Bonnet: Stopped by a boop to the nose :3

Anyone else kinda disappointed that instead of getting Baby or Ennard in Custom Night we got recolored Bon-Bon and Bidybab: Electric Type? I was really looking forward to seeing Baby since she was barley in the main game… 



A mi me da pena ver Bon Bon querendo a Bonnet como hermana, mientras ella la detesta y es falsa :’v pero bueno! LAS AMO MSDFMngiJGNIshmisjfvngianfsdgiammfsdaiMDSICVMA

Les dejo con el dibujo tambien:

Para @mobox87, ojála le guste ;UUUU; (los diseños le pertencen a ella, obviamente)

((I’m sorry. But, this seriously needs to be said, right here, right now.

To the people who said that ending life is stupid, or that hurting their selfs is stupid or an act: Do those people even know what people are going through?Have they had depression before?

They don’t know what people are going through. 

Because, they didn’t even met them, or talk to them about what they’re feeling.Those people, need to get their facts right, and actually talk to someone who’s been going through a lot.

They think it’s an acting? It’s not acting. This is not a play. This is not a movie. THIS IS REAL LIFE. 

Those people who think that it’s all acting. Need to read documents for once and actually be devastated about someone’s death, or mental illness for once.

Those people might say. “Oh, I know what they’re going through. But, I bet they’re just acting to get attention.” You think you know. BUT YOU DON’T. 

You haven’t even been there, to see what people are going through. Those people are suffering so much, and you say that you know what they’re going through? YOU DON’T AND YOU NEVER KNEW WHAT PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH.

Be an actual human being, and start caring about people who’s going through a lot. Because, they need support, and love.

To people who has depression, or/and suicidal thoughts: I may not know you, or met you before. But. If you ever need someone to talk to. Tell someone, who loves you, and cares about you, about what you’re feeling. Don’t hold that all in. There’s people who care about you, who loves you, and they’ll always be there for you. And you’ll get through those hard times. Even if you’re lost in the darkness. There’s a light to guide you, to save you, to free you from that darkness.

I’m only 14 years old. And I have depression and suicidal thoughts.))