Dianna Agron in Bold Native

What is freedom? Are we born free or do we earn it? And if you deny freedom to the quiet ones, those who have no voice, can you be free yourself………..or are you caged by your own lack of compassion?
—  Bold Native

BOLD NATIVE (full length film)

This movie was so good.

I believe in freedom. I believe a cage is a cage and no one deserves to be put in one. I would love to be let out of mine, but I’m not willing to sacrifice another living being to one in order to achieve that.
So you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t recognize someone else’s right to do it just for a motherfucking hamburger.
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At this moment in time I have 2,000+ followers.  I think it’s safe to say the majority of you are vegetarians/vegans, and if you’re not, you almost definitely at least care about the safety & well-being of animals (if you don’t, I’m shocked that you’ve stuck around this long- but don’t leave, I embrace diversity!!).  My point is this- there are a LOT of you out there with a heart that is open to animals, and yet I have a sneaking suspicion there are still many of you who haven’t yet seen Bold Native.

I try to avoid beating you too hard over the head with anything- but here comes the exception- YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE.  I’ve seen it at least 10 times, because I learn/appreciate/relish something new with each viewing.  You’ll want to see it at least twice, because at times it can be a challenge to keep up with its action packed pace and timeline.

I wouldn’t taunt & tempt you with praise for this absolutely phenomenal film if it weren’t super easy for you to access.  Fortunately, it is!  You can either order the DVD at OR - you can rent/buy it on iTunes!  Talk about instant gratification.  Get it. Watch it. Then write me about it…because I seriously can’t get enough of discussing it.

“Bold Native is not a person, it’s an idea, that animals are not property, they’re not ours to use.  They are an end unto themselves.  Their freedom is beautiful, and their slavery is a horror.” - Charlie (Bold Native)

You can’t commit violence against property.
Isn’t that what your whole system is based on?
Animals are property, so killing them isn’t violence.

It’s processing or it’s rendering or confinement,
anything to keep from calling it what it really is.

Beef not cow, pork not pig, get it?
Poultry, not chicken..

Your whole system is a lie, a disgusting, filthy lie.

—  Bold Native (2010)


I’ve been raving about Bold Native FOREVER, but until now it hasn’t been available to stream online. Of course you should buy the DVD (I own three copies), but this is a good start! The WHOLE movie is on YouTube!

Seriously, if you’ve ever loved an animal in your life, this movie will rock your world. If you’ve seen it, what did you think?