Hot springs/mudpots, Los Azufres, Michoacan De Ocampo, Mexico

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Obi wan is injured so they decide to test the theory of putting an injured vod on him to make him sit still

So admittedly, putting Trapper on their General had worked out a lot better then Cody expected and Helix, while disapproving of moving injured patients had seen the good in it when they managed to keep the injured Jedi in bed and actually sleep for several hours.

Said man even seemed to enjoy it, cuddling Trapper as if he was a giant plush of some kind.

It lasted about as long as Trapper needed to be in bed which honestly wasn’t that long.

And then Obi-Wan was gone too.

Cody found him doing work on the bridge, bandages peeking out from the collar of his tunic and tea in hand.

He gave one long look to Longshot, who shrugged in return before everyone went back to work as usual.

Stubborn jetii who didn’t know when to stop and rest.

At least he managed to get the man to eat. By setting a tray in his lap on the bridge and standing in front of him with his arms crossed across his chest.



Obi-Wan raised his eyebrows then nodded, reluctantly putting aside his datapad before starting to eat. The more of the plate disappeared into the other man, the more Cody relaxed until the entire tray was gone. “Good, now please go back to bed sir.”

“No, I have work to do, now Cody, th-”

And so the days went.

Cody was ready to tear his short hair out with loud groans. Did other vod’s have this much trouble getting their General’s to rest!?


“Fives, I’m not sure we should do this.”

“We’re suppose to wake him. General Skywalker doesn’t wake for anything less then a bomb shell or a threat.”

“But ice water?”

“It was that or sand.”

“…Okay we pour the sand on him. I’m rather facing Kix wrath then his wrath for the sand.”


“Sorry Boil!” That was all the warning the clone trooper got, or anyone really, before Cody scooped him out of the field bed and quickly jogged over to the one Kenobi was in, dropping him on Obi-Wan’s chest.

“Cody!” Obi-Wan growled a bit and Boil made confused noises while looking at everyone and then at Waxer for explanation.

“Oh no, this worked with Trapper, its going to work with Boil.” Cody glared then looked at Boil. “Last time the General was injured, I placed Trapper in bed with him. We got him to STAY in bed and sleep because of Trapper. Now you’re injured, you’re staying in this bed with the General.”

“…Oh. Okay, that makes sense, Trapper mention that.” Boil grunted a bit and then, high on painkillers as he was, wrapped his arms around Obi-Wan’s waist and pushed his face into the General’s chest.

The cherry on the top was when he shoved his uninjured leg between Obi-Wan and then firmly had the Jedi pinned down.

The Jedi in question’s eyes bugged a bit out in surprise, staring down at Boil and even Cody blinked a bit as Waxer sniggered quietly.

“He’s a cuddler.” Waxer explained, settling down on a chair at the bed to pet Boil’s head.

“…His mustache kind of tickles.” Obi-Wan cleared his throat, reluctantly relaxing with a warm body against him just like last time.

“Yeah, it does that, its not so bad though. I imagine your beard does the same.”

“It does.” Trapper confirmed while limping past, having been looked over by Kix. All he really wanted was to get out of his armor and blacks for a bit, shower and get dressed in a clean black and his armor again.

Obi-Wan sighed then settled down, slowly drowsing since he wasn’t going anywhere as it was. He couldn’t help but quirk a smile. ‘Wait til Anakin learns how they’re getting me to rest.’

In the camp of the 501 there was a moment of quiet…and then hell broke out.

“FIIIIIIIIIIIIVES!!!” Came the roar of General Skywalker.


Boiling Mud Volcano, Yellowstone


Excerpts of 8 hours of staring at and filming the lava lake in Nyiragongo volcano, Virunga Volcanoes National Park, Congo

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Have you seen the art datpiranha did for Blind!Obi-Wan learning that Cody has a facial scar, so he starts touching people's faces to learn about their scars and hairstyles? You know what the best part of it is? It implies that the 212 can be told apart by touch alone. They design their hair styles/ facial hair to be distinguishable by touch, not just by sight. That has to be wild.

Having General Kenobi suddenly flop down in front of him is a case of alarm. Boil knows that and quickly glances at his Commander for advice, the man quickly singing ‘stay calm and let him do it.’

“Cody says you have a mustache Boil.” The Jedi beamed at him.


“And a raised hairstyle.”

“I guess. Yes sir.” Boil shifted a bit.

“Can I touch?”

“What?!” Boil tensed up as the blind Jedi only tilted his head, still smiling.

“Can I touch?” He repeated carefully and Boil desperately glanced to Cody again to see the other aggressively singing. ‘Let him.’

“I guess so sir?”

Obi-Wan wasted no time, ungloved hands carefully touching Boil’s cheeks before slowly and steadily examining him with his fingertips. Careful fingers prodded around Boil’s lips and then ran up his temple to the hair, the Jedi humming and tilting his head as he felt it. It was actually kind of nice and Boil relaxed under the touch, closing his eyes when the fingers came near his eyes and over his eyelids before going over his nosebridge and the tip of it.

“So that’s how you look. Cody’s right, that thing must tickle Waxer quite a bit.” Boil’s eyes snapped open, turning red.

“Heh. But thank you Boil, I know what you look like now.” The Jedi pulled his hand back. “Cody let me do the same, his scar is really big.”

On the tip of Boil’s tongue was a ‘that’s not the only thing big.’ But he managed to hold it back if only barely. “You…just wanted to know how I looked?”

“Yes. And I can’t see you even if I can feel you in the Force. So these.” Obi-Wan held up his hands. “Are my eyes.”

Waxer suddenly sat down beside Boil, squirming a bit. “Do you want to see me too General?” The other beamed and Obi-Wan instantly shifted to him. “I would quite enjoy that.” He reached out with his hands.

Gentle, steady hands examined Waxer steadily, taking in the others features. “You’ve had your nose broken Waxer. I can feel the bump.”

“During training, uhu. It never quite healed right.”

Soon enough a small group of clones not on duty was around Obi-Wan, waiting on their turn to be ‘seen’.

Cody would have felt jealous…if he didn’t remember how Obi-Wan looked, smiling up at him in the sun. No, that smile was just for him. This was just how Obi-Wan saw the world.

He leaned against a crate and smiled a bit.

100% Totally Accurate Facts About Your Favorite Clone

Since Y’all seem to like my Batshit Crazy Headcanons about Jedi, let’s do the Clone army next!

1. As established earlier, Cody sometimes “collects” Obi-wan’s robes.  He’s gonna give them back some day, but the General’s busy right now, so it won’t matter if he uses it for a pillow…

2.  Rex was once offered Lobster at a formal occasion he was acting as a body guard at, and turned it down, because that THAT IS CLEARLY A BUG, SIR.  You’re not going to foll me again.

3. Jesse is actually a fantastic baker, and specializes in fussy Alderaanian pastries.  The fact he can bake with military ration ingredients at all is something of a miracle, but he managed to bake an emergency wedding cake once to stop an assassination attempt.  The Princess then attempted to hire him on as a baker.

4.  Kix hands out candy for people who show up to report minor injuries or get “optional” vaccines. Partly because he’s a good guy, but mostly because he’s trying to classically condition Skywalker his men into ACTUALLY SHOWING UP FOR MEDICAL PROCEDURES GUYS.  Kix has never seen Star Trek, but he’d probably have wall-sized posters of Deforest Kelly.

5. Waxer and Boil kept in touch with Numa, and due to the madness of the war, were fairly certain they’d have to take her in someday. Between the two of them, they’ve read more child-care and child psychology books than the entire Jedi Order has in the last century.

6. Ponds knows all three of Mace Windu’s ticklish spots.  He’s far to shy to try to use them in sparring matches though.  He wouldn’t DARE stick his hand down a Jedi’s shirt…  in public.

7. Wolffe sleeps with a stuffed rabbit.  He got it from Plo after Plo noticed he was having nightmares, and Wolffe is viciously protective of that rabbit.  He bit Sinker once for trying to steal it while he was sleeping.

8. Dogma never read any fiction books, but he found great comfort and sometimes escape in books on theoretical physics.  He likes the ones about black holes in particular. 

9. Bly likes to collect flowers, and has a small note book for pressing them in his armor.  Aalya sometimes adds to his collection, if she sees something rare in a senator’s office.


Some impressive boiling mud pots, San Jacinto, Leon, Nicaragua

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How about something with the 212th meditating with Obi-Wan? With all that they go through, it's nice to just have a moment of calm or even the odd accidental nap (which Obi-Wan doesn't mind at all, no matter how flustered the men get).

“Its fine Cody, these things happens.” Obi-Wan chuckled softly while stretching his legs out from the lotus position he had been keeping them in for meditation.

“Still, I’d rather…well its embarrassing that’s all.” Cody rubbed his face carefully, grumbling under his breath and trying to ignore how heated his cheeks were.

“If its worth anything Commander, me and Boil fell asleep too.” Waxer stretched out carefully, grinning at everyone as he admitted it to them.

That got a laugh out of their Jedi and Obi-Wan got up. “It happens when one meditates, its a way to relax after all and sometimes that relaxation causes you to have a nap instead of sorting through your mind. Its fine that you didn’t manage to keep yourself awake.” He smiled at them.

“I did just fine.” Longshot offered, grinning brightly.

“Doesn’t surprise me. Meditation is to clear your mind to obstacles and focus your mind on a goal and a purpose while you relax. You’re a sharpshooter, you need to be focused and you need to clear your mind to get your target. And you’re used to sitting still for long periods of time.” Obi-Wan hummed while moving towards the water canteens to grab one and sip.

And watched in amusement as some of the clones wobbled around like newborn colts when they managed to get up. “I told you all to get comfortable and keep your spines straight. Try rubbing the muscles of your legs, they’ve most likely fallen asleep.” He offered warmly.

Longshot almost stumbled over and knocked into Boil, who started flailing and did fall into Pin who promptly knocked into Helix.

Helix caught them with a sigh and nodded. “Like the General said, rub the leg muscles and get some warmth and blood flowing.”

“So this is what Jedi’s do in the temple?” Pin questioned while rubbing his legs.

“Yes but we start learning this from when we’re younglings, as children right before bedtimes to clear our minds. As Initiates we get proper lessons and sit with others and a master to show us the way and then we get our Jedi Master’s and get formed and molded into the proper meditation.” Their Jedi took a sip of water.

“Forgive me for saying it sir but it seems rather demanding of children.”

Obi-Wan hummed at that. “Perhaps a bit but we don’t tell them to be perfect from the get go. We tell them to clear their minds before sleep. And there’s no punishment for failing.” He chuckled. “Emptying your head before sleep is good too, if you let thoughts linger and itch…well its not a very restful sleep.”

Helix hummed at that. “So its up to the Master’s then to teach their padawans how to meditate?”

“Well…its up to them to finalize it. Younglings grow up in the temple learn to meditate, by the time they’re eleven they should already have the basic down.”

“Ugh, I don’t really see how they’d want to do this.” Boil groaned a bit, rubbing his ass. It was all numb!

“Meditation is not to be used as punishment. Its essential to a younglings growth as a Jedi, to temper emotions and learn to focus and control the Force.”

Cody blinked and looked at his Jedi. “What would be a punishment for a commander?”

The Jedi master hummed at that as he thought it over.

“You got to keep in mind that we’re all different, different master’s have different ideas. But the standard is that meditation is not punishment because of how essential it is to us, so we do everything we can to avoid having it associated negatively in our training because its something one should do without wanting to escape it.”

He mused into his water. “But as for punishment…my own experience was of the mental variety. My master assigned me extra homework or as a young teen I was forced to stand in a corner and think about what I’d done to warrant such a punishment. He wasn’t a fan of physical punishment though that doesn’t hold true for all masters. Some assign extra katas, sparring or chores. It all comes down to the master in question. One of my age mates told me their master assigned him survival training as punishment once.” He chuckled at that memory.

“So…meditation is not to be used as a punishment…at all.”

“No. Its to essential. I won’t say that there aren’t master’s who do it, like I said, we’re all different with different expectation of our padawans and finding different method of training them. But the general consensus is that meditation is not to be used as punishment.”

“What if you as an adult padawan fall asleep?” Pin grinned at him.

Obi-Wan laughed. “Anakin did that often. I just used to ask him if he had a good nap. It happens, falling asleep is natural. Its not recommended since we’re suppose to be focusing our minds but it happens.” He grinned at them.

He was relieved to see his troopers relax at the information.

Headcanons // Clones reacting to S/O's boxing match

+He’s amazed, like he thought he was the only badass in the relationship.
+He doesn’t realize it, but as he’s watching he’s yelling.
•”Boil, Shut Up. We’re gonna get kicked out.” -Waxer
+If your opponent lands a hit on you, he makes sure to kiss the spot that bruises whenever he gets a chance.
+he’s definitely owns a ‘Y/N’s Biggest Fan’ shirt.
+Probably gives you tips.
+He definitely worries less about you when he’s gone.

+Unlike Boil, he worries even more.
+At the first match he went to, he almost climbed into the ring because he was worried.
-”What if she gets hurt in the ring?! What if the ref is unfair?!” -Echo - “ECHO GO TO SLEEP!” - Fives
+It doesn’t matter if you win, lose, or even if you say you’re fine. He either brings Kix with him, or makes you come with him to see Kix afterward
+It does amaze him that you do it for sport.
+After you win and after you see Kix, he takes you to 79’s for celebration.
+If you lose, he’s still totally supportive.

Fives :
+I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Kick his ass and He’ll thank you.
+At your first match he went to, he literally just sat there in awe.
-”Fives, pick your jaw off the floor, you catch flies.”-|You from the ring between rounds.
+He LOVES that’s you’re so amazing.
+He has your fight schedule saves onto his data pad, and matches them up to when he’s on leave.
+He’ll fight someone for the front row seat.
+He makes signs to bring to your matches.
+Watches live feeds of your matches when he’s not there.
-Makes his brothers watch it with him
•”Look how bad ass my girl is! Look at her go!!”
+Speaking of his brothers, he definitely uses you to scare/tease shinies.
-”My girlfriend punches better than you.” “My girlfriend could take you down in. 3 seconds.”
+”Let’s take that one move you did to the bedroom. ;)” -Fives
+if someone bothers you while y’all are out on the town, he doesn’t even bother threatening them.
-”Bro, I don’t even have to kick your ass. She’ll do it for me.”

+The first time he saw you in the ring. That was an adventure. Unlike Echo, he actually did get in the ring.
+He’s very supportive and loves that you can definitely defend yourself.
+Less supportive of the fact that you do it in a sports bra and mini shorts (I googled uniforms pls don’t hate me.)
-if not that he doesn’t like seeing it. He just doesn’t like sharing.
+The wolf pack? More like the (Y/N) fan club.
+He might not act happy about it, but loves what you do. Especially when he gets to watch you beat the crap out of someone.
+He teaches you some moves that he learned on Kamino.
-He might as well be your coach.
+He definitely celebrates with you after a win. ;)
+ As long as you’re not hurting, he’ll comfort you after a loss. ;)

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what's the difference between the ghost company and the 212th?

Hello Anon!

The Ghost Company is a part of the 212th battalion.

How it works is that you have companies like the Ghost Company that consists of the ground infantry unit. Each company will have a captain who leads them.

Companies are a military unit and act as a measurement to tell you how large the group is (which is a really basic way of describing it lol). For example, companies are divided into platoons, which are divided into squads.

For a visual, consider examples and think of their numbers for these groups:

Torrent Company

Slick’s Platoon

Domino Squad

You’ll also notice that some of the troopers we know who are part of Ghost Company will be sporting their yellow marks to showcase they are part of the 212th (i.e. Boil and Waxer).

– Admin CG