Molly: “…..just the spare bedroom..ok my bedroom…we agreed he needed the space.”

They agreed, mutually. That Sherlock needed the space. Molly’s space. Molly’s bedroom. In Molly’s flat. That smelt of her, looked like it belonged to her, felt like her.

Sherlock chose a bolt hole, a place to calm down n think and reason and just escape….a place that was all Molly!

…..Says a lot if you ask me.

Bolt Hole Conversations #1
  • Molly: Sherlock, why are you in my bed?
  • Sherlock: I was tired.
  • Molly: And what's wrong with the bed in your flat?
  • Sherlock: Yours was closer.
  • Molly: Where am I supposed to sleep?
  • Sherlock: I don't know. Lounge? Spare room? Can't you just figure it out?
  • Molly: That's it then. (Climbs in the bed).
  • Molly: (After a moment)Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: Yes?
  • Molly: Why are you naked?

Bolt Hole Villa (Port Antonio, Jamaica) is an enchanting 3-bedroom ocean front alfresco villa with infinity pool and private pier. With its beautiful breathtaking view, you can escape all your cares and unwind in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. 

The villa is of Jamaican Colonial architecture, uniquely designed and constructed in wood so it is kept cool all year round by the gentle sea breeze and ceiling fans and does not require air conditioning even on the hottest days. The building is casually elegant with a modern look. The spacious living and dining area is furnished with Ralph Lauren wicker furniture decorated with local artwork. French doors open onto the expansive patio and infinity pool; here you can sunbathe, relax and lounge around, sipping cocktails or dine by candle light while enjoying the ambience of the lush greenery  and tropical waters below.

Step into the refreshing saltwater pool which flows into the ocean below or bask in the sun on our private jetty then dive into the cool, crystal clear waters and snorkel around the protected reefs. 

Bolt Hole Conversations #2
  • Molly: Sherlock, where's Toby?
  • Sherlock: Toby?
  • Molly: Yes Toby. My cat.
  • Sherlock: Oh him? He's um - convalescing at Mrs Hudson's.
  • Molly: What? What's happened? What did you do?
  • Sherlock: Nothing.
  • Molly: Nothing?
  • Sherlock: Nothing permanent.
  • Molly: Then what's wrong?
  • Sherlock: He's just a little - um, blue.
  • Molly: What do you mean he's blue?
  • Sherlock: The colour. Blue. All over.
  • Molly: How did that happen?
  • Sherlock: I had a case where I had to test the strength of various hair dyes. You were out.
  • Molly: So you're saying it was him or me?
  • Sherlock: Precisely.