you know how in the hbp movie ron and harry are in bed talking about ginny and hermione and how nice their skin is?? what if after ron says that hermione has nice skin, harry is all like “…malfoy’s got nice skin.”

What if authors were writing about other universes, and in that universe they were talking about us. So, what if Hermione and Harry read about us, so when Hermione finds the book in a gift her mum and dad gave her, she starts reading it. As she reads it, her and harry talk about it, how they have the biggest crush on someone in our universe and one night when Hermione and Harry are sitting in front of the fireplace, talking about some school work, Ron walks in with the book and asks what it’s about. Harry and Hermione explain how it’s about some kids going on adventures, and getting through life, just like they are. So, when Ron says he wants to read it, Hermione disagrees, taking the book away; insisting to have her read them to him, so that’s what happens. 

One day, after they finished the books Ron tells Hermione how he ships person A and person B. “I want a relationship like theirs Hermione,” he’d say looking in her eyes, and Hermione breaks eye contact and agrees with him.

Ron goes to the Weasley household for the summer with Harry, and he talks to Fred and George about it, talking about how much he liked one of the characters, so Ron and Fred go out to buy them the books. Harry and Ginny stays to talk about it, and Ginny says how she doesn’t want to read it, how it doesn’t seem her style, but once Fred has passed she starts reading it.

Every night George would read the book allowed, so Fred could listen since Fred was always busy with the shop, as was George. Every night George would set the book in Fred bed, or in the chair Fred would sit in, George would say, “That’s all for tonight Freddy. How’d you like that chapter?” not expecting a answer, but for some odd reason George would always ask before going to sleep.

As everyone started to grow up, they’d start leaving the books at Molly’s, Molly would start reading them to her grand kids. Always baking them homemade cookies, giving them glasses of milk. Molly would always invite her children over, wanting them to have some of the cookies. Once their kids were old enough the kids would read the books, maybe books like it and not as old. Even when they get older, they’d reread them to their parents, wanting them to remember all of the memories. 

The book would be passed down for generations, wanting their kids to feel how they felt when they read the books. Allowing them to see a different universe.

My day-to-day work is storytelling. I wake up wanting to tell a story. Essentially, I was introduced to it before I even became an actress. That desire to tell a story was something I loved as a kid. Recounting things, or putting on little performances. I was a very curious child. The collaboration of film making was something I instantly fell in love with. 


Potter cast remember Alan Rickman at A Celebration of Harry Potter. (January 29th, 2016)

Let me go cry in a corner, again.


female character meme » day twenty-two: a female character you love but everyone else hates - Ginny Weasley

The thing about growing up with Fred and George, is that you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.


‘I hung out with Bonnie, Matt and Tom in Paris where we did a convention [..] We have a mutual understanding and completely love and support each other on our various journeys. I keep an eye on what everyone is up to and attend their movies and plays and feel so proud and inspired watching what everyone has gone on to do. ‘    ~ Evanna Lynch ~