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hey I want everyone to know that in the latest episode of hit CW show Riverdale, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones bone down in front of his dad’s Big Mouth Billy Bass while an Imagine Dragons song plays

We're real.

You guys wanted a supernatural bughead fic. This ones a little rough but I tried! 😂 *******************************************

It was dangerous territory, he could feel it in his bones, at 197 years old there wasn’t much Jughead Jones bones couldn’t tell him. The air was thick and the deep smell of sugary sweet animal blood made his knuckles pop and his pupils dilate. The tall muscular boy beside him, nudged Jughead and motioned with his a twist of his head, it was odd to see Reggie mantle silent but he supposed today was one of those rare occasions where everything was out of place.

Jugheads eyes fell to the floor, spotting what had caught Reggies interest. Paw marks, some large and some small, a pack had been here, inhaling deeply he smelt the familiar musk of werewolf. Casting a glance in his fathers direction, the dark haired young vampire turned back to Reggie

“Looks like it isn’t just Vampire against Vampire, the Blossom Cult seems to have made enemies of every species.” Jughead whispered, eyes direct at his fathers back, the leader.

Reggie nodded sharply
“As much as I hate them, it wouldn’t be too bad to have the Weres on our side, if we plan on taking on the entire Blossom Cult we’re going to need backup.”

“I quite enjoy the werewolves they’re.. charming” Kevin Keller snuck up on the two younger vampires, he was the stealthiest of their group and he always managed to make it past his always alert friends, Vampire hearing be damned.

Reggie snorted
“You would. I remember 50 years ago, you were interested in that Elvis Presley character, even after the news of him being a Were came out.”

Kevin smiled slyly, fangs fully descended dramatically
“I still am, who’s to say I don’t see him every few years, you think he could fake his own death that well?” The boy winked a crystal blue eye.

Suddenly they were stopped, FP stood before the largest castle Jughead had ever seen, he moved to the front of the group standing beside his father and the other cult leaders

“Blossom Manor. I smell our families blood. This is where they’ve been killing our people. They want to become superior so they think by taking us out one by one they’ll accomplish that. They’ve killed our family and they need to be taken care of.”

Jughead nodded gravely beside his father
“Me and Reggie noticed wolf prints out by the gates, we think the Blossoms have been targeting the Southside pack as well. If we can get them on our side we have a better chance at destroying them. We’re outnumbered without help.”

FP Jones led his cult with logic, while he wasn’t a fan of the Werewolves, he never caused trouble, not like some of the cults in the surrounding areas. The wolves minded their business and the vampires kept to themselves.

“We can speak to them tomorrow. Perhaps if you go today and try and talk to the young ones.. try and show them that we want to work together…”

Jughead glanced behind himself at Reggie, Kevin, Moose and Toni. They all nodded eagerly, anything to get out of school, after attending highschool for the last 70 years, there are only so many chemistry classes you can take.

FP waved a hand in their direction sending the young vampires speeding away, nothing but a flash of smoke and dust in their wake, Just as Jughead went to catch up, his father clutched his arm.

“You must be careful. The Blossoms.. if they’re hunting the wolves as well, it only means more danger to be near them, watch your back and stay low.”

Jughead nodded again. It seemed the only time he and his father spoke now was to discuss plans or in passing at the Serpent Bar. He could see his father slowly being eaten away, the Blossoms had killed his mother and sister just a few months ago, they had both been buried in grief before deciding revenge was a much better place for their time. With a reassuring squeeze to his fathers shoulder, he sped off.

By the time Jughead arrived at Southside High his friends were already waiting for him, leaning casually against the bike rack and grinning. Toni stuck her tongue out

“Slow as hell in your old age Jones.”

Rolling his eyes he moved to stand beside her
“I had business.”

Moose laughed heartily and mimicked him
“I had business” you sound like Dracula"
Suddenly the bulky blonde boys head snapped up. “I smell the tracks, well at least the Weres who left them… there they are.” Moose pointed to a group of teenaged looking students all huddled together by the doors entrance, it seemed they had noticed the intruders as well.

“We should go introduce ourselves, it’s not safe to be standing around…” before Jughead could finish his sentence the group was standing before him, a redheaded boy panting in his face

“You have a lot of nerve showing up here on our turf.” The boy growled.

A dark haired girl stood toe to toe with Toni
“After you killed our people. Our pack leader!

Jughead opened his mouth to speak as his friends hissed behind him, a hand came between the red haired boy and himself

“It wasn’t them.”

Everyone’s attention snapped to the beautiful blonde standing between the two groups

“They didn’t kill Polly and they didn’t kill my father. Archie, Ronnie, it’s okay. Stand down”

The boy named Archie took a hesitant step backwards, dragging the dark haired girl with him.

“Are you sure?”

The captivating green eyed Were, tapped her nose and smiled sadly
“I’ve memorized their scents, I’ve got the best nose in the county. This isn’t them.”

A long haired Latino boy stepped forward and jughead could almost feel Kevin drooling
“Then what are you doing in our parts?”

It was reggies turn to speak
“ we need your help, your whole packs help. We’ve noticed you’ve been tracking the Blossom cult and you mentioned they’ve been targeting your pack, well it’s not a We’re hate crime, they’ve been murdering vampires as well. We wanted to arrange a meeting with your people and ours, just to talk.”

Veronica glanced around before her eyes feel searchingly on the blondes. When she received a nod Veronica turned back to the vampires.

“We’ll agree to a meeting, on our turf. Tonight. No other day and no other conditions. We hunt at Sweet water, our families will all be there. If you want the whole pack you won’t be late.” With those final words The dark haired Were flipped her perfectly straight hair and headed towards the school, the redheaded boy and the Latino following close behind.

Jughead went to move away when he felt again, a small hand on his wrist, when he looked to the person occupying his space, he was instantly captivated by haunting eyes, one green and one now gold.

“You’ve lost people too. You’ve been hurt.” The beautiful blonde questioned, her eyes warm and searching while still being utterly striking.

Jughead nodded wordlessly before choking out a simple
“Y..yes.” His fangs were out not, long and pointed, the girls eyes were caught on his mouth as she smiled, revealing tinier fangs, were fangs

“We are not so different Jughead Jones. Werewolves and vampires, night and day. We all feel pain and loss. We are all still broken.” Her words were whispy and seemed to float in the wind. Before he had a chance to ask her how she knew his name she was already half way to the school building and catching up with her friends.

Who the hell was the mysterious Were and why could he still feel the shape of her hand on his wrist?