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Wait, when did gerard say "I really like to draw Frank because he has a good bone structure and then he thanks me in his own special way"?

2012, an interview i can’t fucking find. i think it was this interview where Gerard is like making all these cute faces and there are a ton of gifs from it on tumblr and everywhere really. if i find it; i’ll link it. 

I’m only at the very very beginning of this fic and already we have this:

She lay sprawled across the throne of Bog King, her head resting on one arm of the bone structure, her knees bending over the other, with the rest of her settled in the king’s lap.

Like, are you even aware of how intimate you’re being??? I bet you don’t. I bet Dawn walks in on them like this all the time and is like ‘uhhhhh’ and they’re both like ‘what’s wrong? this is totally normal/socially acceptable right?’

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this is probably really dumb, but do you have big hips? its just that i really have big hips. i can take a decent picture on the side but i struggle with my hips and things they're just extra large.

This is a good question, my entire life me, my mom, my doctors, basically everyone thought I had naturally large baby-bearin hips, but as it turns out the bone structure of my hips is actually really narrow (I think they’re like 31-32″ right now), they’re just one place I tend to store more fat when my bodyfat is higher!

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How can you tell what sign someone is by looking at them?

This is interesting, it all depends on what kind of environment you see them in tbh, i don’t believe that it has an impact on their physical appearance (as in like eye shape, hair, bone structure and all that) but it’s all in their facial expressions, actions and how they come across.  

Aries - Well coming from an aries, they can either be looking very stressed or busy (like typing away on their phone or being on the phone to someone), they’re on the go all the time because have a lot going on in their life. They have a very confrontational and forceful voice.

Taurus - Umm this may sound typical, but they’re usually eating or snacking haha. They’re slow paced in the way they move, they can appear to be paying attention and listening carefully to someone. They have a pleasing, melodic tone to their voice, they can be very reserved in their behaviour.

Gemini - They most of the time have a smile on their face, either laughing loudly or joking. They are very upbeat and use their hands a lot when they communicate. They have a very positive energy about them and they seem to be happy all the time, even when they’re not.

Cancer - They appear very shy or timid, they are very polite with new people. They tend to be quiet or giggling with someone. They observe people quite a lot, my ex was a cancer and he said that he loved people watching so i guess that is something to look out for. They also come across as very gentle people. 

Leo - They’re the centre of attention, they can appear to be surrounded by a group of people talking away and generally entertaining people because they are very extroverted. They tend to walk with pride, they can make a dramatic entrance once they enter a room. They are big on gestures, they love hugging. 

Virgo - Again, can appear to be shy and quiet like cancer. They can be a loner sometimes as they can be uncomfortable in crowds. They may either be reading a book or analysing something. They look very pure and are well presented.

Libra - They appear to be very charming and flirtatious. They’ll be in a smaller group because they don’t like big crowds like virgo. They appear to be good natured and pleasant, they’re good listeners and have a peaceful aura about them when you first come in to contact with them.

Scorpio - Appear to be intense and very mysterious. They have piercing eyes tend to stare at people. They speak slowly and softly, they also have a blank facial expression, their smiles are rare but genuine. Very smooth in the way they walk.

Sagittarius - They have loud voices, and can laugh a lot like gemini. They’re always going some place and its hard to catch up with them. They can come off quite aggressive, and you’ll see them in the liveliest group. They come across as cheerful and open to any friendship. 

Capricorn - They appear to be emotionless and quite cold at times. They always look  focused and determined on something, kind of mysterious like scorpio. They’re very calm and have a gentle smile. Their actions are careful and they’re very cautious about the people around them. 

Aquarius - They appear independent and have a unique style. They seem to be ‘out of it’ like they’re gazing off into space or something. They’re very soft spoken, and will laugh at anyone who laughs at them. They’re usually weaving in and out of crowds. 

Pisces - They have a dreamy aura about them. They can see right through you and are able to tell what you’re thinking. Their behaviour is completely natural and they seem to flow along instead of walk. You can catch them admiring something, for example art. 

MCU Winter Soldier’s Arm

So, it’s at three in the morning that, after seeing a gif, I begin having revelations/disturbing thoughts/deep contemplations about the bionics and biology of the Winter Soldier’s arm. And, of course, at three in the morning, that’s when I start assembling pictures and diagrams. 

Here’s a normal shoulder, and then the Winter Soldier’s. What gets me is that it’s not just a plug-in prosthesis that joins neatly up with his shoulder joint and the bone structures there. 

As seen here, all of these muscles: 

are what you need to actually move an arm and shoulder. With structures even as far down and centralized as the pecs, the muscles there bunch up in the shoulder region. As seen on the Winter Soldier, all of the places where his upper chest/pectoral, and shoulder muscles should be bunched up are (whether partially grafted with or entirely) metal. 

Here, (on my phone) I drew out how more natural muscle patterns would be going without the interruption of the prosthetic. And here’s what looks to be going on: 

At the seam of the prosthetic, we can see a glimpse of material that seems to extend down, following the basic lines of where musculature would need to be to support movement- which leads me to believe that at least in the front, that metal had to be extended (or at least extended by way of more flexible wiring to at least graft and connect to existing muscles and nerves) down through his entire pectoral muscles. Sure, his entire pec might not have to have been recreated/replaced by metal and wiring, but I’m getting the feeling that the lighter colored metallic structure at the seam continues farther down into his chest in order to connect to existing muscles and nerves. Depending on how far down they had to take things, they may or may not have had to anchor the pec and under arm metal structures to his ribcage. 

Now, onto the back. 

The scapula and other skeletal structures in the shoulder area are all pretty necessary for movement, and although Bucky only seemed to lose below the upper bicep after the fall, the scapula alone couldn’t support the weight and power of his new arm. So, I’m guessing that they left both the scapula and collarbone, but would have needed to reinforce both bone structures with metal (this includes shoulder joint and socket, if they were still intact enough); and all of that, they’d need to anchor to his spine/rib cage to keep the weight balanced and make sure the muscles and cartilage didn’t rip and tear with the weight of the arm during standing and fighting and such. 

As for what they’d do about the muscles needed for arm movement in the back, I don’t have a clue- for weight and efficiency’s sake, they probably would have done their best to preserve and connect existing nerves and musculature on his back to the arm, after reinforcing bone structures. Given that the muscles in the back and shoulder connect to the spine and neck, that would be a whole lot of metal to try and anchor down if they replaced everything back there with straight up metal (as opposed to connecting wiring and such to the muscles already there). 

So, whether or not this taught anyone new, I feel it’s certainly an interesting line of thinking, to consider just how far and how deep the socket, reinforcement, and overall prosthetic goes into the musculoskeletal structures of his chest, torso, and back. As for the wiring required to get the level of responsiveness and finesse that his arm has, I can’t begin to imagine how they had to integrate their technology into his nervous system- that might be a post for another day, and possibly by someone who has more than a basic understanding of anatomy (that’s what degrees are for!). Are there any more lessons to this? Well, I’m a biology geek and a Marvel geek, for one, and once more, we can reinforce that Hydra is fucking terrifying and horrible organization- albeit, one with surgeons that had remarkably, ridiculously, spectacularly advanced technology and understandings of bionics even in the 40s. 

How better to celebrate cephalopodweek than with a giant helping of squid!

For centuries, humans have been fascinated by giant squids, among the largest—and most elusive—living invertebrate species. Living far below the surface of the oceans, giant squids had rarely been seen alive.The Museum has its own giant squid, one of the few specimens housed in a museum in North America, says Curator Neil H. Landman, who studies fossil (and living) invertebrates in the Division of Paleontology

Like all squids, giant squids each have eight arms and two longer tentacles for grasping prey. As invertebrates, they have no structural bones. Instead, a paddle-shaped internal support, called a gladius, helps them retain their form. The gladius is formed of chitin, a material also found in, for instance, insect exoskeletons. (A squid’s horny beak, also formed of chitin, is found at the base of its prey-grabbing arms; the beak allows the animal to slice and dice fish to eat.)

The Museum’s specimen is a sexually mature male that measures 25 feet long, with eyes that are 6 inches across. (Like many other squid species, male giant squids are probably smaller than females.) The giant squid’s arms and tentacles are dotted with rows of sharp-toothed suckers, with which the animal can grab its prey.

Learn all about how the Museum’s giant squid traveled around the world to become part of the Museum’s collection.