Bonus DVD


“ Just being in scenes with him [Colin Firth]… I would have payed for those classes, let alone be paid to do it you know. He’s very kind, always kind of encouraging and reassuring cause for me it’s obviously been quite a daunting process. He kind of, sort of got me through really, He was just always there to lend support and advice. Colin’s just been a really good friend, he’s a- he’s- he’s a cracking fella. […] ”

Okay so I still have so many questions post-episode 12...

Whatever happened to that other costume Yuuri was supposed to wear??

What about Yurio’s extra program/song Welcome to the Madness??

What’s up with Christophe’s possible bf??



so idk how many of you guys have seen me mention it last night/today but there’s a pilot episode for (old) lady house on the season 8 dvd bonus features. this basically confirms that the upcoming s12 episode is going to be a sitcom parody starring bonnie and mrs mac!! i’ve never seen this uploaded anywhere before so i thought i’d go ahead and throw it up for everyone to enjoy


Behind the scenes on Hell Bent (S09E12), from the Doctor Who Extra on the DVD bonus features. Jenna films Clara’s last look at the Doctor as he plays his guitar with his back to her. When filming against the green screen, Peter remained on the set to play the same tune (using a regular guitar instead of his electric one). After filming they shared a goodbye hug. ♥

The last GIF is the same version I made and shared at my Twitter. The difference of the two is this one is cropped with a few more frames. That, of course, is not the only difference. ;)


@divetodistraction​ I found slightly better quality pic from KoePota, but I think its not enough Dive -A-; tried to search for better one, but seems like that pic will be in Mamo’s DVD tour bonus photo book or something like that =_=;;

To be more specific, are you looking for smiling Mamo, or just full body Mamo, or is it have to be in suit (coz I really like the white suit one XD)

Message me ^^/


I did a side by side comparison between Kenji-sensei’s choreography and the final result. Tried to sync it the best I could but some discrepancies were unavoidable. This is my favorite program in YOI (and best animated, imho), and it looks stunning irl too!

Choreography footage is from Bonus DVD Vol. 1, the animation is from Episode 1.

I wish they’d release the extended cut of Skin Deep

Apparently the original running length for the Once upon a Time episode Skin Deep was a full eighteen minutes longer than they were allowed.  The choice was either pad it out into two episodes or cut it down.  Due to the length of the season they chose to cut it down.  

I wish they would release the extended cut as a DVD bonus.  It is a very popular episode.  The filming script for it was leaked online, which is a rarity.

Back in 2008, when The Scifi channel (now Syfy) made its short lived Dresden Files TV series, the eighth episode was Storm Front, based on the first book of the Dresden Files Book series and was actually the show’s original pilot cut down.  When cut down to episode length and squeezed in at episode eight it didn’t really work.  Later an extended version was shown just once (in the middle of the night) as a Scifi channel original movie. Since then bootlegs of the longer cut have surfaced online and it’s become the most sought after relic from the short lived TV series.

They should consider releasing the extended Skin Deep in some form.

This episode felt so out of place. There are so many big stories going on and there was no mention of any of it. There was no Japril and their baby, no Amelia and Owen drama, no speak of the trial, nothing. I feel like this could have been a bonus episode on a DVD or something instead of right in the middle of a season. Nothing happened the first 40 minutes, and it was not productive for the storyline.