Do you like me too? Excuse me, but I was obviously just kidding. Of course I don’t really feel that way about you – that would be so incredibly awkward. What do I say now? Excuse me, but I have a serious situation: I think my eyelids are broken. I should see nothing when I close them, but I see your face smiling up at me in Tennessee.

-Bombadil, Question

my top 25 music releases of 2013!
(in alphabetical order, because i could never rank them)

  • arcade fire - reflektor
  • arctic monkeys - am
  • atlas genius - when it was now
  • the avett brothers - magpie and the dandelion
  • awolnation - megalithic symphony [deluxe edition]
  • bastille - bad blood
  • baths - obsidian
  • bo burnham - what. [live]
  • bombadil - metrics of affection
  • the last royals - twistification
  • the national - trouble will find me
  • the 1975 - the 1975
  • norwegian arms - wolf like a stray dog
  • panic! at the disco - too weird to live, too rare to die!
  • paradise fears - battle scars [ep]
  • robert delong - just movement
  • sigur ros - kveikur
  • the spinto band - cool cocoon
  • twenty one pilots - vessel
  • the vaccines - melody calling [ep]
  • vampire weekend - modern vampires of the city
  • walk the moon - tightrope [ep]
  • watsky - cardboard castles
  • woodkid - the golden age

honorable mentions:

  • childish gambino - because the internet
  • cold war kids - dear miss lonelyhearts
  • franz ferdinand - right thoughts, right words, right action
  • grouplove - spreading rumours
  • the head and the heart - let’s be still
  • the local natives - hummingbird
  • magic man - you are here
  • ra ra riot - beta love
  • smallpools - smallpools [ep]
Have Me
  • Have Me
  • Bombadil
  • Metrics Of Affection

Bombadil - Have Me.

You can’t have constant happiness, you can’t rebuild forgotten bliss or mountain tops eroded. But you can have me. But you deserve to see the way that you want to be. When I walked into your room, I was so scared that you would see all the nervousness surrounding me. But now I know I was a fool for starting every single sentence in my head with “we.” You can’t have everything you want or even sometimes what you need even if you need it desperately.

A Sunny December
  • A Sunny December
  • Bombadil
  • Unreleased

Bombadil - A Sunny December
Love in the Key of SB Week

Today was actually the first day I learned of Bombadil. I heard their song “Honeymoon” and the pure lyricism made me want to listen to everything they had. The story aspect of the songs are always the main focus so the sounds around them often change. That being said, even if you don’t like this song you should still give Honeymoon a listen.

As I went through their discography and read up on this band from North Carolina I came across “A Sunny December” and I knew I finally had my pick for this lovely theme week. You’ll know why as soon as you hit play. This song hasn’t actually been released yet and was posted on their youtube channel as a new demo back in December. They are named after the Tolkien character Tom Bombadil but are not affiliated; I hope you weren’t expecting a love song about hobbits.

Love will break you apart,


  • Angeline
  • Bombadil
  • Metrics of Affection
Take another left Angeline
Can’t you see the lights turned green and you are lost in the city
Keep going straight Angelane
This part of town looks all the same and I hope that you find it pretty
Where you trying to go Angelo 
Your heart goes fast but your car goes slow and I hope that the people have pity