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“No one ever thinks chicks do shit like this. A girl can only be a slut, bitch, tease, or the virgin next door.”


there wasn’t a wrong or a right he could choose he did what he had to do

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Bamons are literally talking bout how special they are because they 'have fans all over the world' they need to chill so does every other fandom its not that deep

Ffffmfmfndndndb they should be talking about how they ship a r*pist manipulative piece of shit wt a woc but that’s none of my business 😴

Random Snippet # 8

“So you’re Caroline.”

Caroline turned, frowned at the unfamiliar vampire standing on her porch. She was exhausted. Being a vampire did not, in fact, save you from finals kicking your ass. Plus, the entire Silas mess was becoming an actual issue instead of an annoyance, and Bonnie was way to friendly with the psychotic Kol. God, how she cursed the day that vampire had wandered into their lives.

Wait, hadn’t Kol been blabbering on about a brother? Her brain was fried by too much studying, but she was pretty sure she’d caught bits and pieces of the story the evening before. Well, parts of it. Something to do with doppelgängers and hybrids. The important part had been additional help - she was tired of digging through old texts with only a bag of B+ to hold her over. Someone else could do it.

The creeper on her porch was staring.

“Your Kol’s brother. The one with the army.”

Okay. Those dimples were unexpected. So was the odd, courtly bow. “The name your looking for is Klaus.”

Caroline shifted her bag and frowned at him. “Okay. Hi. Why are you bothering me?”

He tilted his head, gaze considering. “I must say, you’re not exactly what I expected.”

“Uh huh. Well, Mr. Expectations, its sort of been a shitty week around here, I’m sure Kol filled you in on all the details; so if you have a point to this meet and greet, find it.”

Klaus smiled at her, but his eyes were iron. “The last person who took that tone with me, lost their tongue. Among other things.”

He probably meant that. She was too tired to care. “Uh huh. Have you ever survived finals week?”

He blinked. “What?”

“You know, University? In all the years you’ve been ancient, you haven’t completed at least one degree?”

“Of course I have.”

“Great. Then when I tell you that trying to save the world plus the horror that is business law is exhausting and I’m honestly way too tired to give any fucks about your precious man ego, the likelihood of you torturing me should fall somewhere about forty-sixty.” Caroline shoved her wayward hair out of her face. “But please, if it makes you feel better, go on with the threats. It’ll probably bother me in a few hours. Post-nap.”

Klaus tilted his head, lips curving. “Well, I see why Kol hasn’t killed you.”

“Lucky me.” Caroline blinked when he was suddenly lose enough to touch. Leaning forward, he dimpled at her.

“You killed thirteen witches.”

“Bonnie is my friend.” Caroline said stubbornly. “She important. I’m pretty sure Kol and I already fought over this.”

“Hmmm.” His lashes lowered. “And the she-wolf?”

Caroline pursed her lips. “Seriously? How many times do we need to be betrayed before dealing with her? And why are you judging me?”

“I’m curious.”

Caroline held up her hand and took a step back. “Be curious later.”

She stiffened when he caught her wrist. Blinked in shock when he brought her wrist to his mouth, lips searing against her skin. The faintest flick of his tongue.

The unexpected rush of heat in her veins.

“My brother has told me about you, Caroline Forbes. How such a young vampire has held her own against an Original and Silas’ minions. How you defended your werewolf boyfriend and only killed the woman he betrayed you with when she tried to harm your friends. I’m fascinated.”

Mouth dry, she shook her head. “Ex-boyfriend. I’m not that interesting.”

He laughed against her skin, letting her hand skid free of his hold, callouses dragging against her skin. “I’ll be seeing you, love.”

Caroline stared at the empty space in front of her. Wrist burning; skin hypersensitive.


Me and @sky0neptune did this collage and it was fun, like- the last time we did something like that was in 2012, i think??? I dont remember man and im not going to look into that yearr

Welp, those are gijinkas of Nightmare Bonnie, the right one is from Sky and the left one is mine~~

Thanks for see this (??)