I love to do these workouts and really like to make up my own combinations. I made this sheet for anyone who wants to try but also for myself. I have a little note book with them so here’s just a few. remember go at your own pace but push yourself. Even if its just one more than you want to.

I have a gymboss interval timer but you can also get an interval timer app but i’m sure you could also find one on the computer if need be.

If you’re unsure about anything please send me a message.

heres some of the moves if you’re unsure of how to do them.

Plank Tuck Jumps

Plank Knee to Elbow

Side Plank Knee to Elbow

Plank Jacks

T-Push Ups with weights

Push Up And Row

Bicycle Crunches

Weighted Swings #3

Russian Twist

Curtsy Lunge 

Oblique V Ups

Supermans except without the stability ball

Burpee + Tuck Jump

Dead Lift

Elevated plank

Squat and Press

Squat or Lunge and Kick 

Mt. Climbers

Tricep Dips

In and Out Abs: Staring in a V extend legs out and In.

Spider knee: Bringing one leg to your chest then rotating it out to the side and back to plank. Alternate 

3 Point Jump Is jumping to the side, the middle then the other side.

Side Burpee: Regular burpee but instead of jumping to a plank you jump to a side plank. Make sure you place your hands evenly on the ground before you jump and go at your own pace.



Reflection Tracks + Star Signs
  • Libra:Everlasting Love
  • Sagittarius:Like Mariah
  • Aries:Top Down
  • Gemini:Brave Honest Beautiful
  • Leo:Suga Mama
  • Aquarius:Reflection
  • Virgo:Going Nowhere
  • Scorpio:Body Rock
  • Capricorn:Them Girls Be Like
  • Taurus:We Know
  • Pisces:Worth It
  • Cancer:This Is How We Roll

Listening to Better Together vs. Listening to Reflection


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