Charmz Spaghetti Bolognaise
(Best made in a slow cooker over many hours)
1-2 x 250 ml jars of tomato puree
Dried or fresh Mixed herbs
2T sugar
Salt to taste
2T garlic
2T olive oil
1-2kg beef mince
1-2 onions diced
Water or stock or wine
Fresh herbs, grated cheese to serve

Fry onion & beef in olive oil to brown. Transfer to slow cooker or deep pot.
Add tomato puree, garlic, sugar, salt, dried herbs & liquid to make thick sauce, adjusting liquid & puree as required,

Cook slowly for a few hours to develop full tomato sauce flavours. Overnight is also great.

If you wish you can add fresh tomatoes, diced capsicum, or diced carrots to make into a complete meal.

Make lots because leftovers never go astray & can be frozen.