My brother Dawson, aka Bolin, just moved out today, headed for University of Northwestern in St. Paul, where he’ll be studying Digital Media Arts & Animation! Both my siblings are starting college this year but my sister will be taking PSEO classes were in town where I go to school. Thanks for all the great memories, Dawson! Many more to come!

Feel free to creep on him and he technically does have a tumblr page: I’m sure he’ll probably want to star using it a lot.


Eeeeeep this is cool shit!


Some sketches drawn this month for Korra crew. (Taken with my cellphone under dubious lighting conditions.)

  • Tengen Toppa Legend of Korra for William (did you see his amazing Tenzin mashup?!)
  • excited Bolin for our Nick artist program winner, Lane Garrison
  • my response to Eugene’s effn amazing Legend of Titan mashup.
  • Bolin cosplaying Sasuke for my storyboard artist Natasha! (She loves Sasuke and she loves Bolin. ^__^ The choice was obvious.)
  • and a Bolin in space for my fellow AD Owen

ATLA/LoK Gathering for Fanime Day 3!

The avatar had to get its own album.

This is mainly pics of the big groups; a certain LoK fire nation character seems to be missing though. hmmm. ;D

Let me know if you are in any of these pictures so I can tag you!

Original Series Picture:

misfitmonica as Grandma Toph

actualprotag as Aang 

Air Nation picture:

chaobunny as Flying Suit Jinora

logicallies​ as Jinora (farthest right)

Water Tribe Picture:

alkamera as Varrick and drabblemeister as Zhu Li,

ahjareyn as Painted Lady Katara

Earth Nation Picture:

softgodphase as Kai (right side)

Korrasami Picture:

crimson-blade-cosplay as Book 4 Korra with lady-lucrezia as Evening Gown Asami

drunkedjohnlock as Korra and sceintist as Asami with the Gay Pride flag 

b0ld37am4 Korra and casaderea as Asami

Sokka and Suki Picture:

clbonilla991 as Suki (Sokka and Suki picture)

Happy Picture

EN/As you can see we have only laughing faces on the most images. There are special moments I was able to capture, while fans have taken pictures of them. I was quite surprised about Zuko. The hairstyle was awesome! I would never have managed that. Therefore a big compliment. And why all have laughed again? Of course! Because of Bolin. He could not just leave it. Keep it Bolin and Aang. You both have spread really good mood along.

DE/Wie ihr sehen könnt haben wir auf den meisten Bildern nur lachende Gesichter. Es sind wirklich tolle Momente die ich einfangen konnte, während Fans Bilder von ihnen gemacht haben. Ziemlich erstaunt war ich bei Zuko. Die Frisur war der Hammer! Niemals hätte ich das hinbekommen. Großes Kompliment an der Stelle. Und warum wieder alle gelacht haben? Natürlich wegen Bolin. Er konnte es einfach nicht lassen. Weiter so Bolin, aber auch Aang. Ihr habt zusammen richtig gute Stimmung verbreitet.


Some of the AMAZING cosplays that I was able to see at Swampcon this year, and yes I cosplayed Bolin again. Everyone was awesome, but I have to give a shout out to the master skulls gang and Valka (Hiccup’s Mom from HTTYD2), every single time I saw her I froze, made some weird sounding noises, and freaked-out. All-in-all, I had an awesome time at Swampcon