My first appearance in the Book

today: Tom Bombadil 

„There was another burst of song, and then suddenly, hopping and dancing along the path, there appeared above the reeds an old battered hat with a tall crown and a long blue feather stuck in the band.“ 

J.R.R. Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings. The old Forrest. 


Robin Williams and Charlize Theron as Tom Bombadil and Goldberry (x)

“Fair lady!“ said Frodo again after a while. "Tell me, if my asking does not seem foolish, who is Tom Bombadil?”

“He is,” said Goldberry, staying her swift movements and smiling. Frodo looked at her questioningly. “He is, as you have seen him,” she said in answer to his look. “He is the Master of wood, water, and hill.”

Contributions to the Success of the War of the One Ring

Gandalf: led the overall war effort; acted as general; filled people with hope

Aragorn: killed a lot of orcs; scared Sauron and gave him PTSD about Isildur coming back

Gilmi: killed orcs; helped Aragorn

Legolas: killed orcs; helped Aragorn

Frodo: carried the one ring

Sam: can’t carry the one ring, but he carried you, Mr. Frodo; cooked; defeated Shelob; was central hero; taught Gollum about potatoes

Merry: assist in killing the Witch-King

Pippin: assist in killing Gandalf (by rousing the Balrog); assist in scaring Sauron (by using the Palantir)

Boromir: saved Merry and Pippin? Helped…shovel snow…on Caradhras; pushed Frodo to go alone

Gollum: surprisingly, a lot

Galadriel: presents! wisdom! 

Saruman: boosted everyone’s morale by getting wrecked by ents

Ents: *see above*

Army of the Dead: (in the book) helped out in the Battle of the Pellenor Fields; (in the movie) completely destroyed everyone in the Battle of the Pellenor Fields

Arwen: (in the book) uuuummm…made Aragorn’s flag?; (in the movie)……*sigh*


Tom Bombadil: (in the book) saved the Hobbit’s lives twice; (in the movie) saved the Hobbit’s life, twice (off screen). 

Elrond: stuff; things

Eowyn: killed Witch-King; all around bad-ass

Faramir: gave Frodo and Sam magic walking sticks

the eagles: came

Do you like me too? Excuse me, but I was obviously just kidding. Of course I don’t really feel that way about you – that would be so incredibly awkward. What do I say now? Excuse me, but I have a serious situation: I think my eyelids are broken. I should see nothing when I close them, but I see your face smiling up at me in Tennessee.

-Bombadil, Question

my top 25 music releases of 2013!
(in alphabetical order, because i could never rank them)

  • arcade fire - reflektor
  • arctic monkeys - am
  • atlas genius - when it was now
  • the avett brothers - magpie and the dandelion
  • awolnation - megalithic symphony [deluxe edition]
  • bastille - bad blood
  • baths - obsidian
  • bo burnham - what. [live]
  • bombadil - metrics of affection
  • the last royals - twistification
  • the national - trouble will find me
  • the 1975 - the 1975
  • norwegian arms - wolf like a stray dog
  • panic! at the disco - too weird to live, too rare to die!
  • paradise fears - battle scars [ep]
  • robert delong - just movement
  • sigur ros - kveikur
  • the spinto band - cool cocoon
  • twenty one pilots - vessel
  • the vaccines - melody calling [ep]
  • vampire weekend - modern vampires of the city
  • walk the moon - tightrope [ep]
  • watsky - cardboard castles
  • woodkid - the golden age

honorable mentions:

  • childish gambino - because the internet
  • cold war kids - dear miss lonelyhearts
  • franz ferdinand - right thoughts, right words, right action
  • grouplove - spreading rumours
  • the head and the heart - let’s be still
  • the local natives - hummingbird
  • magic man - you are here
  • ra ra riot - beta love
  • smallpools - smallpools [ep]