I know this has been done before somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it, so I made my own post! 

Things you can get at the dollar store for witchcraft

:: Herbs 

:: Salt 

:: Goblets, good as chalices 

:: Altar decor (little flowers, etc) 

:: Jars 

:: Candles 

:: Statues around halloween 

:: Little dishes and plates, good for altars 

:: Little journals and notebooks 

:: A frame (to create a black mirror or to print out pics of your gods and insert) 

:: Organizers and containers 

:: Knives, for use as athames or bollines 

:: Craft supplies to help you diy stuff 

:: Incense, incense burners 

:: Matches 

:: Trivets you can diy into pentacles 

:: Books for bibliomancy 

:: Garden stones. Paint runes on them = instant rune set 

:: A lot of other random stuff - check one out!

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