[ENG] 150902 BOMB: It s the pose when BTS sleep normally


[#방탄밤] 며칠 전, 방탄소년단 두 멤버의 잠 자는 포즈가 특이하다는 제보를 받았습니다. 그런데 말입니다.. 더 놀라운 사실은 두 멤버가 물구나무를 한 채 출근을 한다는 비밀이 촬영을 통해 밝혀졌습니다.
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[#BangtanBomb] A few weeks ago, we received information that two members of Bangtan have very unique sleeping poses. But you see.. What’s more surprising is that the two members in fact go to work in an upside-down stance which has been revealed through a video.

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Captain America: Civil War Leak

I know we are still waiting, the public is waiting for an official trailer from Captain America: Civil War. Below is some screen shots from the trailer that was first premiered at the D23 Expo about 2 weeks ago. 

Ever since the trailer dropped there has been a steady stream of information and leaked information such as these pictures below from Jeremy Renner’s Twitter:

Yet despite all of this and even the release of the trailer when that eventually happens later this year,
there is still one major question.​

Where is our picture of Spider-man?


Съжалявам, ако изглежам незаинтересован
или не слушам, или съм безразличен 
Да съм честен, нямам работа тук.
Но тук са приятелите ми и дойдох просто да си изкарам добре.
Наистина предпочитам да съм удома сам със себе си
не в тази стая с хора които дори не ги интересува дали съм добре
Не танцувам, не питам, не ми трябва приятелка
Така, че може да си вървиш, моля, наслади се на партито.
Аз ще бъда тук,
някъде в този ъгъл 
под облаци марихуана
С това момиче което ми се сваля,
но едва чувам
заради музика която дори не слушам
И не искам да се занимавам с теб 
така, че кажи на приятелите ми,
че ще бъда тук.

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Bangkok, Thailand - A bomb has exploded close to a shrine in the centre of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, police say. Local reports suggest at least 12 people have died and at least 20 more have been injured. 

There is a huge amount of chaos, with body parts scattered everywhere.The attack took place close to the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok’s central Chidlom district.

Police were sealing off the scene because a bomb in the area remains active and needs to be defused, police at the scene told CNN. 

The bomb that detonated just after 7 p.m. was fastened to a utility pole in front of the shrine, and the bomb squad was working to deactivate a second device about 50 minutes after the first blast, the Bangkok Post reported.

(source: CNN, BBC)


[ENG] 150829 BOMB: Jimin  I got yes jam


[#방탄밤] 심심하다면 이 두 사람처럼…☆
Jimin got yes 잼 with RM (✿>‿<)ノ
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[#BangtanBomb] If you’re bored then copy these two…☆
Jimin got yes JAM with RM (✿>‿<)ノ


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Bangkok explosion kills 12, leaves dozens more injured 

A deadly explosion near a Hindu shrine rocked central Bangkok on Monday, leaving scores of people injured and at least 12 people dead, the Associated Press reports. Local media reported 27 people may have been killed in the blast, according to the Telegraph. While the reason for the bombing is unknown, Thailand’s Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwong believes there was an intended target.


[ENG] 150826 BOMB: Singer j-hope & SUGA


[#방탄밤] 숨겨왔던 나~의 수줍은 노래실력 보여 줄게에~ (feat. 제이홉&슈가) 거부는 ㄴㄴ해 (╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞
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[#BangtanBomb] I’ll show you my~ hidden singing skills~ (feat. J-Hope & Suga) Say no no to denial (╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞

Trans cr; Niki @ bts-trans

Deadly bomb explodes in Bangkok

Motorcycles lie on the street at the scene of a bomb attack near Erawan Shrine, central Bangkok, Thailand, 17 August 2015.  An explosion in a busy commercial district in the Thai capital killed a yet unconfirmed number of people. Witnesses said the explosion happened around 7:15 pm (1215 GMT) at the Rajprasong Intersection, a business area famous among tourists and locals for a revered Hindu shrine. (EPA/RITCHIE B. TONGO)

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