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Top 5 favourite female game characters?

Tried keeping to one per franchise(Still love Piper and Curie <3) No particular order:

1.(Wife) Cait (Fallout 4). A badass pit-fighting, potty mouth that needs some love.

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2.(Also wife) Cassandra Pentaghast (Dragon Age Inquisition) A badass warrior that’s icy on the outside and a darling on the inside; hopeless romantic and a nerd. 

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3. Velka Goddess of Sin (Dark Souls franchise) Dark and mysterious, always watching though never actually makes an appearance in human form.

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Artwork by @knt666, all credit for artwork goes to them.

4. Bonnie MacFarlane (Red Dead Redemption/ Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare) Doesn’t take shit and kicks ass.

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5. Lilith (Borderlands franchise) Badass Siren that kicks ass all over the place.

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Bonnie MacFarlane: Well, you’re alive.

John: So it would seem.

Bonnie: So, how do you feel?

John: I don’t know the polite word for it right now.

Bonnie: I do.  Stupid, is the word we use around here.  What were you doin’? 

John: I was doin’ something stupid.

Bonnie: Well, you’ll be okay.  Once you didn’t die, the doctors said you’d be fine.  He got the bullets out a couple’ days ago.  It cost us fifteen dollars.

John: I’m sorry madam, you shoulda’ left me there to die.

Bonnie: Did you wanna’ die?  I mean, was that it?  Was that why you went straight out to Fort Mercer and picked a fight with the worst bandit in the county?  To die, Mr..? 

John: Mr. Marston.  John Marston.

Bonnie: Bonnie MacFarlane.  Miss Bonnie MacFarlane. 

John: Well, you may be right Miss MacFarlane.  I dunno.

Bonnie: So what were you doin’?

John: Just tryna’ give Mr. Williamson a chance.  For old times sake.

Bonnie: You know Bill Williamson?

John: Knew him, a long time ago.

Bonnie: Well what was he like?

John: Dumb.

Bonnie: Just like you.

John: Thank you, miss.

Bonnie: And, what will you do now?

John: Now I’m gonna’ take my time and go after him the less kind way.

Bonnie: Well that sounds very fun, Mr. Marston.  Quite heroic, just like in those penny dreadful's my brother used to read.  Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a ranch to run.  Of course, if you’re feeling better, why not take a ride with me, help me patrol the perimeter, you can earn back some of that money we wasted on doctors bills.

John: Of course and thank you.  For saving my life, I mean.

Bonnie: Next time, Mr. Marston, I strongly recommend you don’t try to lose it quite so earnestly.

John: I’ll bare that in mind. 

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Hi, I was just wondering what your OTP was. Plus your ships from other fandoms?

Oh god, this is gonna be fun haha

Right, so my OTP is CarLee (from TWDG), obviously. Because… well, I like to kill myself with feels.

My other ships:

Harry x Hermione (From Harry Potter)

Eleven x Amy (From Doctor Who)

Joel x Tess (From The Last of Us)

John x Bonnie (From Red Dead Redemption)

Those are my main ships, so if I ever reblog stuff not TWDG related, it will be these!

Thanks for asking :D <3