My two Red Dead Redemption/Oregon Trail mash-up pieces for LTD Gallery’s next show, Press Start…To Continue!

The theme is remixing old and new games- I really wanted to do something with Myst what with the anniversary being right around the corner, but the Western parallels of Oregon Trail and RDR seemed too good to resist.  That and John’s wicked witch-like tendency to die when he gets even the slightest bit damp.

The opening is this Friday, and I’ll definitely be swinging by- it’s gonna be PAX weekend, so here’s hoping the gallery will be packed. :)


Yaaay our complete Red Dead Redemption cosplay! That’s Steve as John Marston and me as Bonnie MacFarlane, of course.

Worn Saturday 8/31/13 at Dragon Con :) If you have pictures of us *please* let me know because we didn’t get any good ones outside of this shoot.

Speaking of the shoot, a HUGE thanks to Templar Digital for these awesome photos!

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