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“No one ever thinks chicks do shit like this. A girl can only be a slut, bitch, tease, or the virgin next door.”


there wasn’t a wrong or a right he could choose he did what he had to do











Okay review time:

Matty blue eyes wasn’t in this episode:(

Kai stabbed Stefan’s hand when he found out he is now human. 

Epic bro moments;) in this episode. I’ve missed Defan so much honestly. 

Cade is dead. Bless up. Bye bitch. (excuse this other profanity)

Alaric freaking kicked Kai’s ass. (excuse this one too) Really proud and satisfied that Ric got his moment to avenge Jo and protect his kids.

Bamon had a very touching moment that made me cry. Defan also made me cry. Their moments were just so precious. Bonenzo had a baby moment but at least it’s something:)

I’d like to thank Damon Salvatore, for making Stefan realize Caroline is THE ONE and that he doesn’t need to leave Mystic Falls to realize that.

He re proposed to her and it was magical. Seriously, if you didn’t watch mmm. His words also made me tear up.


Alaric wants to start a school for people like his daughters which is weird but really sweet.

Kai is back in a prison world.

I think that’s all. It’s so crazy how there’s only TWO more episodes until this is all over. This show has impacted me in ways that no one understands and it means a lot. I will definitely be in denial when it’s all over. 

It’s been a hell of a ride.

“Am I late for the group hug?” -Damon

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #130 - Veronica Mars

Spoilers below (for the TV show too).

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes!

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #283.

Format: Blu-ray

This post is dedicated to @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer, the best Marshmallow I know.

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

1) Veronica Mars - this film - exists because of a Kickstarter campaign that went live on March 13, 2013. The series ran for three seasons before being cancelled but gained an incredible cult following. Series creator Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, and the rest of the cast had been hopeful about a movie being made for years before turning to Kickstarter. Their goal was 2 million dollars, they got that in less than 24 hours (breaking most of Kickstarter’s records at the time). They ended up with five million total dollars by the end of their campaign (which was broke the REST of Kickstarter’s records at the time). This movie is made by the fans, for the fans basically, and that’s awesome.

2) I first started watching “Veronica Mars” on Netflix DVDs AFTER the Kickstarter had come and gone, meaning I did not have to wait the seven years many fans did for a resolution to the series’ cliffhanger ending. I fell in love with the show instantly. I binged it as quickly as I could with Netflix DVDs (ie: not very quickly but passionately) and love almost every twist and turn. It is an excellent show and my love for it definitely in part fuels my love for the film.

3) The opening, “I need your help Veronica,” montage is a great way of starting off the film. For fans of the original series it reminds us of everything we’ve been missing for a while, and for people who have never seen a single episode it gives them enough info to understand the movie and its characters. And it has this wink to the fans of the show:

Veronica: “New me? People say I’m a Marshmallow.”

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

For all you newbies, fans of “Veronica Mars” refer to themselves as Marshmallows because of this line from the pilot. It was either that or “twinkies” and you can spell “Marshmallows” without “Mars”.

4) Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars.

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes

It’s difficult for me to talk about Veronica as a character because most of my understanding of her as a character comes from both the film AND the TV Show. A lot of what I have to say is really going to be echoes of what @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer has said in her fantastic recaps for the series. Veronica is strong willed, fiercely loyal, but she’s got some blinders on. If she decides you’re guilty or innocent, it is fact. That is just the way it is and she will not recognize the notion otherwise. But see, that does not come into effect in as huge a way in the film as it has in the show in the past.

Veronica is incredibly sharp. I will speak later on how physical strength is not one of her greatest attributes, but she more than makes up with it in wit and the ability to think on her feet. Tough as nails, with an incredible sense of humor (which in and of itself is probably a defense mechanism of some sort), Veronica is amazing. And Veronica would not be the Veronica we know and love if it were not for the truly perfect Kristen Bell.

There are some character who are just defined as much by the actors who play them as the writers who craft them. Veronica Mars is one of those characters. Kristen Bell inhabits all of Veronica’s qualities perfectly. Her contradictions, her strengths, her weakness, her love, her aggression, her need for intimacy with some people, her ability to be independent with others. Honestly in the same sense that Sarah Michelle Gellar IS Buffy or that Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man, Kristen Bell IS Veronica Mars and no other actress could ever play her with the same perfection as Bell.

5) Jamie Lee Curtis.

Understand that even though this film made more than twice what it was asking for in the Kickstarter campaign, five million bucks to make a movie these days is close to nothing. Comparatively speaking at least (although recent best picture winner Moonlight only cost 1.5 million so…). Most of the famous faces in this film - the small bits here and there like Jamie Lee Curtis in the very beginning - have some sort of working relationship with those involved in the movie (usually the actors). For example: Curtis worked with Bell in 2010′s You Again. I’m sure this most be some sort of favor to her.

6) This flip off is very Veronica. You can tell a lot about her way of handling jackasses and her sense of humor from this moment.

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes


Gayle: Fifteen separate articles or briefs in cases ranging from multiple homicides to dognapping.

The season one episode “Hot Dogs” involves Veronica helping what was one of the kindest and most sincerely uncorrupted characters on the show (Mandy) help find her missing dog which she loved so much. I like to tell myself that is Veronica thinking fondly on this case which means little to others (especially when compared to multiple homicides) but one where she helped this really kind girl with something that really mattered to her.

8) Let’s talk briefly about the film’s “sex tape” references. Towards the end of season 3 a “sex tape” was released of Veronica and her then-boyfriend (and current boyfriend, at the start of this film) Piz. Except Veronica said she and Piz were just fooling around and didn’t actually have sex. We see the sex tape very clearly later on in the film, that has clearly been retconned. Painfully, too, as Piz is not exactly the most loved of Veronica’s boyfriends.

9) On that note…Piz.

I cannot get into the intense dislike people have for Piz without getting into how he was written and portrayed in the final season of the TV show (which was the season he was introduced in). In a nutshell, Piz was the Nice Guy™. As in the character who in reality isn’t really a nice guy, but is sort of a privileged manipulative white dude bro who thinks he deserves to be with a woman he basically sees as the female lead in his own personal romantic comedy. But the writers still write him as the “nice guy”. The movie does not have as much of that Nice Guy™ vibe to Piz though. It’s definitely still there though. He tells Veronica that he oversold her to his parents. That, “They cannot believe I landed a creature such as the one I’ve described.” But mostly Piz is kinda sorta not an awful dude. He seems to have some genuine feelings for Veronica but you can tell Veronica is with him just because he’s the safe choice. Because this is the clean life she wants. And that’s never who she was and so Piz isn’t dating the REAL Veronica. Piz is not interested in the REAL Veronica just the kind of girl he expects her to be and wants her to be. Even if he’s not a total dick about it in the film, that’s still what their relationship is.

HOWEVER I will say even though I may have issues with Piz as a character I do truly enjoy Chris Lowell as an actor. My distaste for how Piz has been written in the past is not a reflection on his performance.

10) Veronica talks about how Bonnie DeVille used to be known as Carrie Bishop. Carrie Bishop was featured in a few season one episodes of the show played by “Gossip Girl” actress Leighton Meester. Meester had scheduling conflicts with the show so they recast her part.

11) Never ever think too hard about the timeline or continuity in the Veronica Mars universe. Like…Logan is supposed to be a different age than her but they were still in the same graduating class or his dead girlfriend was a different age because she went to school with her brother who was…just, it’s confusing to think about it too hard. Just know that this film - while released in 2014 - takes place in 2016. Because the characters graduated high school in 2006 and their ten year reunion is featured in the film.

12) The theme of addiction is heavily featured throughout the movie, mainly throughout Veronica’s internal monologue. She constantly mentions her alcoholic mother while comparing her return to Neptune and the world of a PI to that idea. Not to mention Veronica described her past self as a, “possible adrenaline junkie,” within the first five minutes of the film. It’s a neat idea that gives the film a unique arc and helps it feel more than an extended episode.

13) Logan Echolls, ladies and gentlemen.

(GIF originally posted by @veronicaneptunes)

With most of (if not all of) these characters, it is difficult for me to talk about them ONLY as they are presented in the film. Logan is someone who throughout the TV show had a very troubled life. His father beat him, his mother committed suicide, his girlfriend was murdered, the murderer turned out to be his father, he had been manipulated by many people he considered family, but he was good to Veronica (for the most part) when they started dating. He cared for her, truly. There was an honesty to their relationship, an ability to be himself, which he lost when she left. I think the second Veronica Mars book Mr. Kiss & Tell goes into this more (I read it two years ago), but Logan needed to get his life together post-Veronica. So he joined the freaking Navy. That first image of Logan already sets him up as a clean cut, mostly kept together man that is FAR different from the, “obligatory psychotic jackass,” we met in the pilot of the show.

Much like Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring gives Logan a lot of depth. The reason the character was given such a prominent role and more layers - initially - was because of Dohring’s skill as an actor. He is able to present Logan as mostly collected but still vulnerable. Still with a deep sorrow in his soul, still with a darkness to him. But we as an audience are invested in him as a character. We understand Veronica’s trust for him because we see just who he is around Veronica. The chemistry between Dohring and Bell is incredible. It is not just hot steamy chemistry (although it can be, more on that later). It’s a trust, it’s friendship, it’s an ability for these two to truly be themselves around each other in a way they can’t be with pretty much everyone else.

It is a truly wonderful performance and character we get to see in the film and I think the entire franchise of Veronica Mars would be far less without Jason Dohring and Logan Echolls.

14) It is fun how to see how easily Veronica slips into her old routine at her dad’s office. Also it goes into the idea of how an addict is more easy to fall into their addiction when they get into a certain habit. Veronica was addicted to being a PI when she was in Neptune, working with Logan, and helping at her dad’s office. Is it any wonder she can’t fight off the need to go back to that life when she’s in the town for less than a day and all these things have happened already?

15) Keith’s face when he sees Veronica!

We don’t get AS good a look as Keith’s relationship with daughter Veronica in the film as we did in the TV show (we got three seasons to examine it, after all), but it is still one of the best parent/child relationships to ever grace screens and the chemistry between Enrico Colantoni and Kristen Bell is great.

16) Although the film only had a budget from Kickstarter of about five million dollars, Warner Brothers studio was comfortable enough with the film that they paid an extra million (I think it was a million) for some reshoots to help make the story more understandable. The most noteworthy of these reshoots is the scene where Keith and Veronica are driving through town and discover a bunch of kids being framed up by the police, tazzed, basically abused for being “riff raff” and Keith being able to extort the police into letting the kids go by taking a video of them abusing their power. This was all told to the audience in the original shoot at the office scene, but the use of “show don’t tell” not only paints a grim picture of what kind off corrupt place Neptune is but also what kind of man Keith is. He really is - as his daughter says - the George Bailey of Neptune.

17) Mac & Wallace!

Again, if you like what you see of these two in the movie and want more…GO WATCH THE TV SHOW! The friendship Veronica forges with Wallace is one of the strongest in her life, second only to her father and even ahead of her relationship with Logan I think. He is there through it all. Through all the boyfriends, all the drama, all the times she’s a pariah, he is there for her. He helps her out, he does favors with her, and it is just such a beautiful and loving friendship.

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

The relationship Veronica has with Mac - while not necessarily as strong - is still great. Tina Majorino breathed such life into this character from season 1 who could’ve easily been a one off but ended up being second only to Wallace when it came to Veronica’s friends. The trio of them are great, and they’ve always got each other’s backs.

18) Dick Casablancas.

(GIF originally posted by @veronicaneptunes)

Otherwise known as: your problematic fave! Man, I don’t even know where to start with Dick. He’s…well…he’s a dick! But like a likable dick! Somehow Rob Thomas gets away with Dick doing some really awful shit in the show and still have him be Logan’s best friend. Dick in this film is - I think - mostly comedic relief (and, at one point, a suspect) and Hansen is just a lot of fun in the role.

A little note about Dick though. This line has way more significance than you would think:

Dick [after Logan’s potential lawyer makes a remark about his pot brownies]: “Medicine, man. I got my card. Chronic depression. You wouldn’t think, huh?”

That’s actually very telling about Dick. Season two ended with his younger brother being revealed as a mass murderer before killing himself, and there was some fair amount of time devoted in early season three to examining how Dick dealt with this.

19) This scene alone shows a lot of fun back and forth between Veronica, Logan, and the idiots of Neptune.

Logan [after these two Canadian drunks call a girl a crazy bitch at karaoke night]:

(GIFs originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

20) Again with the theme of addiction:

Veronica [internal monologue]: “You know what? It’s a one time deal. A farewell tour, if you will. [Sees hot as fuck Logan] Then again, you ever hear the one about the junkie who was satisfied with just one more taste of the good stuff?”

(GIF originally posted by @veronicaneptunes)

Veronica: “Neither have I.”

21) Chekov’s random trucker hat line…

Veronica [about being able to hide cameras in anything]: “My dad has a trucker hat that’s rigged with a camera -”

22) There’s this rule Pixar has with writing: a coincidence that gets the character into trouble is plot. A coincidence that gets them out of trouble is cheating. The fact that Veronica is able to get into someone’s house by saying she’s doing a location scout for a Clint Eastwood movie only for that person to have a connection to Clint Eastwood falls into the former of those two categories.

23) This film THRIVES on fan service which also serves the plot. For example, Veronica - like she did all the way back in season one - calls Wallace for a favor.

Veronica: “Hey Buddy! I need a favor. Can you get me a student’s permanent file?”

Wallace: “You do realize that I’m a teacher now, Veronica? An educator? This is a position of responsibility.”

Veronica: “So you’re saying it’s gonna be super easy. Good. I did NOT want to put you out.”

The theater I saw this in - with quite a few Marshmallows - all found this scene hysterical.

24) The inclusion of Deputy Sacks is a nice way of bringing in even what some would call the smaller characters into the film. AND it ends up working out really well.

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes

25) Jerry O’Connell as Sheriff Dan Lamb.

The perfect personification of slime and corruption in Neptune. Lamb’s brother Don Lamb was the incompetent (and assholish prick of a) sheriff throughout most of the show, and somehow they made his brother even worse. At least Don Lamb would OCCASIONALLY do his job if presented with enough compelling evidence. Meanwhile Dan is even more egotistical, even says at one point he doesn’t care if Logan is innocent or not, and later in all likelihood tries to have Keith killed. Jerry O’Connell plays Lamb as wonderfully vile. A villain you love to hat.

26) I love that this film brings in so many memorable characters from the TV show, even though some are limited to one scene. But that one scene is enough for us to remember why we love them. This is very true for Daran Norris as Cliff McCormack, Neptune’s resident public appointed attorney.

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes

27) It is interesting seeing how these characters have grown in the seven years since the TV show ended. For example, Veronica is able to show off QUITE clearly that she spent a considerable amount of time at law school when she’s defending herself at the police station.

28) The whole scene at the 09er is very entertaining, if for no other reason than a trio of fun cameos we get. We see exactly the stupidity of the “cool kids” at Neptune, we get the series’ first use of the word, “fuck,” AND we get Veronica’s trademark sass. Also we get this nice moment between husband & wife:

29) But the 09er scene is NOTHING compared to the reunion at Neptune High.

Originally posted by lovelykristenbell

The entire graduation scene perfectly shows off the film’s ability to balance out fan service AND move the plot forward. It brings back almost all the memorable characters from the TV show, friends and enemies a like. And for you who haven’t seen the show, we get a very clear picture of just how much Veronica “enjoyed” high school.

Veronica: “In a lesser known epic poem, ‘Dante’s Inferno 2: Hell Freezes Over,’ ten years after escaping the nine circles, Dante returns. You know, for old times’ sake. Have a couple shots, catch up with the gang…”

Madison [as Veronica approaches]: “Name?”

Veronica: “See if Lucifer’s still a bitch.”

We get a see of characters in this scene.

  • Madison Sinclair is still an entitled, judgmental, condescending asshole.

Originally posted by singfromthehair

  • Gia Goodman (played by the incredible Krysten Ritter of “Jessica Jones” fame) is REMARKABLY different from the last time we saw her. Back then she was a chipper, positive (if a little naive) young woman. Then Veronica exposed her dad as a pedophile to the world, he was killed by Dick’s brother in a plane explosion, and some really awful psychotic shit went down where she is basically owned by a man named Cobb (Martin Starr). Gia is likely the most changed character since the TV show and Ritter’s amazing range supports that.
  • Eli ‘Weevil’ Navarro has gotten his life together, which is an incredible thing to see from the former member of a bike gang. He has a daughter, he has a wife, he is reformed! But of course Neptune is gonna tear him back down.

Originally posted by marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer

  • We even get a chance to see Horny, the recurring comic relief and nice dude from the show, in a little moment which I as a fan appreciate.

Edit: I have had it pointed out to me that the character’s name is Corny, not Horny is I’ve thought for four years. You can find the reply in notes, but I’m going to leave the name as I originally thought so you all know my shame.

30) The high school reunion also serves as a turning point for the story. Veronica realizes that Carrie’s death is tied to the death of her friend Susan Knight YEARS ago on Carrie’s father’s boat. And now her investigation has some more direction.

31) When you watch the works of Rob Thomas (the writer, not the singer) you find he is wonderfully aware of his famous name-twin.

Piz [about talking about some 2006 music]: “Maybe some SOLO Rob Thomas.”

That’s nothing compared to what we got on “iZombie” though.

32) I love this.

(GIFs originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

33) A great peek at how Veronica is not as alone as she may think is after Madison (asshole) shows Veronica’s sex tape at the family reunion. For one thing Wallace is immediately at Veronica’s side, running to turn it off. Then Wallace, Logan, Weevil, Dick, and Piz (at least. Maybe Horny too, I’m not sure.) all jump into a fight with the assholes who want to put the tape back on. A great recall from this line:

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

34) Principal Clemmons is another example of a great supporting character from the show making a brief but appreciate appearance in the film.

35) Veronica at the reunion’s after-party is very much her being in her natural environment. The scene where she’s dancing and it cuts to slow mo is very predatory to me. She is a lion ready to pounce on its prey. This is her in her element and its great to watch.

36) Martin Starr as Cobb is a…unique new character in the film. He was not in the show at all and now he’s part of the group of established characters. In hindsight it’s obvious that he’s the evil mastermind of it all (spoiler alert).

37) Veronica impersonating Martina Vasquez to get info out of Lamb is as nice callback to the series while also showing new viewers just how crafty she can be.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

38) Leo!!!!

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

Leo was like the best boyfriend Veronica had on the show who wasn’t Logan, an actual nice guy and not Nice Guy™. Max Greenfield has gotten a lot more recognition lately for his memorable turn as Schmidt on “New Girl” but he’s GREAT on the show and in this film. He only has one scene but it’s a bit bigger than say Cliff’s scene or Clemmons’ scene, and him screwing with Veronica by pretending to not remember her is a lot of fun.


Leo: “By the way, I didn’t know the FBI was looking into the Bonnie DeVille case.”

Veronica: “I’m not with the FBI.”

Leo: “You sure? I could’ve SWORN I heard somewhere that you were in the FBI.”

Veronica: “Another life maybe.”

Rob Thomas pitched a drastically altered version of the show which would have seen Veronica join the FBI in season 4. I’m kinda glad it didn’t work it, but they shot this pitch:

40) So James Franco is in this movie.

Rob Thomas said in an interview:

“My producing partner, Danielle Stokdyk, her husband is an Academy Award-winning visual effects artist who happened to have just done ‘Oz the Great and Powerful.’ He had become friendly with James, and it really was easy as this: I emailed a script and said we’d love you for this part and honestly five minutes later, five minutes later, he emailed me back and said, 'sounds fun, I’m in.’”

41) Add Vinnie Van Lowe to the list of fun appearances from the show!

Originally posted by nickmillerturtleface

42) According to IMDb:

In one of the shots, a man dressed like a gorilla was needed to dance in the foreground while Kristen Bell and Ken Marino played a scene on a bench. Ryan Hansen had just wrapped his last scene in the film a few hours earlier and was hanging out on set and agreed to do the scene. Rob Thomas and Ryan then decided to prank Kristen and Ken, who didn’t know it was Ryan in the gorilla suit. The stint made the DVD bloopers reel.

43) Veronica cannot say, “I know what happened,” without me thinking of this:

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

44) Chekov’s random trucker hat line.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

45) This line that Deputy Sacks has is very telling about who he is as a character, his conflict, and what is up in Neptune.

Sacks: “I saw this thing on, uh, YouTube a few weeks ago, Keith. It’s a funny video. A…uh…two nazi they’re uh…looking at the skulls on their insignias and the piles of dead bodies. And they have this moment of clarity. Wait a minute…we’re the bad guys.”

46) Deputy Sacks’ death is a surprisingly powerful moment. This is a character who has been around since the pilot in 2004. Someone who was always there and who Veronica or anyone else never got super close to. But he was always there, always a good cop, and the sorrow of his loss is seen in one simple unanswered question:

Doctor: “Was he a friend of yours?”

47) The following LoVe love scene (LoVe is the ship name for Logan + Veronica) really shows off how these two not only have a chemistry built on being able to be themselves, but also the fact they’re each INCREDIBLY attracted to each other and just have this raw sexy passion. There is a tenderness, a connection, a heat to them that is just unmatched by any of her other boyfriends.

48) Remember how Veronica is sort of an addict?

Veronica: “The only way I’m not going to spend the day obsessing about my dad is by nailing Gia and Luke to the wall.”

49) One of Veronica’s most defining character traits is that when she decides a person is guilty, they are guilty. And it takes a lot for her to alter her theory or her idea of what is going on. This is seen when she is watching Gia and Cobb hook up, and she comments…

Veronica: “Gia seduced her lap dog into killing Carrie.”

There is NOTHING about that scene that shows Gia initiating sex with Cobb, it’s totally Cobb doing it. But Veronica can’t see that, she only sees what supports her theory. And then there’s this line that shows what she thinks of Gia.

Veronica [after Logan warns her to be careful]: “Child please, it’s Gia Goodman. The day I can’t handle Gia Goodman…”

This is very much a line that would be applied to high school Gia, not this new Gia. Veronica has little to no idea who this new Gia is.

50) The following scene between Veronica and Gia is a great character moment for Gia. Krysten Ritter’s skills as an actor show us just how tortured and trapped this once kindhearted and positive girl was, and it’s heartbreaking.

Originally posted by shes-a-maarshmallow

51) The entire climax (where Cobb has Veronica trapped in Gia’s apartment building) is very tense. Cobb has the upper hand physically and Veronica knows that. She has to play this confrontation by hiding, being patient, and outsmarting Cobb. And she does! It is wonderfully paced and choreographed and just a great moment of tension.

52) My biggest criticism of this film is that I’m always surprised by how quickly it wraps up, but it’s also something I’ve gotten more comfortable with in repeat viewings.

53) The metaphor of Veronica as an addict has never been clearer than her last lines of the film (an internal monologue).

Veronica: “My name is Veronica, and I’m an addict. Hello Veronica.”

54) Logan often had inspirational messages on his voice mail in the show. This message which plays over the end credits is very nice.

Logan: “This is Logan reminding you: if you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which seat, just get on. Sheryl Sandberg said that. So don’t leave a message. Go get on that rocket ship. Or, leave a message. Your call. Your decision will tell me a lot about you.”

That - to me - seems very telling about the film. They took a chance on asking fans to finance it and it turned out wonderfully! They got on their rocket.

This recap ended up being much longer than I intended. And there’s still a lot here I can talk about which I haven’t. And that is very telling of the film. There is a lot to dissect, a lot that works and is going on in the movie. The writing is incredible, with a good balance of fan service and plot. The acting is as good as it ever was on the show, Rob Thomas’ direction is great, and it is just what fans who were waiting seven years for closure deserved. A great, great film and a fantastic potential finale to the series.

"Admit it, you missed me."

“I will admit no such thing.”

The Petrova doppelganger pouted. “Bonnie.”


“Admit it.” The witch continued reading her book. “Admit it, Bon Bon.” She continues ignoring her as she sips her tea. “Damn it, Bonnie!”

“What?” Bonnie sighed leaning back into her husband’s favorite green chair. “What do you want?”

“I want you to admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“That you missed me. It’s been two years since I left New Orleans. Admit it, Bon~nnie.”

“Ooooh my goddess.” Bonnie rolled her eyes up to the ceiling. “Why do I deal with you?”

Katherine crawled over from the lit fireplace to Bonnie, sitting by her feet. “Because you love me. And -” She slithered her way up into Bonnie’s lap, lying her head on her friend’s shoulder. “You wouldn’t have pried open the gates of hell to get me out, if you didn’t care.”

“Which you never thanked me for by the way. I bust you out of there ten years ago and no thanks. Not once but twice.”

“Thank the woman that put me there in the first place?”

“You tried to kill me and my fiance.”

“I wasn’t going to kill you. Klaus maybe, because he was hunting me like the rabid dog he is for centuries, but I wouldn’t have killed you. Hurt you, sure. Not kill.”

“It didn’t seem like it from where I was standing.” Bonnie sighed as she tried to continue reading her book. It was so peaceful and quiet before Katherine burst through the door screaming for Bonnie, almost waking up her children. She had to talk Klaus out of giving the loud vampire her final death.

“Besides, the first time shouldn’t count. You only got me out because you needed doppelganger blood. Then you sent me back to hell.”

“And then I got you out again and you’d stayed out. So, hush.”

“Had a change of heart?” The vampire made a display of batting her long eyelashes up at Bonnie.

“I regret my decision everyday.”

“Liar.” Katherine snuggled deeper into the Bennett-Milaelson’s neck taking in her floral aroma. “You cared.”

“I did.”


“Because…” Bonnie answered plainly then flipped the page of her book.

Katherine leaned away from Bonnie to stare down at her. “Because?”

“Katherine, can I please enjoy reading my book?” She didn’t wait for an answer as she continues to read Songs for Anninho.

The vampire snatched the away, finally getting the undivided attention she wanted from Bonnie. “Tell me.“


“Tell me. Was it pity? You thought hearing my life story and you decide to show me mercy. Was that it?”


“To keep an eye on me?”


“Then why?”

“Because I thought you deserved a chance, Katherine. Geez, are you happy now?” Bonnie snatched her book back from the vampire highly irritated that she lost her page.

Katherine paid her any mind. Her frown turned into a smug grin hearing her witch’s words. “Go on.” She swung her feet over the arm of the green cushioned chair over Bonnie’s lap. “Tell me more.”

“There’s nothing else. I thought you deserved a chance. I seen you when you were here helping me -”

“Against my will -”

“HELPING ME…with a spell to stop the Raven Coven. You just seemed…lonely. You needed someone. When I sent you back to hell, it didn’t feel right.” Bonnie’s lips quirked into a half smile. “It was the next day, an hour before my wedding maybe even less. I was looking in the mirror…I was ready. I had on this beautiful wedding gown, hair done, shoes on. I was ready to march down the isle to be Mrs. Niklaus Mikaelson.” The witch shook her head. “But I didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel right at all.”

Katherine nodded her head for Bonnie to continue.

“I knew I wasn’t getting cold feet. I’ve been ready to marry that hybrid the second he placed that ring on my finger in Siena. Nope, it was you.” Bonnie sucked her teeth remembering the deep scowl on her face on her wedding day. “I knew I was going to do something stupid… And I did it.”

Katherine snickered into Bonnie’s hair smelling the lavender scent of her shampoo. “You were pissed. You were barreling your way through hell with this huge gown -”

“- It was hot in there. Like thousand degrees hot. I was baking in satan’s oven, hot.”

“Stepping over everyone to get to me. Cade was out of sorts with himself. He was upset you broke your deal.” Katherine looked up at Bonnie. “What deal did you make to have him let me go?”

“I didn’t make any deals with him. I simply took you.”

“Cade wouldn’t just let me go, Bonnie.”

“He wouldn’t. Not at first.” Bonnie admitted. “Cade is a stubborn man and certainly doesn’t like to lose.” Katherine watches the green in her friend’s eyes turn darker as she stared into nothing. “However, Cade knows not to mess with little ol’ me.”

Katherine pinched her eyesbrows together. “Why’s that?”

Bonnie only shrugged. “You don’t fuck with the Bennett witches.” Bonnie smiled as she felt Katherine grin against her neck. “We are the eldest living line of witches. If our power doesn’t frighten them, our connections will. I have a lot powerful friends on my side. Even more since my ancestors had aided a lot of…associates from their time. Names that haven’t been spoken from anyone’s mouth on any plane. They’re too scared. Especially on the other side.”

“What name did you use to spook the devil?”

Bonnie snorted. “He’s not the devil.” She sneered. “I’ve met satan and he’s as manipulative and slimy as the good book described him. Maybe even worse. Crafty bastard.”

“Sam and Dean?”

“Sam and Dean Winchester. I helped them with something some time ago. By helping them I met the devil himself and a few others I never want to meet again. Ever.” Bonnie shook the horrid memories from her head. “It’s a long story and before you even utter to ask, no I don’t want to talk about it and no I will not change my mind.”

Katherine huffed. “I wasn’t going to ask.”

“Yes you were.”

The doppelganger rolled her eyes. “So, what name did you say to have Cade let me go.”

“Shades.” Bonnie whispered softly. “I said Shades.”

“Who’s that?”

“Someone I hope you never have to meet.”

“Then how do you know him?”

Bonnie felt her heart slam hard against her rib repeatedly. A rush of images came to the forefront of her mind. Innocent times of laughter and love. A time when she didn’t know about the supernatural world. She only knew the life she had behind the stainless glass. It was a time of light and happiness. Three friends. One lover. The other a sister. She had everything…until she had nothing. They’ve separated and everything changed.

“It’s complicated.” Bonnie swallowed the large lump in her throat. Now was not the time.

Katherine heard the hesitance in her friend’s voice. It was unsettling to the vampire. “Did he hurt you…this Shades?” Protectiveness and possessiveness clawed at Katherine insides. If he hurt Bonnie in some way, she would -

“No…no he didn’t.” Bonnie interrupted Katherine’s murderous thoughts. “I’m the one that did the hurting.” Somber green eyes watched the fire dance and flicker to and fro as she thought about Hernan. She felt her heart break again. “But that’s in the past.” She pushed the unsettling emotions aside, tucking her memories in the far recesses of her mind. “Though we have our…complications…he and his…group, I should say, make good allies.” Bonnie stares down at Katherine. “Cade had a run in with Shades some time ago and he would be a fool to get on his bad side…again.”

“You threatened him.”

“I don’t make threats. I make promises. A promise that my next visit wouldn’t be so pleasant. He was lucky I asked first.”

“Then you rescued me.”

“I rescued you…fifteen minutes before my wedding started.”

Katherine cackled. “Your wedding dress was so dirty and singed from the hell fire.” Bonnie giggled along with her. “The look on Klaus’ sister and Gia’s face spoke volumes.”

“They were so angry. They was looking all over for me. I felt so bad. I left without a word.” Bonnie wiped her laughing tears away. “I was a mess but it was nothing with little magic to clean the dress and spruce up my hairdo. I looked good as new.“ She kissed the top of Katherine head and sat her crooked chin above her. “Besides, it was worth it.”

“We made it to the church just in time.”

“You cleaned up nice.”

“I told you sunglow was my color. I was the best maid of honor you ever had.”

“You were my only maid of honor, Kat. You and Lucy wear almost the same size. It was her dress in the first place.”

“And I will forever be your only maid of honor. Lucy can’t have it. She didn’t show up the first time. No take backs.”

“She didn’t agree to me marrying Klaus…or Grams.” A hint of sadness melted into her words

“Well, it’s a good thing you had me. Who else was going to walk you down the isle to your dog?” Bonnie pinched the vampire’s side playful. “The look Klaus’ face was gorgeous. His face would forever be branded into my memories as long as I walk this earth.”

“He. Was. Liv.Id. Livid, Kitty.” She heared the muffled laughter below her. “Mad with rage when he seen me with you walking me to him. In a bridesmaid dress. He tore me a new one during the drive to our reception.”

“Yeah. Him and his family wasn’t happy I was back. They still don’t like me.”

“They don’t have to like you. I like you.” Bonnie kissed her button nose. “And the children adore you, especially Alek.”

“My little prince.” Katherine smiled at the thought of the little chubby hybrid. “I missed him. I can’t wait to hold him.”

“Don’t wake him up, Kat. Let him wake up by himself. He needs sleep. I need sleep.”

“I give you until seven in the morning.”

“Too early. Eight.”



“Come on, Bon! I haven’t seen him since I moved in with Lucy and her husband.”

“Aren’t you three together?”

“No. I’m with Lucy. He’s just, I don’t know, there.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Yes. Her husband of five years is just there.”


“I hate to interrupt this reunion.” Both Katherine and Bonnie turned toward the door seeing Klaus walking into his study. “But I would like to have my wife.”

Before Bonnie could move, Katherine wrapped her arms around the witch’s side, snuggling her body into her comfortable warmth. “She’s with me, dog.”

“Katherine, I rather not tear your arms from their sockets. I just got these floors waxed today. I’m here to retrieve Bonnie.”

Katherine kissed along the side of Bonnie’s neck up to her slanted jaw to the side of her lips earning a giggle from her witch. “Well, your wife wants to stay with me.” She claimed seductively.

A flicker of something glimmered in the Original’s eyes and a searing emotion lodge in his chest. He refused to acknowledge the sensation as jealousy. He was a thousand plus year old. He was the Original Hybrid for heaven’s sake. There was no need to be jealous of a child. He had Bonnie to himself. Bonnie only wanted him. He knew this…but that didn’t stop the urge to rip the putrid doppelganger’s arms from around his wife.

“Bonnie.” Klaus called out to her managing to keep his voice leveled.

“Okay, Kitty Kat.” Bonnie stretched her arms and arched her back to get the lazy kinks out from sitting in the comfy green chair for too long. “Leave my hubby alone. Come on, now. Get up.” She slapped Katherine’s thigh.

Katherine rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She muttered as she stood from Bonnie’s lap.

Bonnie stood from her seat and wrapped her arms around Katherine’s waist. “See you in the morning? I’ll make a breakfast feast in your honor.”

“Yes you will.” Katherine moved from Bonnie embrace to sit in her seat. “Right after I wake my prince.”

“At eight o'clock.” Bonnie warned.

“Seven.” Katherine reached over to the wet bar grabbing the bourbon. “Eight is too late.”

“Eight, Katherine I mean it. I’m the mother and I say eight.”




Both Bonnie and Katherine stared at Klaus dumbly. “Bonnie needs her rest.” He stepped towards Katherine. “She’s entering into her third trimester.” Klaus warned. “She gets tired easily and her magic drains her while carrying the child as it nears the due date. You know this.” And she did. “She needs all the rest she can get before starting her day.”

“She can speak for herself.” Bonnie said hotly folding her arms tightly over her chest.

“Do as I say.” Klaus pulled his wife into his arms and kisses her soundly on her lips. “Your husband knows best. Now come on. I know your feet are tired and your back is achey. It’s why you sat in that damn chair for almost the whole day.”

“It’s comfy and don’t get all wolfy and possessive and controlling on me. I know my body.” Bonnie pouted cutely then kissed her husband luscious red lips. “I’ll be fine.”

Katherine rolled her eyes. “Get a room.” She muttered into the bottle of bourbon.

“Shut it.” Bonnie said against Klaus’ kisses. She gave her hybrid a few more pecks before she pulled away from his embrace. “Wait for me by the stairs. I’ll be right there.”

Klaus frowned but did as his little witch said, but not before he leaned in for another kiss. A kiss that promised her more when they reach their bedroom and have her naked on their silk blood red sheets.

Bonnie watched her husband walk away from her before she turned around towards Katherine. “I’ll see you in the morning?”


Bonnie walked behind the green chair leaning over her vampire. “I missed you, Katherine.” She smiled happily seeing the knowing grin on her face. She then leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Welcome home.”

“Thanks, Bon Bon.” Katherine leaned her forehead against Bonnie’s. This was her best friend. She loved Bonnie with every fiber of her being. She would fight for her and fight for her children.

She was loyal to the Mother of New Orleans and she forever would be. The witch gave her a second chance at life and Katherine Pierce would not screw it up, final death be damned. The fire cat was here to stay.

Katherine kissed Bonnie’s head before she pulled away. “Night.”

“Night.” Bonnie tapped her shoulder then went to leave to meet her husband.

“Oh and Bonnie…” Katherine called out to her. Bonnie stopped at the doorway. “How’s Kai?”

Bonnie stiffened. Katherine wasn’t the only person she saved from hell. Malachai Parker, former leader of the Gemini Coven was also saved by the Bennett’s hand.

“You didn’t think I would notice?”

Bonnie shrugged her shoulder. “I knew you would…I just didn’t care if you did or not. That goes for anyone else.”

“Where is he?”

Bonnie eyes changed from her regular green hue to a eerie glow lighting the dark. “He’s safe. I put him in a hold, a dimension made by me.” She stepped toward Katherine seeing the worry in her friend’s eyes. “He’s safe. I won’t let the hounds touch him.”

“How?” Katherine swallowed. “How do you know for sure?”

“Because he’s mine.” Bonnie declared strongly. “I won’t let anyone hurt what is mine. Not Kai. Not you. Not Marcel. Not Stefan. Not Damon. No one. Touches. My. Vampires. Ever.” The eerie neon glow in the witch’s eyes grew softer. “Nothing will happen to any of you. You’re family.”

Katherine snorted. “Says the queen.”

“Says the Bennett.” Bonnie corrected her. “A Bennett keeps her word. You know that.” And she did. Katherine truly did. She have seen it time and time again throughout their ten years of friendship. It was the reason why the Petrova doppelganger would stand by Bonnie and no one else.

“Fine. Get some sleep.”

Bonnie nodded and left the study leaving Katherine to her lonesome. She took another pull of bourbon as she kicks her feet up on Klaus’ desk. She leaned back into the famous green comfy chair staring up at the white ceiling. She closed her eyes and relaxed as she took solace listening to her little prince’s heart beat thump above her as the bourbon warms her belly.

She truly was enjoying this whole second chance of life thing.

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TVD finale was BS!!!
  • Oh sure bonnie has been Damon's backbone for the past 3 years while Elena has been being useless in a coffin for that remaining time(and let's be honest even before that because she was always useless, even as a vampire) yet bonnie is left with her story untold and a shitty ending while Elena just wakes up, cuts her hair and runs off into the sunset living happily ever after with Damon...bonnie fought the devil & literally put fire from hell back in hell! She almost died for damon multiple times and those are just 2 examples because there's so much more through the previous seasons as well. Its just sad how they treated bonnie in the show because honestly she's the best character, I mean she MAKES TVD she is TVD, she's amazing!! Elena doesn't deserve Damon because bonnie has been there for him way more. Elena didn't do half the things bonnie did for damon, even before going into a coma or whatever that was...either way I'm pissed about bamon not happening because it would've been an interesting love story and they are meant for each other!! At least Julie plague can't hurt my poor bonnie anymore now that the show is over so I guess that's good...
I Could've Been Watching Goblin {TVD 8x11 Review}

OK! Hi all. For those who read my reviews you know I write this in real time which means any mistakes I make at the beginning might be cleared up in the end. There will be anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon sentiments. I will probably reference other shows and Julie’s blatant misogyny. If you don’t like it don’t read. This was done on my phone so beat with me. Let’s go.

1. So I don’t remember if this is from 8x09 or 8x10 when Sybil explains that opening the door from Cade’s world into this world will destroy everyone in this world but that is literally Buffy season 5.  Glory is a hell goddess who wants the key back into her dimension but if the key (who is Buffy’s sister) opens her world then the dimensions will bleed together and reality will cease to exist. LIKE??? Does Julie even know what an original thought is?

2. Is it supposed to be super evil that Cade killed Sybil and Seline?

3. So Bonnie doesn’t know what Cade looks like?

4. Cade is a petty villain. Him breaking up a couple’s marriage is like Katherine “breaking up” Tyler and Caroline because she slept with Klaus.

5. Damon is entirely annoying and I get that he’s supposed to be annoying Stefan by being all “my humanity is back!” but they’re BOTH boring me because HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE SEEN THIS? One of them chained or vevained or bleeding out or WHATEVER while the other is being the annoying brother being like “get your humanity back on!” like I’m OVER IT.

6. I could be watching Goblin now.  A show TVD could’ve used as a road map for interpersonal relationships.

7. “Contrary to your popular belief, it’s not all about you” that’s rich coming from Damon and from the show dedicated to centring everything around Damon.

8. So did Matt just get his job back? Like just like that?

9. “Left behind by the first settlers” so we’re just going to ignore that they would be colonizers then. I guess.

10. Lol Caroline’s other obligations is a time capsule?


12. So is Caroline just not going to be there to help get Stefan’s humanity back or…? I watched the “Inside ‘You Made A Choice To Be Good’” and Julie Plec said something along the lines of Caroline is living her life and just waiting out Stefan’s non-humanity because she’s over it and you know what if Stefan had chosen to turn off his humanity just for the fuck of it then I would be like Caroline, girl, do you but considering he did this for her daughters, I would like to see more commitment and not just “I’m staying positive.”

13. So Matt can say that it’s still Stefan who tried to get him to destroy the entire town but he can say that Damon turning and effectively killing Vicki is a long time ago, him murdering Tyler wasn’t him. OK true. Not transparent at all TVD.

14. It’s hard to keep giving him a pass. But Damon gets all the passes in the world? WHY?


16. Goblin is a Kdrama btw. Since my followers have been asking.

17. Ugh I every time I see BE I actually just groan.

18. Why is Damon giving him pancakes and not blood? Is Stefan not a vampire? Is he drying Stefan out? What’s the point of this?

19. I’m actually still really irritated that Matt said that he couldn’t keep giving Stefan a pass. Damon has killed so many people in this town. LIKE OMG. But Matt has a knack of blaming Stefan for shit that ISN’T HIS FAULT.

20. Also Matt calling intern dude and intern dude being like “I am a person not just your Wikipedia” is giving me Bamon vibes.

21. Oh my God, I am literally only 10 minutes in.

22. Oh his name is Dorian.

23. My anons keep telling me how Ian has these huge ass arms. I’m not seeing it.

24. The race track is giving me OTH vibes.

25. The twirl is cute, I will admit that. If there’s one thing BE can do, it’s Enzo twirling Bonnie.

26. But they just don’t have chemistry that it can sustain my interest.

27. Ugh Matt’s annoying me.

28. Cade is not intimidating.

29. There is SO MUCH TALKING.

30. Can they just get to when Stefan kills Enzo already?

31. Does Caroline work at The Grill?


33. Things are taking too long to happen.

34. I want to find Bonenzo cute but like … ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

35. People are talking a lot.

36. Wow, I found Damon mildly amusing in this scene. “I thought you promised you wouldn’t do anything stupid?” “When did I ever promise THAT?”

37. But Damon always does something stupid and people give him a pass but Stefan sacrifices and it’s hard to forgive him. Mmkay.

38. 21 minutes and 41 seconds.

39. The music is telling me that the stakes are super high but I don’t feel anything but boredom because people are JUST. TALKING.

40. No but seriously, does Caroline own The Grill or what?

41. “For generations we thought we were cursed” just like how the Whitmores thought they were cursed? Original, Julie. Also remember when the Whitmores weren’t cursed it just so happened that Damon was murdering all of them? But oh yeah that’s easy to forgive. My bad.

42. Talking talking talking talking

43. This is the final season though?

44. Stefan agreeing to kill Elena is too ridiculous for me to even be mad at it.

45. It actually just looks painful when Bonnie hugs Enzo like her arms are stiff.

46. “Your selflessness is part of what makes you you.” “Your humanity is the one thing who makes you who you are.” “Because that’s what makes you you.” How many times are we going to repeat the same sort of line?

47. BE kissing is just awkward.

48. Maybe run Bonnie? Like why are you walking? Like fam you’re taking for fucking ever. Enzo is no longer able to come into a house that you thought you owned. SHOULDN’T THAT BE A LITTLE I DUNNO SUSPICIOUS?

49. Don’t vampires have super speed? Like superhuman speed? I always thought a vampire would be faster than a car. So if Damon is so pressed about Stefan killing Elena like I would think he should just vamp speed to where he is.

50. Bonnie’s reaction to Stefan killing Enzo was anticlimactic. Stefan killing Enzo was anticlimactic. Bonnie turning Stefan human was anticlimactic because there wasn’t even a struggle. He just stands there!

51. Although I do find something poetic in the fact that Elena’s blood is in Stefan’s system.

52. I don’t care for Bonenzo but seriously Julie taking away Bonnie’s happiness at every turn is a blatant hatred of her character, I don’t give a shit if she says she gets an unexpected happy ending, the unexpected happy ending will probably be her and Enzo reunited in death or something.

53. Also Bonnie let out a psychic blast with her cry of pain like Cade did, if Bonnie becomes a next devil I will lose it. Or maybe her psychic world will be all angelic and shit and Enzo’s soul will be there and that will be her happy ending.

I was extremely bored this episode.