Book of Nursery Rhymes

Class grown up au!!!
  • Okay so like grown up gang leading the next gen of mildly confused teenagers, because they can’t deal with the end of the world forever. 
  • Tanya working at Unit to clear up the ocrruption, but also sending the alien orphans to coal hill
  • Matteusz working as school councillor/ mentor for all the kids of the school. 
  • Super domesetic Marlie
  • Miss Quill sometimes forgetting Matteusz is technically staff now, and sometimes telling him off for being in the staff room. 
  • Matteusz being the best cook in the world and making dinner for crying kids tired of dealing with aliens. 
  • Three out of the six kids are from outer space
  • Charlie being the ultimate stay at home dad, who writes childrens books based on the nursery rhymes of Rhodia, and occasionally Quill nursery rhymes
  • Married Miss quill, whose lessons still don’t make sense but its rumoured that you can get out of detention if you compliment her wife- and the many pictures of her Quill has in her office. 
  • Tanya still being a genuine! Ray! of !sunshine! does her best to make unit clear up the mess. 
  • Leads her own unit squad, who are the least corrupt and problmatic unit squad ever depsite the fact shes the youngest person to ever be a commander in Unit, but probs the most qualified.
  • She may or may not have been adopted by martha 
  • April and Ram runnign a none for profit sports centre that helps disabled kids break the ‘glass ceiling of sport 
  • their defo not dating, most of the time
  • Ram running a charity and doing a degree like the smart Mf he is
  • April doing music and making a name for herself on the folk scene without her dad’s help.
Creepypasta #1007: A Pocket Full Of Posies

Length: Medium

Ring a Ring O’ Roses,

A Pocket full of posies,

Ash! Ash!

We all fall down.

I rose my eyes from the old book to find the store owner – a middle aged lady smelling of powder and cold green tea – looking down at me.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I was just –”

“These books are not for sale. You shouldn’t be here.”

Yeah, no shit. I should be at home watching the game. But it’s Valentine’s Day in a couple of days, and Jill has dropped so many hints as to what she wants as a gift I could make an Agatha Christie novel out of them. So here I am.

“I’m looking for a book,” I said. “An old edition of The Unbearable Lightness of –”

“Did you read anything on that book?”

I looked back down at the book I was holding. It was an old collection of nursery rhymes, pages all yellow and flaky. That’s a problem I have with bookstores – especially used book stores – I get lost in them and I browse and I forget what I was there for originally.

“I – I don’t know. I’m sorry, I didn’t know –”

Did you read this?” She asked again, laying a pointy finger over the page the book was open on.

“Yeah… it's… nice. But I’m not interested in buying.”

She closed her eyes. Then opened them again. “You’ll be able to see them now.”

“I’ll be able to what, now?”

She took a deep breath, like it pained her to say the next words. “Don’t make eye contact with them. Whatever you do. If they don’t know you can see them, you will be fine.”

Okay, this lady’s was giving me the creeps. Time to go.

“All right,” I said. “So that’s a no on the Unbearable Lightness of Being thing?”

She shook her head. “Don’t look them in the eyes.” She took the book from me and placed it back on the shelf.

“Don’t look them in the eyes, got it,” I said, applying my theory that it’s always best to agree with crazy people. “Thank you.”

I turned around to leave and stopped. Standing just by the door, under the little bell that announced new customers, was a little girl in a gown that looked like it was sewed around the time Louis XVI was decapitated.

I paused for a second. The kid was scanning the store with a weird, adult-like expression on her face. Something off about her.

Then I went past her and gave no more thought to it.


Ring a Ring O’ Roses… A pocket full of posies…

All the way home, I couldn’t get the rhyme out of my head. It was like a song, stuck there, except… I didn’t know the melody. But there was a melody in my head, as soon as I read it. Almost as if I knew that song from somewhere, or as if the music was written within the words of the book, somehow.

“Hey, hon, where were you?”

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Bad Children All Get Eaten

A Marcher rhyme, originating in rural areas but common in some variation from Wycome to Starkhaven

Now gather, all young ones, and hear what I say,
For good girls and good boys know when to keep mum.
For silent politeness is simply the way,
And always be thinking of this rule of thumb:

Eaten, eaten, eaten!
Bad children all get eaten!
Boiled or toasted!  Broiled or roasted!
Eaten, eaten, eaten!

And always give credence to elders and lords,
Respect all their titles and ranks of the guard.
And bow to your betters if you are their wards,
It’s never worth risking a loss of regard.

Eaten, eaten, eaten!
Bad children all get eaten!
Poached or basted, nothing wasted!
Eaten, eaten, eaten!

And when you complete all your work in the store,
Or stables or cobblers or fletchers or field,
It’s not just polite to wash off what you wore,
If giants can smell you, then your fate is sealed!

Eaten, eaten, eaten!
Bad children all get eaten!  
In the fryer, dragon fire!
On a boiling kettle pyre!
Soup for six or maybe higher!
Eaten, eaten, eaten!

Short-Term Language Goals

( ੭ ・ᴗ・ )੭

My Korean self-learning goals to reach before the new year! 

 ☆ Write 1 paragraph about myself in Korean with less than 4 mistakes 

 ☆ Write and publish 5 sentences on Lang-8 to be corrected  

 ☆ Speak 3 correct sentences to someone in Korean 

 ☆ Complete at least 3 levels on each memrise lesson 

 ☆ Read and translate 1 Korean nursery rhyme from library book 

 ☆ Finish 1 memrise lesson 

 ☆ Track Korean word of the day for every day of December

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I’m excited to try my best to complete these goals and I wish everyone the best with their studies!