Bonnie DeVille

“Sometimes I feel like it needs to be pointed out that the reason Gia and Cobb were able to frame Logan for Carrie’s Murder wasn’t because he was a “bad boy,” it was because they knew that despite Carrie cheating on him, despite their break up and despite the fact that Carrie had yelled at him earlier that very day, if Carrie asked Logan for help he would do the right thing.”
‘Veronica Mars’: Read the movie’s EW cover story on Bonnie DeVille for clues — EXCLUSIVE |

In the Veronica Mars movie, in theaters now, Veronica (Kristen Bell) is drawn back to Neptune after her former flame Logan (Jason Dohring) is accused of murdering his rock-star girlfriend, former classmate Bonnie DeVille (Andrea Estella). The film shows Veronica reading an ominous Entertainment Weekly cover story titled “The Downward Spiral of Bonnie DeVille.” Now, you can read the actual (fictional) article.

I am just so curious about Logan/Carrie. I want to know everything about their relationship.

How long were they together? How did Dick feel about it (bff opinions are always interesting)?

How did they reconnect after high school? Did she go to Hearst? Did Logan even continue at Hearst??

How did Carrie break into the music biz? How did she choose the name Bonnie DeVille? How did deal with Ruby? Did she know that Ruby was Della?


any headcanons out there?

shesamarshmallow asked:

I didn't really buy Carrie Bishop's transformation into Bonnie Deville at first either. I just couldn't picture the Carrie Bishop we knew from Neptune as Bonnie Deville. I assume though that Carrie transformed into Bonnie after Susan's death on the boat. We know Susan was her best friend and it must have been a traumatic experience. My guess then is that Susan's death is the reason Carrie changed. Maybe she needed the alter ego to deal and express herself and she didn't feel like Carrie anymore.

That helps, actually. 

So Susan’s death and being blackmailed by Cobb and the others was so traumatic that she had a (assumed) radical personality shift. Having been raised as an 09er she probably had access to a lot of music lessons as a child, so she fell back upon music as her escape from the misery that became her life. Then somehow she made it big, perhaps at the urging of her parents? 

Its just weird because I figured that if Carrie ever became a pop star, seeing a very alternative, sorta gothy and weird persona just really was odd. And the fact that it wasn’t just a show act - she kept her purple hair even at home made it ever more weird. 

But a personality shift driven by Susan’s death - that’s making more sense to me now, thanks!

hellsonlyangelfromheaven asked:

Lucifer jumped through the portal and landed in a very dark room. "Were the fuck have I landed in? I feel less....powerful, must be the dimension." He shrugged and clicked his fingers, a small black flamed danced around his index finger as he lit a Marlboro Gold cigarette. He took a drag and blew out the grey cloud, he read a sign next to him. "Welcome to Freddy Fazbears pizza? Oh shit I'm in that pizza place.." He knew where he was, but the place annoyed him slightly, he started to walk around.

Bonnie’s ears twitched as his sensors picked up someone walking around the pizzeria. Who was in the pizzeria at this time of night? The oddly small and sentient bunny blinked his pink-purple eyes and he looked up at Chica and Freddy who was still asleep. Maybe they wouldn’t care if he went to go investigate, right? He slowly and quietly set his guitar down on the stand, and then slipped off stage. No one was in the pizzeria, since it was Mike’s week off for a while. Poor guy. “H-hello? Anyone there?” He called, blinking and looking around. 

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“This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.”

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   ❛ how POSITIVELY insightful, darling. ❜ 

      husked tones ensnared the air between them as lithe, leather
      encased fingertips   ensured the f u r remained coiled around
      her slender form. lips, painted red with the illusion of  BLOOD,
      curled before pursing, —- H I G H L Y irritated with the fact that   
      whomever this woman was, —-  had decided that disturbing
      her was to be the best course of action to take, especially with
      words as UNAVAILING as had graced her.