“No matter what happens in the ring; always thank your partner”

Photo credits to Herve Bonnaud (1clicphoto) 

MET Oliva Autumn tour 2016

Chiara Amor and Devonport 2

Photo of the Week: Emergency-care doctor Jacques Kotchoffa is about to check in on patients with Lassa Fever at Papané Hospital in the West African country of Benin, where there’s currently an outbreak of the disease. “I cannot abandon my patients, my colleagues, my friends, he says. “I’m not afraid to come in contact with patients because we’ve been given protective gear and decontamination equipment…Life will resume, as it has in places that fire has turned into desert but are now flourishing with life again. I’m very hopeful.” © UNICEF/UN014694/Bonnaud

Belgium won the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup final in Barcelona.

© Herve Bonnaud.