Book of Nursery Rhymes

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Seeing how alt skins for servants ate almost upon us, what other alt clothing would you like to see in which servant? Aside from Dark Ushi that is.

  • Hawaiian Shirt Cu
  • Riyo Altera
  • Suit Seiba 
  • All of EMIYA’s one-off masks.
  • Masked Luchadora Quetzy
  • Nursery Rhyme’s book form but it’s a doujinshi cover instead
  • Same as above but with the Necronomicon
  • Jack the Ripper with huge jorts
  • Mike Tyson re-skin for Ruler Martha
  • Mike Tyson re-skin for Rider Martha
  • Mozart with the pink “SLUT” t-shirt from VA-11 Hall-A
  • iBARAki, which is Ibaraki but HUGE and with muscles, but it’s actually an obvious inflatable suit and it deflates as her HP goes down.
  • Moriarty as a straight up Gungrave character.
  • Carmilla in any of Liz’ outfits.
  • Carmilla in just about any outfit that isn’t her actual outfit.
  • Fionn in a baby outfit.
  • Hassan of Serenity in King Hassan’s armor. Not a resized version, the actual thing.
  • King Hassan in Hassan of Serenity’s… Whatever you call that. Also the actual thing.
  • Generous-Arm Hassan (Cursed Arm Santa)
  • Hundred-Elves Hassan (Hundred Face Santa)
  • Reindeer Hessian Lobo (Hessian Lobo Santa)
  • Dantes but it’s actually straight up Komaeda
  • Siegfried but every single animation is dogeza
hush little baby...

cs future family fluff ~ or the one in which Killian and Emma are in awe, and amazed, and so in love with their five-week old baby girl. (( AO3 ))

AN:I’m sad, kay? and with cs babies and singing on the brain, so excuse me while I pour all my mush into the world. Fluff galore to help me deal with today.

​Everything is just so small. So so bloody small.

Before Estella was born, Killian helped Emma wash and fold the tiny clothes; all of them, including the miniature trousers and booties. He briefly wondered (assumed) the baby sure wasn’t going to be able to fit in half the clothes.

It had been much of an afterthought back then. He shared a look with Emma when she commented about the size of the clothes (most likely having read his thoughts about the matter) but that had been the end of it.

They carried on, deciding instead which tiny outfit their baby would wear when they brought her or him home from the hospital.

At the time, they didn’t know Estella was a girl, so they’ve chosen a little white cotton one-piece, with tiny yellow ducks on the feet and a small one near the heart.

Once the day came, and Estella was born, it turned out the outfit they chose was much too big for their little duckling. Estella was a wee little one and most all the clothes they had for her, were too big.

Killian could hardly believe it and insisted there was no way that was possible.

Emma had been more understanding than he was, and proceeded to make arrangements to get more than a handful of smaller clothes for Estella.

She reassured him telling him Estella would grow into all of her clothes in no time flat, and that this was normal. “She was born a whole five weeks early, Killian,” Emma had told him patiently. “There was a lot of chunking up this little one decided to skip,” she’d said, before kissing Estella softly and effectively making his heart stutter.

(Grow in size as well. Probably two sizes at least)

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Here’s a TINY portion of the stuff my aunt and uncle gave us!  The Simba stuff is my favourite by far. This is like a 10th of what they gave us!

Also my books from when I was little that my mother found - the Christmas book and the nursery rhymes ones she used to read to me!

Julian is already being spoiled rotten. Oops.

Today I cleaned the trunk under my bed after a long long time. Found things which were once upon a time priority for the girl who’s passion in life was climbing trees.

A toy car from when I was 7, a small bloomer which I used to call my favorite underwear, short stories that I’d written in the last bench of grade 6.

And then, my eyes caught a paper pressed in a book of nursery rhymes.
There were circles and crosses drawn in grids on it. This game we’d played.

Much has changed since the memories of us beneath my bed.
But oh, there’s one thing which will remain the same.
The thing that I had for you which makes me put that paper back in the trunk and not in the trash can.

I have two weeks of precious maternity leave left after this week.  Two.  Baby is just two and a half months old.  She’s my entire world, you guys.  My heart and light wrapped up into a long bundle of joy, smiles, and cooing.   She is a champion smiler with a light up grin for me, her dad, the Retriever, and a couple of favorite toys.  Her head control is getting better.  She’s quite the kicker.  She’s a champion snuggler when she nurses.  We’ve started bedtime routine at 8:00 in order to get ready for both Hubs and I working, and although I know we are probably looking at sleep regression here in a bit, she’s taken to it like a snuggly, cuddled, tiny swaddled pro.  She’s been sleeping from 8:30pm to 2:30am, and then again until 5:30am or so.  (This mom does not get that same rest.  This mom learned her lesson and will pump frequently through the night in order to do all that is possible to avoid mastitis again.)

I know that I wouldn’t be my best self (which is different for everybody) if I were a long term SAHM.  I like providing therapy.  I like psych research.  I like coordinating and measuring interventions.  I like my private practice (especially more-so now that I’m getting to really lean in to perinatal mental health.)  

But man.  This leaving her?  This shit is hard.

And I’m finding that I’m really having to set boundaries with some friends who became very used to me being available frequently during the day (meaning, they stopped by or we met for coffee or I could answer texts at the drop of a hat.)  But with 2 weeks left?  I am all sorts of protective over my time with taco meat (it’s what hubs calls her?).  All the snuggles.  All the tummy time.  All the nursery rhymes.  All the books.  All the whisperings into her ear about how deeply and painfully I love her and what an absolute privilege it will be to pick her up from daycare every day.  I don’t want to get coffee right now.  I don’t want people in my house right now.  I’m not ok with drop in visitors (and I’m usually very laid back about that.)  And some people are having a really hard time with that.  Which means … I have to be ok with their reaction and not react in turn.  Respond, yes.  React … probably not helpful, even though I truly want to shout sometimes that my infant daughter literally, in her mind / soul / body, NEEDS me right now … and they do not.

I’m ok with hugging her and rocking her to sleep.  I’m ok with how excited her little body gets when she realizes it’s baby juice time (nursing time).  I’m ok with infant massage and lovingly squeezing her little knees and lovely little elbows and sweet, smooth, kissable cheeks.  I’m ok with tenderly discussing her day with Hubs, who gobbles up every mundane detail.  I’m ok with laughing with him about how seriously awful her diapers have gotten (So.  Bad.)  I have energy flowing in pretty much one direction now, and I just don’t feel like I can stop until I have to.  

My work called me today to discuss some of the transitions back to me.  My workload is getting bigger.  It’ll be up to me to set boundaries around scheduling, work hours, etc.  It’ll be up to me to stick to seeing my last client at 4:00 (I’ve been known to cave in and agree to a 6:00pm session.)  They also know that my private practice is growing rapidly, and already there are some bribes coming in to get me to stay long term.  When I get back, I’m transferring to an office 3x the size of my current one.  Still more talk about grooming me for a clinical directorship.  I have my yearly review in July and will be preparing until then to negotiate a raise (which is overdue and well earned.  I’ll explain later.)

I know I can balance these things.  In my spirit, deep down, there’s a way to do this until my student loan forgiveness contract ends (October 2018).  And then I’ll drop down to part time at the agency and see what happens with the private practice.  Those toddler years?  Sign me up.  I’m bummed I have to miss out on so much of these baby years.  I want play dates and swim lessons and early dance classes and library story time.  And I want to continue providing psychotherapy.

None of this is new.

It’s just working mom stuff.  I know.  Anyway.  Somewhere this post took a terrible, rambling turn without a point.


Baby is hands down the best thing that has happened for me.  She is my entire soul.  I literally, physically and painfully miss her when I’m away from her during the day.

I am also a successful psychotherapist who LOVES psychotherapy and my clients.  I have an obligation to the agency I’m at right now.

I need to balance the two. 

Before I figure that out, baby is waking up, though, and will need the mama snuggles and the baby juice and the kisses on the cheeks.  And I am just the one to give her them.

Steggy Week 2017: Librarian AU

You read books and nursery rhymes at the library for children and I take my child there and your voice is lovely and you’re lovely, can we have a date? AU

The weather that week had been terrible. Steve had been hoping to spend Saturday in the park, maybe having a picnic and teaching Sarah how to play baseball. Instead, he was walking, hand by hand, with his daughter to the library. Little Sarah always skipped the white tiles at the entrance, making a funny skipping dance all the way to the main staircase. The children’s section was located on the first floor, isolated by columns of books and floor to ceiling glass doors.

“Daddy! Hurry up!”, Sarah said as she tried to drag her father into the big colourful rug in the centre of the children area. “Miss Peggy will be here soon and I want to be her helper!”

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Hickory Dickory What?: Part 1

Yuta x Reader

Genre: mystery, fantasy, angst, fluff

Word Count: 1,076

Yuta was a beautiful human being with a smile so bright it brought joy to everyone around the guy. He also was a man full of mystery and mind games. The reason why…..Nobody knew.

Yes Nakamoto Yuta could be very confusing at times, well when he wanted to be of course.

He would always give a little chuckle if you couldn’t figure out one his riddles or connect the dots to one if his puzzles. Everyone would always see him drawing some weird quirky yet colorful things such as a maze made of goldfish and other things beyond. One time you could’ve sworn to have seen him draw his own magical world, well a few times. But whenever anyone would ask him about it he would get defensive and hide the drawing from them.

It was safe to say that Yuta was extremely unique. The way he thought and processed things was astonishing. You didn’t talk to Yuta much, only ever heard from others about his personality. But from your own observations, he was really smart, straightforward and quirky.

You sat on the carpeted floor of the library, divulging yourself in a children’s picture book when someone sat infront of you.

“Ah, Dr. Seuss, one of my favorite aurthors.” came a voice to which belonged to the no other than Yuta. You looked up and gave a chuckle. He smiled and continued

“Seriously, Dr. Seuss is a really great author………..So what brings you to the childrens place?”

“I should ask the same.”

Yuta raised up the book that he held ‘Children’s book of riddles and Nursery Rhymes’

“This is my go to spot.” he said “Want me to read you one?”

you nodded and he began

“ Hey diddle diddle

The cat and the fiddle

The cow jumped over the moon

The dog laughed to see such fun

And the dish ran away with the spoon.”

“That used to be my favorite nursery rhyme as a toddler” you said

“Did you ever wonder if there was a possible meaning behind it?”

you chuckled and nodded “ I thought that the cow wanted to get away in a fun way so he tried his luck and jumped over the moon, that the dish alonside the spoon ran away because they didn’t want to be used for people to eat their food anymore.”

His smile brightened and he nodded

“ There are many ways to perceive things like this; riddles, nursery rhymes. That is why I am so fascinated by them.”

You grinned before standing up to leave “ Maybe next time you can read me another rhyme or riddle.” you said

“Of course.”


Every other day you would meet Yuta in the library where he would read you a nursery rhyme and the two of you would discuss the possible meaning behind it. It was actually pretty fun to see a different persons view point on something so little as a childrens book. Seeing how they perceive the story beyond as something so much bigger.

“ Tick Tock Tick Tock The clock is ticking, looking in your eyes, I see the glow your emitting, if I look away it’d be a crime i’d be commiting.” you said joyfully all the while giggling at yourself. Yuta looked up straight into your eyes, a toothy grin plastered on his face

“Did you just make that up?”


“ Whats the meaning behind that one?” he asked

you held up your finger, then pointed it at him

“ First you have to tell me what you think the meaning is.”

he chuckled then rubbed his finger on his chin as if he were thinking.

“ hmm……..Are you indirectly admiring my handsomeness.”

he answered to which you smacked him on the shoulder and the both of you broke out into a fit of laughter.


You were in the woods at a nearby camping site alongside the rest of the students in your high school. This was your class trip and you decided to go explore deeper into the woods with two of your friends, Hyori and Yuna.

“ Do you think we should go back now, since its getting late and all?.” asked Yuna

“I’m sure they wont mind us being gone, as long as we’re back by curfew.” was Hyori’s response.

So you guys kept venturing through the woods. As you walked deeper into the thick grassy forest, you noticed that it was a little too quite, so you turned around to see if your friends were still with you just to be met with more forest and neither of your friends insight. You screamed out their names a couple of times trying to find your way back to camp, but to no avail could you do so.

It was late the sun had already went down and the night air was cold, at this point you were almost shivering and you were extremely tired from running through the woods and screaming out name just to get no answer. Was anyone out looking for you or would you be here forever?

Suddenly you saw movement out of the corner of your eye and snapped your head into that direction. There was nothing there but a tree, you stared in that direction for a while just to be safe. You hear the snapping of a twig in the same direction that you could’ve sworn you saw something from and fear begins to build up in your chest. You don’t know what to do are you gonna die out here?

someone steps from behind the tree giving you a gummy smile that is all to familiar “Yuta?” you call out and he nods walking closer to you.

“How did you get this deep into the woods? You know what lurks out here especially in the night.”

“Yuta what are you doing here?”

Yuta turns away from you and begins to walk away, you try to follow and run after him but your legs can no longer carry you so fall to the ground, your vision begins to blur and you are now laying on your back trying to grasp your breath. The last thing that you can see is Yuta Nakamoto, the guy who loves riddles, puzzles, mind games, what ever, you name it, your new found friend and companion. He is standing over you looking down at your form with a huge smile etched onto his face.

Then everything goes black.


Bad Children All Get Eaten

A Marcher rhyme, originating in rural areas but common in some variation from Wycome to Starkhaven

Now gather, all young ones, and hear what I say,
For good girls and good boys know when to keep mum.
For silent politeness is simply the way,
And always be thinking of this rule of thumb:

Eaten, eaten, eaten!
Bad children all get eaten!
Boiled or toasted!  Broiled or roasted!
Eaten, eaten, eaten!

And always give credence to elders and lords,
Respect all their titles and ranks of the guard.
And bow to your betters if you are their wards,
It’s never worth risking a loss of regard.

Eaten, eaten, eaten!
Bad children all get eaten!
Poached or basted, nothing wasted!
Eaten, eaten, eaten!

And when you complete all your work in the store,
Or stables or cobblers or fletchers or field,
It’s not just polite to wash off what you wore,
If giants can smell you, then your fate is sealed!

Eaten, eaten, eaten!
Bad children all get eaten!  
In the fryer, dragon fire!
On a boiling kettle pyre!
Soup for six or maybe higher!
Eaten, eaten, eaten!


So yesterday, YouTube dude @cr1tikal posted a video called Finger Family Mystery. In it, he details a strange. sprawling assortment of videos littered all over YouTube, each with millions of hits, almost zero comments, and always featuring a benign children’s nursery rhyme.

As it turns out, he’s right; a quick search of “Finger Family” nets you nothing but hundreds of these videos. Why do they exist? I decided to probe. Watching one of the videos didn’t enlighten me, but then I had the radical idea of watching the videos on Internet Explorer, where I don’t have AdBlock.

Shock and terror: all of the videos are monetized. Suddenly, the sky opens up and the truth is clear. These videos aren’t being made to be watched. They’re being made to generate money.

Remember how YouTube’s copyright and monetization system works? It’s a combination of the ads and the total minutes watched. The Finger Family videos vary; the smaller ones are only about a minute and a half long, the longer ones are up to 90 minutes, and in the middle they range from 15-30 minutes.

Now, copyright. The nursery rhyme “The Finger Family” is public domain, so anyone’s free to stick in a book of nursery rhymes and sell it. There are copyright characters all over these videos, sure, but none of the original material is being used; it’s all half-baked animations cobbled together using familiar faces. It’s pissing on the face of copyright law. And assuming these videos are being churned out by some Chinese company (where copyright laws are FAR more lenient), this could very well not have any copyright hurdles to start with.

But who’s watching the videos? No human being. Most likely, it’s a bunch of computers set up to watch these videos, click an ad, reload the page, and so on. Who’s making the videos? Again, not a person. The content’s being generated by automated systems that grab premade assets and familiar characters and automatically generate a video.

This is all speculation, of course. I could be entirely wrong. There could be a Finger Family Cult hidden beneath the crust of the Earth, and watching these videos is part of a daily ritual. But as that seems unlikely…

TL;DR: These videos are being automatically generated and watched so that whoever owns the videos can make a ton of money off of ad clicks and views.