The Longbottom triplets were a early Christmas present to say the least. They were two weeks early of their due date. Hannah had put to be put on bed rest with Maxine O’ Flaherty filling in at the Leaky Cauldron. The new Mrs. Longbottom was not to thrilled being couped up during the winter holidays, and her grandmother-in-law was nothing short of a whirlwind of emotions, which surprised Neville. 

Hannah was happy to have visitors as Harry and Ginny came with their youngest bundle, a girl they named Lily Luna. Luna and Rolf came bearing gifts, somethings to keep the nargles away. 

 Susan Bones and Megan Jones stayed over a night, reminiscing and joking as they used to do in their dorm. Ernest Macmillan, the triplets soon to be godfather stopped by with his fiancé Rose Zeller with basket filled with pumpkin pasties an odd craving Hannah had. 

Justin Finch-Fletchy and Zacharias Smith stopped to chat for a few. Young Luca Caruso who was continuing his wizarding career in Italy sent letters and gifts of congratulations.

 St. Mungo’s waiting room was filled wall to wall with members of Dumbledore’s Army and alumni of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor House. Iris was born first, a wide -eyed beauty named in honour of her late maternal grandmother, Hannah’s father shed tears of joy when he held his first grandchild. 

Next was Augustine which was later shortened to “August”, a boy with his hands raised high ready for the world. Many thought he would surely be named after his grandfather Frank but Neville turned to his grandmother and told her “my gratitude knows no bounds, thank you for everything.”

Last but not least was Bryony a bit smaller than her siblings but with lungs of champion, a name Neville and Hannah decided on together. Like the wild vines that grew outside the Abbott home. As small pretty flower but never to be underestimated.  


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Charlotte McKinney’s Valentine’s Costume, Buy RG3’s Cast & Drew Brees Selling In Hawaii


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The Bones of J.R. Jones - “Shine on Me”

Episode 17

His royal Fabulousness returns with another instant classic! t-minus one week until WEEKENDquality LIVE at Kung Fu Necktie with Erika Atrophy! Seeing Snakes! and The Cryptkeeper Five! 

This week:

​Flamingo Nosebleed - Reanimator Mikey Erg - Chicago Pussy Brutal Knights - I Hate Chores G.L.O.S.S. - Masculine Artifice Pissed Jeans - Cafeteria Food Ceremony - All The Time Seeing Snakes - As Good As It Gets The Cryptkeeper Five - Save My Bones for Davy Jones Erika Atrophy - Please Kill Me For Having Written This Song (Not Over You) Hospital Job - Redemption Town

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