TL:DW VIXX MV's Edition

Super Hero: Back Poppin. Leo’s shirt showed off the goods. Hongbin forgot to brush his hair…or wash it…or condition and Ken kept reaching for the camera.

Rock Ur Body: Girl in tablecloth dress goes to an abandoned arcade and plays the lamest video game ever because all it is, is watching 6 boys dance and sing. Boys come out of game and start playing with girl in some kind of “Inception-like” reality while she awkwardly stares straight at us.

On & On: World War Whatever type chicks kidnap Vixx and send them to another planet where they do Michael Jackson style zombie dances to save a Kendall Jenner lookalike all while wearing fabulous eye makeup and contacts.

Hyde: Ravi’s English was cringe but his hair had mathematical precision. The eye shadow was applied generously by a 5 year old and Demon Angel wings were utilized just because why not?

G.R.8.U: Why go forward in life when you can just go back to fix your mistakes? Photo collage outfit changes. TV rapping and “Heavenly” dancing. Amazingly no bleach was injured in the washing of their clothes.

Girls Why: Ken slapped a fish. Realities were meant to be crossed. Love is fickle but sock puppets are always faithful. The girls were not the typical standard of beauty and that was amazingly refreshing.

Only U: Beautiful spanish guitars to compliment their voices in Stockholm as they pine over an old girl while they already have a new one. Featuring preppy suits and an overload of Instagram style filters.

Voodoo Doll: Girl who should be outside smelling the roses, decided to engage in her house of horrors and do disgusting experiments on the boys. Constant stabbings, piercing and broken glass arms. Slight credibilty lost once the voodoo doll started moving and you realized where the budget DIDN’T go.

Thank You for Being Born: Happy birthday to everyone! Try not to cry while we show cute scenes of us being friends while we vocally slay your ears.

Eternity: This girl is flaky and doesn’t know if she wants to stay or go, so they climb into a clock and dance for her love, but she still disappears because their body shimmies made her feel awkward, and she didn’t get why there was lightening indoors.

Error: Watch it. Watch every single heart wrenching moment. Watch a “man” love someone so much just to lose them and when he finds a way to bring them back in some shape or form….he loses that too. A straight masterpiece that is slightly dampened by Ravi’s dumb hat.

Chained Up: Vixx decided to get personal and let us know just how they like to be treated (in bed). I mean if you’re already wearing a suit there’s no point for a shirt so why wear one? Brought the dog collar trend back into every risqué kpop video. Chained Up with no actual chains so… I may be missing something.

Love Equation: Moral of the story. Breaking up with your boo thang is hard so go kick it with your pals, because bros over hoes right?? The more you bond with the boys over forced ice cream coned and single player video games, the quicker you’ll get to a mended heart.

Dynamite: Illuminati Confirmed. Aesthetic scenes with lots of smoke. Ken completed his transition into a full on Barbie doll. Dance floor ownage and the massacre of innocent mannequins just trying to do their job.

Fantasy: When you breakup and take it wayyy too hard and create a beautiful dark fantastical tragedy inside your own mind, where escaping is no option. Crown thorns because love is a headache that makes you stand outside in the pouring rain.

i go outside and i see so many types of girls.. tall girls, short girls, fat girls, skinny girls, girls who hate their curves and girls who want them, girls with dark skin, girls with light skin, girls who are happy and girls who aren’t, disabled girls and girls with mental illness, punk rock girls and girly girls, and you’re all so beautiful.  Girls are so beautiful.  I’ve never met a girl that isn’t a piece of art.  Thank whatever god you believe in for girls.  Thank biology for girls.  It’s whatever.  You all are so beautiful.

Check out the shimmer @dapperlumberjack​ captured on this pair of PuJu Hoops from Diablo Organics. We brought this very special pair back from the APP Expo. The stone in these is labradorite, and when cut right it has “flash”.

This pair is an exceptional cut and the flash on them is outstanding



1. Dont Wanna Dance Alone
2. Miss Movin’ On
3. Better Together
4. Who Are You
5. Leave My Heart Out Of This
6. Me & My Girls
7. One Wish
8. Top Down
10. Sledgehammer
11. Worth It (ft. Kid Ink)
12. This Is How We Roll
13. Everlasting Love
14. Like Mariah (ft. Tyga)
15. Them Girls Be Like
16. Reflection
17. Suga Mama
18. We Know
19. Going Nowhere
20. Body Rock
21. Brave Honest Beautiful (ft. Meghan Trainor)
22. Im In Love With The Monster
23. Worth It (Dame Esta Noche)
24. Thats My Girl
25. Work From Home (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
26. The Life
27. Write On Me
28. I Lied
29. All In My Head (Flex) (ft. Fetty Wap)
30. Squeeze
31. Gonna Get Better
32. Scared Of Happy
33. Not That Kinda Girl (ft. Missy Elliott)
34. Worth It (No Rap)
35. Dope
36. No Way
37. Big Bad Wolf
38. 1000 Hands
39. Voicemail

anonymous asked:

What's wring with his outfit it looks snuggly.

It does look snuggly nonny. But my issue with it is that it’s basically pajamas. Putting aside my admitted prejudice against men of ANY age in white pants I guess my issue would be - he’s a man who takes care of himself. Mid-50s and still rocking his body.

So why would he then cover it in those clothes. You don’t put The Mona Lisa in a comedy frame, pack a priceless sculpture in used McDonald’s wrappers or hang fuzzy dice in your vintage Jaguar. So why would he put his delightful body in clothes that are the fashion equivalent of Night Nurse. I could take dad jeans and a t-shirt. I can even stomach the orange trainers because I don’t really tend to look at his feet. But honestly his outfit confused my hormones so much. I saw his face and his arms floating like an oasis of sex in a big desert of baggy white nope. It was just very confusing for me :p


I was checking through the Workweek Challenges from last week and just want to say everyone is doing so amazing! Congrats to everyone who is getting up and moving their bodies! You guys are rocking!  

Also, why aren’t these in order by number of steps, and what the heck order is this, anyway? No clue … so weird.

@jeremygnfsk , @theunstuffedpepper , @fuckyouimpopeye , @shortgirlstrength , @authenticpandas , @dragonfli17 , @lyndsayinbarcelona , @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld , @queenallisandra , @fitnessgeekandcoffeefreak , @misskitkatcupcake 

(Sorry, I don’t know everyone’s tumblr URL by heart, those are the ones i know.)

From the deep waters of sleep I wake up to consciousness.
In the distance I hear a train rumbling in the early morning.
It is going East and passes the border. Then it will stop.

I feel my heart beating too. It will go on beating for some time.
Then it will stop.
I wonder if the little heart that has beaten with mine, has stopped.
When he passed the border of birth, I laid him at my breast,
Rocked him in my arms.
He was very small then.

A white body of a man, rocked in the arms of the waves,
Is very small too.

What are we in the infinity of ocean and sky?
A small baby at the breast of eternity.

Have you heard of happiness
Springing from a deep well of sorrow?
Of love, springing from pain and despondency, agony and death?
Such is mine.

- Johanna Adriana Ader-Appels 

I love to do these workouts and really like to make up my own combinations. I made this sheet for anyone who wants to try but also for myself. I have a little note book with them so here’s just a few. remember go at your own pace but push yourself. Even if its just one more than you want to.

I have a gymboss interval timer but you can also get an interval timer app but i’m sure you could also find one on the computer if need be.

If you’re unsure about anything please send me a message.

heres some of the moves if you’re unsure of how to do them.

Plank Tuck Jumps

Plank Knee to Elbow

Side Plank Knee to Elbow

Plank Jacks

T-Push Ups with weights

Push Up And Row

Bicycle Crunches

Weighted Swings #3

Russian Twist

Curtsy Lunge 

Oblique V Ups

Supermans except without the stability ball

Burpee + Tuck Jump

Dead Lift

Elevated plank

Squat and Press

Squat or Lunge and Kick 

Mt. Climbers

Tricep Dips

In and Out Abs: Staring in a V extend legs out and In.

Spider knee: Bringing one leg to your chest then rotating it out to the side and back to plank. Alternate 

3 Point Jump Is jumping to the side, the middle then the other side.

Side Burpee: Regular burpee but instead of jumping to a plank you jump to a side plank. Make sure you place your hands evenly on the ground before you jump and go at your own pace.




Listening to Better Together vs. Listening to Reflection

Reflection Tracks + Star Signs
  • Libra:Everlasting Love
  • Sagittarius:Like Mariah
  • Aries:Top Down
  • Gemini:Brave Honest Beautiful
  • Leo:Suga Mama
  • Aquarius:Reflection
  • Virgo:Going Nowhere
  • Scorpio:Body Rock
  • Capricorn:Them Girls Be Like
  • Taurus:We Know
  • Pisces:Worth It
  • Cancer:This Is How We Roll