Book of Nursery Rhymes

IN A SENTENCE: book recs and why you should read them


  • carry on by rainbow rowell: it’s harry potter but gay and with extra scones and dumbledore wears tights
  • the raven cycle series by maggie steifvater (everyone has heard of this already so): delightfully weird with the strongest set of characters in anything i’ve read and lots of cars and bees
  • shades of magic series by ve schwab: whimsical fantasy and cross-dressing pirates and again, brilliant characters and just excitingness
  • monsters of verity duology by ve schwab: so so dark with savagely beautiful imagery and creepy nursery rhymes and almost horror writing in book 2
  • villains duology by ve schwab: moral ambiguity!!! edginess!!! subversion of the superhero genre!!! characters you both like and hate!!! gritty urban settings!!!
  • six of crows duology by leigh bardugo: more moral ambiguity and an absolutely stellar cast of six with an insanely well-crafted heist
  • the great library series by rachel caine: a book about books do i need to say more also christopher wolfe is my dad, the worldbuilding is insane and this is SO underrated
  • the girl at midnight series by melissa grey: the poetic justice makes me cry every time i think about it and honestly it’s just worth reading to see the character development dorian goes through
  • magisterium series by cassandra clare and holly black: harry potter but so much darker even though it’s mg not ya, and it has already made me cry my entire soul out so considering it’s written by 2 of the most popular authors this is criminally underrated honestly
  • strange the dreamer by laini taylor: i’m only halfway through this but the worldbuilding is amazing and the writing is absolutely gorgeous and it actually has a plot unlike some books this reminds me of


  • all for the game series by nora sakavic: so dark and so quick-paced and exciting with more amazing characters and more jaw-dropping plot twists and a mc who likes to destroy people on live tv
  • one of us is lying by karen m. mcmanus: criminally good ending that might be a direct comparison to a certain other popular tv series around rn with also a good cast of characters
  • troublemakers by catherine barter: really poignant narrative on protesting and things and it really helped me come to terms with the attack on my city in may
  • release by patrick ness: ok this crosses over into fantasy but it’s like 80% contemporary and it’s just a really good story on coming out into a homophobic environment and coming to terms with being loved and stuff
  • a list of cages by robin roe: just straight-up made me cry until i couldnt breathe honestly it has lots of narrative abt child abuse but if that’s not bad for you it’s really really good


  • the song of achilles by madeline miller: again, i straight up cried by the end of this one. the dramatic irony (cough cough what has hector ever done) is honestly the best dramatic irony in any book ive ever read ever
  • the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue by mackenzi lee: just a really fun whimsical book with pirates and a cute relationship and good side characters and things like that


I walk on by, cheeks blushing red / you cough a little, bending your head / I wonder what you’re thinking as I walk past you / (I wonder if you wonder what I’m thinking, too)
—  To K.E. IV Pt. 1: 11:46 a.m. | Sarah Z.

Today I cleaned the trunk under my bed after a long long time. Found things which were once upon a time priority for the girl who’s passion in life was climbing trees.

A toy car from when I was 7, a small bloomer which I used to call my favorite underwear, short stories that I’d written in the last bench of grade 6.

And then, my eyes caught a paper pressed in a book of nursery rhymes.
There were circles and crosses drawn in grids on it. This game we’d played.

Much has changed since the memories of us beneath my bed.
But oh, there’s one thing which will remain the same.
The thing that I had for you which makes me put that paper back in the trunk and not in the trash can.

hush little baby...

cs future family fluff ~ or the one in which Killian and Emma are in awe, and amazed, and so in love with their five-week old baby girl. (( AO3 ))

AN:I’m sad, kay? and with cs babies and singing on the brain, so excuse me while I pour all my mush into the world. Fluff galore to help me deal with today.

​Everything is just so small. So so bloody small.

Before Estella was born, Killian helped Emma wash and fold the tiny clothes; all of them, including the miniature trousers and booties. He briefly wondered (assumed) the baby sure wasn’t going to be able to fit in half the clothes.

It had been much of an afterthought back then. He shared a look with Emma when she commented about the size of the clothes (most likely having read his thoughts about the matter) but that had been the end of it.

They carried on, deciding instead which tiny outfit their baby would wear when they brought her or him home from the hospital.

At the time, they didn’t know Estella was a girl, so they’ve chosen a little white cotton one-piece, with tiny yellow ducks on the feet and a small one near the heart.

Once the day came, and Estella was born, it turned out the outfit they chose was much too big for their little duckling. Estella was a wee little one and most all the clothes they had for her, were too big.

Killian could hardly believe it and insisted there was no way that was possible.

Emma had been more understanding than he was, and proceeded to make arrangements to get more than a handful of smaller clothes for Estella.

She reassured him telling him Estella would grow into all of her clothes in no time flat, and that this was normal. “She was born a whole five weeks early, Killian,” Emma had told him patiently. “There was a lot of chunking up this little one decided to skip,” she’d said, before kissing Estella softly and effectively making his heart stutter.

(Grow in size as well. Probably two sizes at least)

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Bad Children All Get Eaten

A Marcher rhyme, originating in rural areas but common in some variation from Wycome to Starkhaven

Now gather, all young ones, and hear what I say,
For good girls and good boys know when to keep mum.
For silent politeness is simply the way,
And always be thinking of this rule of thumb:

Eaten, eaten, eaten!
Bad children all get eaten!
Boiled or toasted!  Broiled or roasted!
Eaten, eaten, eaten!

And always give credence to elders and lords,
Respect all their titles and ranks of the guard.
And bow to your betters if you are their wards,
It’s never worth risking a loss of regard.

Eaten, eaten, eaten!
Bad children all get eaten!
Poached or basted, nothing wasted!
Eaten, eaten, eaten!

And when you complete all your work in the store,
Or stables or cobblers or fletchers or field,
It’s not just polite to wash off what you wore,
If giants can smell you, then your fate is sealed!

Eaten, eaten, eaten!
Bad children all get eaten!  
In the fryer, dragon fire!
On a boiling kettle pyre!
Soup for six or maybe higher!
Eaten, eaten, eaten!