,” Roger called as he made his way from the house back down to where Claire and Brianna still watched and waited. “It’s bigger’n the last one.”

“The kids?”

“They’re climbin’ yer da like a jungle gym. Sounds like they’ll each find playmates over at Ian’s tonight. Germain and a lass called Fanny were sent o’er early to help get things ready.”

“Mama was just telling me.”

“Looks like they’re makin’ their way up,” Roger remarked as the wagon turned toward the steeper path up to the big house’s overlook. The man climbed down then helped the woman––who definitely held a baby in her arms––then he took hold of the horses’ reins to guide the creatures and the lightened wagon up the path.

Jamie came along with Jem hanging from his back and Mandy wrapped around his leg.

“Miss Mandy says we’ve more visitors on the way. I told her she and Jem might have to sleep in the barn wi’ the horses to be sure there’s room, unless someone doesna mind sleepin’ on the bed in yer surgery.”

Jem let go of Jamie and dropped to the ground. “I’ll go see if they need help,” he exclaimed and broke off into a run before any of the adults could stop him.

“Wait for me!” Mandy cried and hurried after him.

“Watch your feet!” Brianna called after them before closing her eyes, unable to watch as her reckless children tore downhill to besiege the poor wanderers.

Jamie chuckled and wrapped an arm around his daughter, pulling her into his chest and pressing a kiss to her brow. “They seem happy in spite of everything.”

“It’s good to be home and all together again,” Brianna nodded, resting her head against Jamie’s shoulder and putting her arms around him. “We’ve missed you.”

“Mrs… Friend Claire!” Dottie Hunter called awkwardly then shifted the baby in her arms to wave.

“Oh,” Claire gasped before turning briefly to Jamie who had gone pale and still enough for Brianna’s brow to furrow.

It was now clear the man leading the horses on foot was not Dottie’s husband. At his cousin’s exclamation, William Ransom had looked up in time to see two children barreling toward them and a ways further up Mother Claire and Jamie Fraser with two others, a younger man and woman whose hair had unmistakably come from her father.

Jem reached them first and smiled with triumph.

“D’ye need help wi’ yer horses?”

“I… I think I can manage,” William said hesitantly, staring at Jem with intent curiosity. The boy looked familiar beyond his obvious resemblance to his grandfather.

“Who might you––thee––be?” Dottie asked.

“Jem MacKenzie.” Mandy finally reached them, panting after her run. “My sister’s Mandy. Do ye ken Grandda and Grannie?”

“Yes, actually,” William said turning to get the horses moving again. Jem and Mandy walked a short ways ahead of the visitors. “I’m William Ransom and this is my cousin, Mrs. Hunter.”

“Thee can call me Dottie,” she insisted with a smile for Mandy.

“Wha’s yer bairn called?” Mandy asked pointing to the fidgeting bundle in Dottie’s arms.

“Her name is Minnie, for her grandmother.”

“William… Dottie!” Claire called as she met them on their way up. Jamie, Brianna, and Roger remained waiting in the clearing by the ledge. “What brings the two of you here? Is Denny all right?”

“Yes,” Dottie said with a smile that was clearly forced. “But he’s with the army still and with the baby… He wanted us somewhere safe and with family if possible so Cousin William agreed to bring me here to see if Friend––Sister––Rachel and Brother Ian… I should have written first to give Thee warning but it was faster to simply come in person…”

Claire smiled and stepped forward to peer at the blinking baby in Dottie’s arms. “May I?”

Dottie nodded and looked relieved to have Claire take hold of the baby.

“I’m sure Rachel and Ian will be happy to have you to stay with them and this little one,” Claire cooed at Minnie who gurgled and stuck her hand in her mouth, “has a cousin to meet.”

“Really?” Dottie reached to take Minnie back from Claire as the child began to fuss with hunger, her fist proving unsatisfying.

“William, you can stay here at the house with us,” Claire insisted. “For as long as you want.”

“Thank you, Mother––Mrs. Fraser. But I don’t expect I’ll need to stay more than the night,” he protested, not looking at her but rather staring at the ground. His jaw clenched tight and Claire remembered something vague Ian had mentioned in passing about William and Rachel.

“Ye’ll come to the party tonight though,” Mandy objected. “Grannie and Mam said they was havin’ a party tonight. We’re gonna suprise ‘em.”

“They’ll be surprised all right,” Roger said hoisting Mandy up and settling her on his shoulders. As he got hold of her foot in one hand and felt her fingers get a tight grip in his hair, he held his other hand out to William. “Roger MacKenzie. I believe we met once before a few years ago now.”

Recognition dawned on William’s face and there was a brief but vibrant flush that immediately followed and quickly suppressed.

“I believe you’re correct, Mr. MacKenzie.” William returned the handshake politely.

“Are ye comin’ to the party tonight?” Mandy reiterated, not having forgotten that William had yet to promise he’d join them.

“Oh uh…”

“You lot can go on ahead to Ian and Rachel’s with Grandda,” Claire said as they came up to Jamie and Brianna. “He’ll show you and Dottie here the way. I’ll stay back a while and help William with the horses and to unload the wagon. We’ll also need to get the rooms made up for so many guests. I’m sure William wouldn’t mind helping with that.” She looked to Jamie whose eyes had gone wet in that painful way of someone who hasn’t been able to blink. “Jenny and Rachel will be grateful for the help and Ian will be after your company setting up outside.”

“Are ye sayin’ we should be goin’ now?” Jem asked, confused.

Brianna looked up at Jamie, then over at her mother, before landing on William who was looking between the ground and Jamie.

“William,” Jamie finally spoke. “Welcome.”

“Mr. Fraser,” William muttered quietly.

“Thank thee Friend Fras––James,” Dottie said stepping forward and giving a small bob of her head. “It is kind of thee to welcome us to your––thine––home.”

“Why’s she talkin’ funny, Da?” Mandy whispered loudly into Roger’s ear.

He gave her leg a little pinch. “Dinna be rude, Amanda,” he hissed back.

“Please, let me introduce our daughter, Brianna, and her family,” Jamie said broadly with a smile for Dottie. He still had an arm around Brianna but he let his hold on her slacken. “Her husband, Roger Mac, and their bairns, Jeremiah and Amanda. We’ve another grandson, Germain, stays wi’ us here and the lass William kens, Fanny, as well. They’re already with Ian and Rachel to get ready for the gathering. Fanny’s quite taken wi’ the wee bairn and if ye bring another for her to play wi’ ye’ll have to keep an eye on her to be sure ye get yer wean back.”

Dottie laughed but there were tears in her eyes. “It sounds like precisely what Denny wanted for us,” she said. “Somewhere cheery and safe away from the war.”

“It is that,” Jamie nodded. “Now Bree, Mrs. Hunter here is Lord John Gray’s niece––ye’ll remember John, of course. She’s wed to one of yer mam’s surgeon friends from the war, Denny Hunter.”

“Denny is Ian’s Rachel’s brother,” Claire added.

Bree laughed, a little higher and more self-conscious than usual. “You need to cool it with the names unless you’re going to write it out on a piece of paper and quiz me on it later. It’ll be easier to remember once I have the faces to go with the names.” She reached over and shook the other woman’s hand.

“Thee can begin with Dottie,” she said, bowing her head to Brianna after releasing her hand.

“And William…” Jamie said, using his hand on Brianna’s shoulder to turn her slightly towards him as well. “Yer brother.” He said it quietly, now as an attempt to whisper but because of the tightness that rose in his throat at being able to say it at all.

Brianna looked to Claire who gave her a small nod.

“Yes,” William said with his head held high as though prepared for battle. “I know. Dottie does as well. And I’m assuming you’ve known all along. I… I remember now… meeting you and your family in the street that day.”

“I’m confused,” Jem declared. “Are we no goin’ to Uncle Ian’s?”

“Of course we are,” Roger said putting a hand to Jem’s head and twisting his wrist to turn the lad around. “And yer grandda’s goin’ to lead the way.”

Jamie sighed and blinked a few times as though shaking off a stupor. “Aye. We can leave now, if Mrs. Hunter is agreeable. She has been travelling for some time today already and if she needs a rest––”

“Actually, I need the walk,” she asserted, her eyes watching William who held tight to the horses’ reins and made no move to lead them further while so many people remained in the clearing. “I’ve been sitting in the wagon for hours and my legs need the movement.”

“How’re your arms?” Brianna asked stepping over and offering to take the baby. “If you’ve been sitting, you’ve probably been carrying her longer.”

Again, Dottie was relieved to pass the light weight of the baby off to another, carefully tucking in the ends of little Minnie’s blanket. “Thee is too kind.”

There was some maneuvering as a small bag of Dottie’s things was put together from the wagon. The rest would be brought over to Ian and Rachel’s cabin when the housing arrangements were settled more definitively. William remained silent and rather stoic as Claire guided most of the efforts to get Jamie and the MacKenzies on their way.

“Ye’re all right wi’ him, Sassenach?” Jamie asked quietly as she stepped up to bid him a brief farewell.

“I’ll make sure he agrees to stay for a while,” she promised him before rising on her toes to give him a light kiss. “He’s clearly overwhelmed just now and a little time to process it all is what he needs.”

Jamie pressed his forehead to hers and sighed with relief. “Aye. I’ll speak wi’ Brianna on the matter, then.”

“She’s bound to have questions of her own,” Claire agreed. “Of the two of them, I’m not sure which of us has the more enviable task.”

Jamie chuckled and kissed Claire’s forehead one last time before moving off towards the path recently cut through the trees leading a little further around the mountain and then down to the small clearing where Ian and Rachel’s cabin was nestled.


books meme: [1/9] nine otps

jem carstairs and tessa gray (the infernal devices)

“Forty-nine thousand, two hundred and seventy-five days since I last kissed you,” he said. “And I thought of you every single one of them. You do not have to remind me of the Tessa I loved. You were my first love and you will be my last one. I have never forgotten you. I have never not thought of you.

Healing means letting go. And to do that I need to forget what it’s like to have ever loved you, to have loved someone so deeply as much as I love you.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #9 // a.s

1. Favourite Star Wars movie? (Episode 1-R1).
2. Favourite Star Wars era?
3 Favourite Star Wars trilogy? (Originals, Prequels, Sequels).
4. Jedi or Sith?
5. Empire or Rebellion?
6. Bounty Hunter or Clone/Strom/First order Trooper?
7. Rebels or Clone wars?
8. Favourite Star Wars book?
9. Favourite Star Wars Comic?
10. Favourite Star Wars game?
11. Top 5 favourite female Jedi?
12. Top 5 favourite male Jedi?
13. Top 5 favourite Bounty Hunters?
14. Top 5 favourite Sith?
15. Top 5 favourite Droids?
16. Top 5 favourite Troopers?
17. Top 5 favourite Senators?
18. Top 5 favourite Republic/Rebellion ships.
19. Top 5 favourite Separatist/Imperial ships.
20. Top 5 favourite planets?
21. Where would you live in the Star Wars universe?
22. Who would you be in the Star Wars universe?
23. What ship would you own?
24. What Droid would you own?
25. Would you have a team, or would you work alone?
26. If you where a Jedi, would you be a Knight or a Master?
27. If you where a Jedi Master, would you have a Padawan?
28. If you where a Sith, would you be the Master or Apprentice?
29. If you where a Sith Lord, would you have an Apprentice?
30. Married, in a relationship, or single?
31. Top 5 favourite species?
32. What species would you be?
33. What species is your type?
34. Who would your best friend be?
35. Would you customise your ship?
36. Would you customise your Droid?
37. What colour skin/eyes would you have?
38. If male, beard or no beard?
39. 1 lightsaber, 2 lightsabers, double lightsaber, or 2 double lightsabers?
40. What colour would your lightsaber(s) be?
41. If you’re a Bounty Hunter, what armour would you have?
42. Would you customise your armour?
43. What colour scheme would your armour/robes be?
44. If you where a Droid, what Droid would you be?
45. What colour would your droid self be?
46. Pod racing or ship racing?
47. Space battle or ground battle??
48. Would you have survived order 66?
49. Where would you go after order 66?
50. What would you do after order 66?
51. Do you have any Star Wars Pop Vinyls?
52. Do you have any Star Wars collections?
53. Do you have any Star Wars art?
54. Do you create any Star Wars art?
55. Do you like/read any Legends/non canon stuff?
56. Top 5 favourite Legends character?
57. Who is your Star Wars role model?
58. Top 5 saddest Star Wars deaths?
59. If you could bring any Star Wars character back to life who would it be?
60. If you found out the Star Wars universe was real, would you move there or stay here?
61. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being very little, 10 being an absolute know it all) how well do you know the Star Wars universe?

Here we go people, just a little ask post i created. Enjoy, reblog, ask me, get people to ask you!!! Have fun!!!

👓 Literature (1-15) & Writer (16-30) Asks 📚
  • 1: Favorite classic novel?
  • 2: Favorite novel published in the 21st century?
  • 3: Genres and themes you're interesting in reading more of?
  • 4: Favorite novelist?
  • 5: Writers you love on Tumblr?
  • 6: Form poetry or free verse?
  • 7: Favorite protagonist?
  • 8: Favorite poet?
  • 9: Favorite book series?
  • 10: Favorite opening line in a novel?
  • 11: Novel you like the least?
  • 12: What would you like to see more of in literature in the future?
  • 13: Who are some literary characters you love to hate?
  • 14: If you could have only three books (novels or otherwise), what would they be?
  • 15: Thoughts on the "literary canon"?
  • 16: Do you keep a journal?
  • 17: What are your key writing tools?
  • 18: What are some things you'd like to change about your own writing?
  • 19: What are some pieces you've written that you're most proud of?
  • 20: How do you feel about your own writing?
  • 21: What are five pieces of writing advice you'd give to a new / insecure writer?
  • 22: What's your writing process? (Do you brainstorm, outline, etc.)
  • 23: What's the most valuable writing tip you've encountered?
  • 24: What has inspired you lately?
  • 25: How much effort do you spend on establishing a certain "aesthetic" in your work?
  • 26: How important is "meaning" to your work?
  • 27: How do you deal with writer's block (if you experience it)?
  • 28: Do you consider yourself part of a writing community?
  • 29: Have you ever considered your demographic, and if so, what is it?
  • 30: Do you have any (possibly unpopular / controversial) opinions on writing?
Lesbian ask game 5, with a twist
  • Basically instead of answering about yourself, you tell us about your crush/ girlfriend
  • *change the pronouns to they/them if needed
  • 1: what color is her hair?
  • 2: what color are her eyes?
  • 3: how old is she?
  • 4: how did you meet?
  • 5: is she ticklish?
  • 6: what's her favorite song / band?
  • 7: what's her favorite movie?
  • 8: what's her favorite book?
  • 9: what's her favorite tv show?
  • 10: who is her celebrity crush?
  • 11: does she have any pets? Are there any pets she wants?
  • 12: what's a song that reminds you of her?
  • 13: does she play any sports?
  • 14: what are your favorite things about her (physically) ?
  • 15: what are your favorite things about her (personality wise) ?
  • 16: how does she dress?
  • 17: what was your first date (ideal first date if she's just a crush)
  • 18: what's a tiny detail about her that she doesn't realize you've noticed?
  • 19: what are her talents?
  • 20: write a tiny poem about her
  • 21: Does she have a tumblr?
  • 22: what type of things make her laugh?
  • 23: what's her star sign? Are you compatible according to astrology?
  • 24: what's some place she's always wanted to travel?
  • 25: what's something she's super interested in?
  • 26: when did you realize you loved her?
  • 27: what's her favorite food?
  • 28: what's a food she hates?
  • 29: what's her hogwarts house?
  • 30: is she more Earth, water, air, or fire?
  • 31: what's something that makes her angry?
  • 32: is she taller or shorter than you?
  • 34: what's her name
  • 35: what's her aesthetic?
  • 36: what's the first present you bought her/ plan on buying for her
  • 37: is she an early bird or a night owl?
  • 38: what about her do you brag the most about?
  • 39: is there any accessories she always wears/ brings with her?
  • 40: is she a vegetarian?
  • 41: what's her favorite subject in school?
  • 42: what highschool cliche does she fit best (think that scene in mean girls) ?
  • 43: how long have you been dating/ crushing
  • 44: describe her laugh
  • 45: does she wear makeup?
  • 46: what's her favorite art medium?
  • 47: does she play any instruments?
  • 48: what animal does she identify most with?
  • 49: does she like camping (or the outdoors in general)
  • 50: post her picture if you have her permission