if somebody tells you that you have great bone structure, be careful because they could be a necromancer coveting your skeleton for their latest dark ritual

when sebastian stan has a bun it literally looks like that beautiful fucker just wandered down from mount olympus or some shit to bless us all with his fucking flawless bone structure and adorable teeny bun with wispy strands behind his ears and it looks all neat and glorious and shiny but when i have a bun it looks like i haven’t washed my hair for three months straight and a family of birds have moved in and brought an entire store of ikea furniture with them and i look like i’m doing a social experiment living as a raccoon chilling among the garbage and it’s showing fuck that noise @ stan share your secrets

A (Very) Basic Guide to Saddle Fitting

So a few things to go over to begin with - Star is obese right now, so her saddle isn’t a perfect fit. I’ve done my best to show where it doesn’t fit, and I’ll do my best to show where it needs improvement. It’s also harder than you may think to take photos, while pointing out the things while trying to make your horse stand still haha. This walkthrough is also done with my super cheap, fairly old Wintec, so don’t mind that.

Disclaimer: There are a lot of technical aspects of saddle fitting (to do with skeletal/bone structure) that I’m not really going to go over, because this is just the basics. If you have any questions I’m glad to help, but getting a professional saddle fitter in is of course be the best option. (I am not a professional!)

Step One /


/ Slide the saddle down over the withers, settling it into the space behind them. Try to ensure that it is sitting behind the shoulder. If it is sitting on the shoulder, it can interfere with the horse’s movement. You can see in the first picture that the saddle appears to overlap the shoulder, but in the second, the saddle flaps are actually sitting just behind it. Close contact and all purpose saddles are much more likely to interfere with movement, the straight cut of a dressage saddle usually keeps them out of the way. Always place the saddle on without a saddle pad. If you are trying out a new saddle and want to make sure it stays clean, you can fit the saddle over a thin cooler.

Step Two /

/ Check that the gullet has significant clearance. This one is slightly narrow on her fat shoulders, so sits fairly high. The arrow points at the spot that should be sitting in contact with her shoulder, but is not. Look for a smooth contact. (the saddle was also sitting slightly forward at this point, so in the next couple of photos you’ll see a better fit)

Step Three /

/ Try to look down through the gullet. You can do this from the front or the back. If you can’t see out both sides, you have a problem. If you can’t see because of the shape of your horse, you can also slide something like a crop through. It’s not as good because you can’t actually see, but it still helps. The flocked parts of the saddle should be sitting along the loins, not on the spine or the ribs.

Step Four /


/ In the first photo, you can see a good fit. The flap is sitting smoothly down the shoulder, and if you run your hand down it you should feel no point of higher pressure. In the second photo, I’ve moved the saddle so you can see an example of a bad fit. Lifting of the flap at the bottom, probably means that saddle is pinching at the top. (where the arrow is pointing)

Step Five /

/ At the back of the saddle, everything should be sitting in even contact with the loins. (the area of muscling above the ribs) You shouldn’t be able to slide your fingers under without lifting the saddle.

Step Six /

/ Try to slide your hand under the flaps, and make sure everything is sitting smoothly. Some saddles will sit “tented” in the middle - the only points of contact on the horses back are at the very back and the very front. This causes huge pressure points. Anything that isn’t sitting smoothly has the potential of causing your horse discomfort or pain.

Extras /


/ As shown in the first photo, just put some pressure on the saddle. If you notice any twitching or quivering, the saddle is probably pinching the Accessory Nerve, which is located above the scapula (shoulder area), near the withers. If this is happening, try sliding the saddle back a little bit. If it continues, your gullet it most likely too narrow.

/ Your saddle should not sit behind the last rib. Use where the hair growth changes direction as a guideline for this, as I tried to point out in the last photo. This is much more of a concern for western saddles, but could also come into play if you are riding a pony or a horse with a very short back.

/ Finally, your saddle should appear to sit level. (the part where you sit should be neither high or low) If you go back to the first photo, you can see that mine seems to sit low. This is due to the fact that at the moment, my gullet is slightly narrow, causing it to sit high. The shape of the saddle isn’t totally ideal either, but as Star loses weight this will improve.

/ Narrow or wide, whats better? If you don’t have any other options, I’d 100% say wide. You can add a lot of pads to a wide saddle and it’s not the end of the world, but a narrow saddle will pretty much always pinch, and can cause long term problems.

I might do a western saddle fitting guide sometime in the future, but you can pretty much apply all of these rules.

Hopefully that helps some of you, and feel free to ask any questions! Once you kind of get the hang of it it’s really mostly common sense. No pressure points, everything sitting smoothly, nothing sitting on bone.

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What if she considers fighting a trans woman to be "fighting a man" I wouldn't assume she's above that

Ronda Rousey has said that quote “ She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, but it’s still the same bone structure a man has. It’s an advantage. I don’t think it’s fair.” She literally talks shit all day about how she’ll fight a champion male boxer but a trans woman has an unfair advantage.

I wanna put some more perspective on this too. As an MMA fighter she would have a drastic advantage over Mayweather in an MMA fight because as a boxer his fighting style doesn’t stand a chance since it makes no use of the legs and has no grapples. Not to mention that boxing is so heavily rule based to be impractical as a martial art. Which like in that case gg nice meaningless shit talking because it’s not impressive. If she means that she can fight him in a boxing match it makes the fact that she thinks a trans woman has an unfair advantage even more hilariously because:

Medically speaking trans women are at a disadvantage to cis women after 2+ years on HRT. Science has shown that bone density is basically a myth, lung capacity is too variable and statistically insignificant, and her bone structure argument is bunk as well. The fact is trans women have less free testosterone on avg than cis women. Meaning it’s actually harder for trans women to achieve and maintain muscle mass than cis women.

But the bottom line is Rousey says she can fight and beat Maywether, a man. But she thinks that fighting a trans woman is unfair. If she has no problem fighting a man why is a trans woman a problem? Like if she legit thought they were the same where’s the problem?

KYLE: For your information, it’s my body and I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it!
KYLE: I don’t need to compensate for anything! I’m normal sized.
KYLE: My height and weight is accurate to my bone structure. Stan is just huge.
STAN: That’s true, I think?
STAN: And dude, Kyle’s my boyfriend. We’re way past best friends by now.
KYLE: Exactly. I know we’ve been gone for three months, but that doesn’t mean you can stop paying attention.

A problem I have with HTTYD2

Hey everyone! So, I was looking at gifs of HTTYD2 (because the animation in that movie is mesmerising), and one big problem I had with the movie was Hiccup’s transformation. 

Now I get it, people change during puberty (hell, I changed dramatically). But I’m quite sure puberty can’t change your facial bone structure. Just, look at this for example:

Like, his total bone structure has changed. Quite dramatically.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of the sequel (the first movie is one of my favourite movies of all time), but I watched it with an open mind. But, Hiccup’s transformation really, really bugged me. If you look at the above picture, his total head shape has changed, his nose has changed, the whole shape of his head has changed. Again, i know puberty changes you, but this is a bit of a stretch.

The main problem I had with this is, imagine the storm that would have occurred had it been Disney. I know for a fact there would have been essays ranting on the film, telling people to “boycott” it. 

Again, this is in no way a hate message, not even close. The film was okay. I think Tumblr kind of boosted my expectations, and I finished the feeling with this unsatisfying feeling, I neither hated nor loved it. But, this issue really bugged me, and it would have been on every Tumblr page where it a female character or a Disney character.

Anyway, that’s my two cents for the day. I felt like I needed to get that off my chest, it had been bugging me for a while now.

Bog witches live solitary lives or in parasitic covens. While not secluded to Bogs as their name would suggest, Bog Witches prefer moist soils to build their living body hutches with. The term Witch is gender neutral, both male and female Bog witches exist; though it is difficult to tell them apart.

Dangerous alone, Bog Witches are much more dangerous when formed into a coven. A coven is composed of three or more, the smaller or which will fasten themselves to elder mother’s structure.

Using their bodies as the bone structure, Bog witches build upon themselves using materials from their environment. Some will get so large that the witch will become immobile and will even begin to resemble human hutches with willow -the-wisp lanterns. This behavior is not only for camouflage but also is believed to lure in lost travelers.

(side note: People have been asking, yes I am open for commission if interested. )