Here we are, the BÖIKZMÖIND (My fixed gear bike documentary) DVD and Photo book package is finally here! It’s been a fair few months in the making but so happy it’s now out for all to see, I’ve never designed a whole book before so really pleased with how it’s turned out!

The package consists of a digitally numbered 95-page 22cm photo book featuring behind-the-scenes photographs, notes & scans, cataloguing the creation of the film. The multi-region DVD features the full documentary plus a behind-the-scenes featurette, photo gallery and bloopers plus some other extras! The whole thing is bound together by a cord-embossed screen printed wrap cover, which is magnetically sealed!

A huge thank you to Ripe Digital for printing the books and thank you to Whiteduck Screenprint for printing the wrap covers! 

The DVD / Photo books are £29 and I’ll ship worldwide! You can get yours right here:


A Fixed Gear Bike Is…


This beauty here is the BÖIKZMÖIND ‘Boik’, lovingly put together by the excellent Freshtripe! This project has been ongoing for a long time and has had it’s fair share of trials & tribulations but it was finally finished last weekend and was proudly displayed for the first time at the Bristol Bespoked bike show at the Freshtripe stand!

My favourite part is the white-on-white graphics which have been applied to the frame of the bike, it’s only under closer inspection in the right light that the frame reveals statistics from the films creation!

You can see it in the flesh at the BÖIKZMÖIND Screening + DVD/Book launch + Q&A which is happening this coming Easter Monday, 3pm at The Watershed cinema here in Bristol! There’s not many tickets left, so grab yours here and you can also pre-order your DVD/Book to pick-up from the launch too!

Click here to read all about the components & story behind this beautiful bike, and a huge huge thanks to Jamie & Paul at Freshtripe for making the bike a reality! |


I still maintain my thought that Bristol has one of the best fixed gear scenes in the country/world. So much good stuff happens here. More than proud to be a part of it.


Another aspect of FIXED ‘n’ CHIPS I’m really proud of and wanted to show off was all the printed materials for the race. I absolutely love going to town on a project and It’s so exciting and all too easy to get carried away, especially when you know you have the support of digital printer extraordinaire Rik Penny at Ripe Digital!

So what you see above is the FIXED 'n’ CHIPS repeating pattern (which i created for no other reason than pure personal enjoyment, I had no idea what I’d use it for, but wanted to make it) that I got printed on translucent trace paper and then used it as a 'wrap’ for some of the main prizes, all sealed by a circular sticker featuring the FnC 'motif’. I originally had the BÖIKZMÖIND compliment slips printed on that translucent paper and I loved how it felt, showing a little hint of what lies underneath it so really stoked i got to use it again!

Then we have the race number spoke cards, double-sided and gloss laminated, with digital numbering courtesy of Ripe. (You supply an InDesign file with the typeface, rather than hundreds of separate files!). The gloss laminate means they’re a bit more durable and people will hopefully keep them in their spokes now.

The red '5’ cards were the very special ones, they were only awarded if the racer had eaten a battered sausage (or pot of mushy peas) at a checkpoint! So it was only right that the number 5 be illustrated by some vector sausages. These were also double-sided gloss laminate cards but a lot smaller in size so they were easy to collect.

Lastly, the points cards that were given to each rider as they got to a chip shop checkpoint. If you were first to visit that chippy then you were awarded the elusive '10’ points card, but then if you were second you’d receive the '9’ points card and so on, so it was all about tactics and points rather than speed. After all, points mean prizes!

I’ve absolutely loved using FIXED 'n’ CHIPS as an excuse to indulge graphically, getting nice things printed up, who doesn’t love a bit of print!? I want to say an absolutely HUGE thank you to our printers Ripe Digital, they have done every bit of print for FnC, BÖIKZMÖIND and everything else i’ve ever done and have always impressed me, so if you ever need any digital print, be sure to visit

Thanks all, I hope you like it above, more updates on the rest of the FIXED 'n’ CHIPS fun soon!

- Gav

Gav Strange, the man behind BOIKZMOIND visited Salt Lake City last week to present the film to the city long with a talk about all the other things he gets up to, as well as some background on the film. There is a nice write up here giving a little insight into what an outsider thinks of the filmed based around the tight Bristol fixed gear scene, which I’m proud to be a part of. Get yourself here to read the review.




Sweet video about the fixed gear scene in Bristol