E V E R Y  I C O N  I N  E V E R Y  T O W N

Hair: Argrace - Haruka
Body dirt: Titzuki - Ugly boy TMP dirty body
Pants: monso - My roll up pants
Septum: MONS - Septum ring style 19
Head/face piece: Cinphul - Absolved
Hands: Clemmm - White bandaged hands
Nosebleed: Titzuki - Beat me up, mister. Bloody nose
Face dirt: Titzuki - Ugly boy TMP dirty eyes
Poses: La Baguette - Fallen set

Shooting location: Wastelands(TAXI)

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with every passing second september is approaching... everyone, put on a helmet... brace yourselves... will brenodn invite ryab? will millions of dead bodies roll over in their graves? stay tuned to find out...

no matter the result we will all be screaming

A.R.M.Y be like....

This is completely random :P ARMY don’t kill me I love you <3!!!!!!!!

Scenario 1:
BTS: *does dance that requires a body wave, roll, or hip thrusts*

Scenario 2:
BTS: *attempts to speak english*

Scenario 3:
BTS: *makes random noises*

Scenario 4:
BTS: *sighs into mics*

Scenario 5:
BTS: *blinks*
BTS: Now we got them around our fingers *evil laugh*

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“You need to stop leaving dead bodies in my kitchen.” with Dualscar and Signless?

“Stop being followed back to your fucking safe house then. You’re acting like I’m the idiot here.” Dualscar is grumbling even as he starts to roll the body up in a sheet. “I wouldn’t have to keep killing them if you’d stop practically inviting them in for tea!”

SIgnless blows a raspberry. “Everybody could use some tea. They’re the ones ruining it by pulling guns and knives and a variety of other weapons. I’m a little worried for where they’re hiding them all to be honest. It cannot be comfortable for certain body parts.”

Dualscar will not laugh at that. He swears it. He starts tying the sheet closed. “Stop kidding around. Now I have to go dump another damn body because you’re an idiot with a death wish and a revolution half under way.”

Signless comes over and slumps over his shoulders. He kisses Dualscar’s ear. “Don’t be mad. It’s only one trip this time I swear. Then we can get back to that endless chase that she ordered you on and you can chase me right to bed.”

“You better have some clean sheets.”

“For you I will find some, my Aquarius darling.”


She stared at the ceiling for hours, sleep had never come. She wasn’t dwelling, his words didn’t repeat over and over in her mind. After a long bath she had washed his scent and touch from her skin. Now she just felt as empty as he knew she was. The hollow in her chest, the low throb of absence. She had no reason to care about what he said. He was barely more than a mark, really. He was stress relief. He was a warm body and incredible lips. He was nothing and yet she had put herself in the position to feel his claws tear into her and watch him gnaw out her insides. 

As golden beams of sun danced across the floor and caught a rainbow of colors through mobiles of tinking glass she silently scolded herself and gave up on the hope of sleep. Walking through the narrow attic room, she felt the energy in her body building, her head rolled, soft clicks from her neck as arms rose up over her head, each hand’s fingers splaying, stretching up to the old beams above. Her spine rolled, coaxing her hips to shift and pop. 

A smile teased her lips as she moved to the music box, a black disk chosen from her extensive collection. Carefully setting the pin to the grooves, the volume was turned up high. As the beat fell from the speaker she felt air pour back into her starving lungs. Lips parted to a sudden gasp as her hands trailed curves, her body moving with fluid grace to the thumbing that ran through the floor and up into her body. 

The song was chosen to inspire and she mouthed the words with a proud sneer. There were a lot of words she had heard in her life, a lot of accusations and judgement of her character or lack of. She had been torn apart before and left to die and if the lesser of son born to a nation of mothers thought he was going to end her, he was wrong. It had been fun, in an empty and shallow sort of way, their trysts, their game. At the end of the day though, he was only a man. She had never put too much stock in the gender and as her hips swayed with serpentine precision she knew that by the time it was over, she’d make him beg for it.

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Sex life with Ashton would involve (nsfw):

  • lots and lots of playing with your hair, pushing it out of your face, twirling it with his fingers, most likely braiding it and stuff when he takes you from behind
  • scrunching his eyebrows together and parting his lips when he presses his forehead against yours, holding your head and making you look into his eyes as you feel him hit your g spot over and over and you moan into his mouth
  • sweaty matted wavy hair brushing against your forehead and the bridge of your nose, watching his body roll into you and hearing him go “mmmm” every couple of seconds
  • it takes weeks to convince him to finally get a little bit rough, because he touches you as if you’d break all the damn time and you’re desperate, you make him spank you but he does it so awkwardly and lightly and pouts when you look back and give him a glare
  • “shhh baby, just let go, you’re safe with’ll always be safe with me..y-you know that right, please tell me you know that.”
  • okay but imagine grabbing his jaw to make him look up from his work and you hold on to it while riding him and his hair is in a bun and he’s wearing glasses
  • “i don’t swear often but, hot damn! That booty is excellent!”
  • “just kidding come sit on this fucking cock baby girl”
  • not knowing what the fuck to do when you’re the one on top, afraid to touch you so he reaches all around him and ends up breaking a lamp to cope with how good you feel sliding up and down on him, he pauses and sits up and insists to clean up the mess he made but suddenly stutters and forgets what he was going to do as soon as you bat your eyelashes at him and circle your hips
  • him comes after a long day at the studio, seeing you in bed waiting for him, he raises a hand to slowly push back his long hair, he’s probably wearing a sleeveless and exposing his armpit to you, pulling his lip between his teeth and using his other hand to unbuckle his belt, he whispers “spread your legs baby girl”
  • a lot of body admiration, you sitting on his lap facing him and he leans you back, running his rough hands up your ribs and lowering his lips down to kiss your belly and gently blow air across your hot skin
  • “I’m not much of a moaner, but don’t worry that doesn’t mean you aren’t making me feel good :)”
  • him biting his knuckle and moaning so fucking loud around it that he has to stop himself and try to stop shaking so bad
  • hot heated intellectual debates that end with him lifting you up onto the table, ripping your pants off and abruptly pumping his fingers into you, growling “you want me to say you’re right? huh? is that it?”  you respond with and uncontrolled moan and he nods his head, beginning to finger you faster almost to his knuckles, “yeah that’s what the perfect princess wants”
  • giggling and dimples and scrunching his nose and closing his eyes and blushing
  • fucking you after a show against the door of the dressing room, pulling down his pants just enough and lifting your leg,  sliding all the way in and pulling all the way out as slowly as you can as you feel down his sweaty back and he licks your neck, you both hear the boys just outside the room asking where he went
  • him fucking you from behind as you lay flat on your belly, massaging your back and shoulders, he bows his head and lets strands of his hair delicately brush down your spine
  • him reaching to carefully lift your thigh and rub between your legs when you’re on your side sucking him off because he always always wants pleasure to be equal at all times
  • you taking initiative a lot of the times because he’s so respectful and is aware of giving you space even when you don’t want it, so when you’re out with friends and he’s taking a sip of beer you reach over and discreetly palm him through his shorts and he slightly chokes on the liquid and looks over at you so timidly and innocently, eyelids hanging low and lips parting the more you feel him
  • probably him coming in wearing a snorkel with his hands on his hips saying “okay so i’m gonna try to do a backflip and land perfectly inside you because i’m bored are you ready?”
  • if you shiver in the slightest he’d jump off of you and find things to warm you, rushing back and tugging a beanie over your head and ears frantically, wrapping you in a jacket and his pajama pants, holding you so tight and just finding a way to stick his dick in the front of the pants, not wanting to shed any clothing off of you
  • him being so blushy when you start moaning his name because he’s just so good and behaved all the time that getting a girl to say it, and feeling your cum drip all over him as you lay under him and you chest moves with every pulse makes him feel like a bad boy
  • sex in the middle of the night, when you wake up feeling really sad, you see him coming back from the kitchen with a glass of water in only a baggy t-shirt and boxers, he’ll frown and ask if he woke you, you’ll wipe away a tear and whisper that you need him and he’ll come to you, and he’ll lay you down, cup your cheek as he hovers over you and whispers for you to look at him, at nothing but him as you feel him inside of you
  • “i don’t l-love a single thing more on this earth than y-you”
  • reverse cowboy in which he can’t stop squeezing and bouncing you ass in his hands, watching you wrap around him as his chest heaves telling you you look so beautiful with your boyfriend inside of you
  • grabby hands and big hazel eyes
  • telling him if he loves making videos so much he should film you fingering yourself right in front of him and whining for him, telling him you need his hands on you (but he knows you’re teasing because he’s not allowed to touch) and he nearly passes out from how much he’s quivering for you
  • riding his thigh as he sucks on your nipple and is so into it his jaw moves and his head softly tilts before popping it out
  • “tell me where you want it, you want it all over your ass baby? you want to feel my cum on that ass?”
  • “heh I mean, is that okay :^) i can do it off to the side”
  • when you both finish he lays beside you on his stomach, peaking past blankets and strands of his hair all shy, he stares for a few moments and slowly closes his eyes, he mumbles in the sweetest boyish tone “i swear… right now i can see the universe”

Michael / Luke / Calum


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If the Signs were Air Signs...
  • Aries:would have a sun-rise-kissed smile
  • Taurus:would type at 1000 words per minute but never turn in their essays on time
  • Cancer:would have a wonderfully bubbly and cute approach to love that gives everyone a smile on their face
  • Leo:would finish exams early so they can nap and dream about unicorns and ice cream
  • Virgo:would have random spurts of adventurous desires
  • Scorpio:would be sport athletes and artists at the same time
  • Sagittarius:would want to cover their bodies with paint and roll over a big art canvas
  • Capricorn:would have a perceptive mind that covers the universe and beyond
  • Pisces:would be a terrible singer but have a heart of gold and cherries
  • (Air signs are skipped)

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Alright but can we talk about Thomas Sanders’ s level of problematic-ness? There isn’t even a place on a scale I mean there’s everything from “Problematic Cinnamon Roll” to “Problematic Fave” to “Highly Problematic Trash Can” and he just???? Doesn’t fit??? He’s like “Angelic Unproblematic Cinnamon Roll Fresh Out of the Oven That is Too Good, Too Pure, Too Wonderful”


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