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Okay So
  • Jim:So, what was all that all about?
  • Bones:I guess if we're gonna date, you may have to defeat my seven evil exes.
  • Jim:You have seven evil ex-boyfriends?
  • Bones:Seven evil exes, yes.
  • Jim:And I have to fight...
  • Bones:Defeat.
  • Jim:Defeat your seven evil exes if we're going to continue to date?
  • Bones:Pretty much.

Marauders Era Aesthetics  :  

[ Multicouples Project. || One Color, One Couple. (x) ]

       →  Emmeline & Regulus  #1

             • Jenna Louise Coleman as  Emmeline Vance. 

             • Gaspard Ulliel as  Regulus Black

       →  Amelia & Alastor.  #2

            • Felicity Jones as  Amelia Bones

            •Dane Dehaan as  Alastor Moody.

       →  Hestia & Severus. #3

          • Jessica Brown Findlay as  Hestia Jones.

          • Aneurin Barnard as  Severus Snape.

       →  Dorcas & Gideon. #4

            • Alexandra Park as  Dorcas Meadows.

            • Eddie Redmayne as  Gideon Prewett.


Snuck out of Arkham to see the new Suicide Squad movie and I’ve come to the conclusion that…

  • Harley would most definitely be better off dating Floyd (just think of all those cute Christmas cards with the family)
  • Waylon really needs to be let out more often; or at least given Cable
  • Letting Joker anywhere near a tattoo parlor is just asking for trouble; do you think he’s going to actually pay for all that ink?
  • Bartending might actually be a lucrative business opportunity for Harley. We all know she can take care of herself and keep her business running smoothly.
  • Not once was I even consulted for this program. Fighting evil, facing fears and an ancient deity that could destroy all of existence…does no one instantly think ‘We should call Jonathan’?
  • Seriously. Just think of all the lost test subjects who could have benefited from a few doses of my toxin.
  • McDonalds. They’re supposed to be everywhere, I did not see one once in that movie; same with Starbucks. Product placement opportunity lost there.
  • Harley ‘not able to swim’? Poppycock. I’ve seen her actually swim her perky little ass across the bay to keep from missing a ‘date night’.
  • Lack of Scarecrow references at all. I mean, I know it’s about this whole ‘suicide squad’ comic…but come on.
  • Bronies; enough said. I don’t charge enough by the hour to even begin to touch that…
  • Deadpool. With Harley prancing around in that outfit I would have sworn he’d make at least one cameo.

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Step 1: Name Your 10 Favourite Characters from 10 (different) fandoms (in no particular order).

  1. Bucky Barnes (Marvel)
  2. Kenji Kishimoto (Shatter Me)
  3. Jace Herondale (The Mortal Instruments, books)
  4. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
  5. William Poindexter (Check, Please! webcomic)
  6. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
  7. Karou (Daughter of Smoke and Bone)
  8. Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones, tv show)
  9. Fox Mulder (The X-Files)
  10. Neal Caffrey (White Collar)

Step 2: Name Your Top Five Ships That You’ll Go Down With No Matter What.

  1. Stucky (Marvel)
  2. Warnette (Shatter Me)
  3. Clace (The Mortal Instruments)
  4. NurseyDex (Check, Please!)
  5. Levi & Cath (Fangirl)

Step 3: Tag 10 People

  1. @avengedwritings
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“But life has a habit of knocking you sideways so you have to be prepared to stand firm.”

Cressida Fernsby always had a rather normal life secretly surrounded by magic. Her parents Ulysses Fernsby and Zahra Shafiq-Fernsby run the Muggle Liaison Office in the Ministry of Magic. They performed reconnaissance locating Muggle-born witches and wizards acclimatize to their new lives, if needed to erase memories of Muggles who are exposed to magic, as well as help reassign and keep tabs on Squibs. To keep the appearance of normalcy, Cressida and her family lived in a quaint townhouse in the London Borough of Lambeth with as little magic as possible.

In September of 1991 Cressida began attending Hogwarts wherein she was sorted into Hufflepuff, sharing a dormitory with Susan Bones, Megan Jones and Hannah Abbot. The four of them became fast friends, and learned quickly under seventh year Hufflepuff student Nymphadora Tonks’ guidance. The best advice Tonks gave to Cressida and her fellow housemates before graduating was, “Some people at Hogwarts, students and professors alike think that Hufflepuff is the misfit house. But that never mattered to me. Misfits can help change the world, because we understand what’s wrong with it.”

Cressida’s parents helped Dean Thomas, an East London boy who was raised by Muggle parents. Dean and Cressida became fast friends, and as time went on she realized those feelings were romantic. She always seemed to be getting involved in things to get Dean to notice her romantically, which rarely worked. Professor Sprout marveled at Cressida’s proficiency at Herbology. She, along with classmate Neville Longbottom helped her develop the the Mandrake Restorative Draught to cure those who were petrified by Salazar Slytherin’s Basilisk.

Cressida rooted for Cedric Diggory and wore her “Support Cedric Diggory” badge during the Triwizard Tournament in Goblet of Fire because she and several other Hufflepuffs initially believed Harry had stolen their housemate’s glory, although she remains on good terms with Harry, Ron and Hermione; discouraged ridiculing Harry and Hermione. She was deeply saddened by Cedric’s death and even more terrified that Lord Voldemort had returned.

Hufflepuff prefect Hannah Abbott recruited her for Dumbledore’s Army; she jumped at the chance to D.A., especially if it meant undermining Umbridge tyranny. With great diligence and practice she was able to create a patronus, which was a butterfly.

As times got darker in the Wizarding World, things became treacherous for the Fernsbys. Cressida helped her father relocate muggle born Hogwarts students to ensure they were not killed or tortured by Death Eaters. Before Dean left to go into hiding, she told him how great and kind he was. Cressida made her father promise he would erase her memory so she could not be tortured for the information. But she couldn’t let Dean go out into the unknown without being told he was loved.

Cressida returned to Hogwarts and helped relocate students into the Room of Requirement, helping Neville bring in clothing and supplies to them. Cressida’s parents refused to divulge any information about Muggle born students, they were captured and tired as Blood Traitors. They were placed in Azkaban for the remainder of the Second Wizarding War. She is able to assist the D.A. Members in the Battle of Hogwarts.

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Relationship Status: Taken by beautiful girl Clare. 

Favourite Color(s): Maroon

Pets: I have a british lab named Nahla

Dogs or Cats: I’ve never had a cat so i’m going to say dog, even though i love both. 

Coke or Pepsi: I don’t drink carbonated stuff. So water

Chapstick or Lipstick: Lipstick. You can never see me without my lipstick on. 

Last Song I listened to: Under Pressure by Queen

Favorite TV Shows: Jessica Jones, Supernatural, Bones, Anything on animal planet really. 

First Fandom: Harry Potter

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, horseback riding, doing makeup, making prosthetics, self teaching myself special effects makeup. 

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