September 3rd, 2015

Dear Diary of a Half-Blood,

Second day of classes. Today we had Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic and Astronomy. And flying lessons in the evening. Please excuse my lack of enthusiasm, I am absolutely exhausted. Other than Defense and flying, it seems they decided to put all the boring classes for Gryffindors on the same day! Actually, to be fair, History of Magic seems interesting. Yeah, Binns can’t teach well, but it’s cool to learn about the past. I doubt I’ll remember much of it. Oh well, we’ll see.

Defense was cool. Professor Weasley, Roxanne and Rose’s aunt Fleur, was a bit difficult to understand but you get used to her accent. Apparently it’s not as thick as it used to be. Herbology was taught by Professor Longbottom. He’s nice. I’ve met him before at the Weasley’s.

My favorite class today was flying lessons. They’re only on Thursdays and we only have four more after this. Spending so much time with the Weasleys and having Katie Bell as my mum (she was on the Quidditch team at school and played a couple years with Puddlemore United, I’ve definitely flown many times before. I love it. Doesn’t mean I’m ever going to try out for the team however. It’s too much time commitment, and regardless, first years aren’t allowed to try out. It was a nice end to the day though. James and Fred were obnoxiously racing around the pitch. Even though I could have totally outflown them, I stayed behind with Emily. She got the hang of it really quick though. I’m considering mailing mum and seeing if there’s a way I could sneak my broomstick to school. The one I used today was way outdated. They were Nimbus 2000s. My Firebolt 3 is way better. Mum wouldn’t let me get the Firebolt 4, as much as I begged her too. Maybe I’ll ask if we can get Emily one too? She’s quickly becoming one of my best friends. We’ve spent the past 3 days together, without any time apart. And the best part? We have the same birthday- November 17th. Maybe I’ll check about that broom for our birthdays.       

Dinner was the real exhausting part of the day. Classes were long, yes, but I could have dealt with that. But what happened was the Idiot Duo decided to live up to their namesakes and play a prank. YES- a prank! On the second day of classes. We haven’t even been here 72 hours. They must have bought some Babbling Beverage from Fred’s dad’s store and snuck into the kitchens and poured it into the giant pot of pumpkin juice. Everyone was talking nonstop for 30 min, while we waited to get the remedy. Have you even talked nonstop for 30 mins at the same time as hundreds of other students? No? Well, I wouldn’t recommend it. It leads to a huge headache.

Speaking of which, I need to sleep it off.




‘I hung out with Bonnie, Matt and Tom in Paris where we did a convention [..] We have a mutual understanding and completely love and support each other on our various journeys. I keep an eye on what everyone is up to and attend their movies and plays and feel so proud and inspired watching what everyone has gone on to do. ‘    ~ Evanna Lynch ~