20 Rihanna Covers That Slayed Your Entire Existence

1. All of her GQ covers — starting with this one in 2010:

2. This Rolling Stone cover where her curves and curls were absolutely flourishing.

3. Or that time when she graced the cover of Vogue for the first time in 2011, wearing this amazing Chanel gown.

4. Then when she casually broke the internet with this one in 2012.

5. When she posed for Vogue AGAIN and her eyes basically pierced through our souls as she rocked this gorgeous red strapless dress.

6. This cover story for British GQ in 2012 where she continued to give us all life with her red hair.

7. And when she doubled as Medusa in 2013.

8. Or that cover she did for Elle UK where she looked absolutely timeless.

9. This sultry Rolling Stone cover, also shot in 2013.

10. Or when she served several incredible looks for a series of covers for Complex Magazine, representing each album that she had given us so far.

11. And we cannot forget one of her most notorious covers that she did for LUI, giving all of us heart palpitations in 2014.

12. Then her Vogue Brazil cover from the same year that left us all speechless.

13. And that time she did that steamy shoot for Esquire that made us all want to get to our nearest gym in December 2014.

14. Then when she came swinging into 2015 with this insanely beautiful cover for i-D Magazine.

15. And as we stepped into summer 2015 — this iconic cover for V Magazine came out, where she rocked this platinum blonde wig, serving us all ’70s styles and grace.

16. Then when she did this cover for T magazine’s 25 Greats issue in 2015, and even with this simple, clean look, she was still absolutely stunning.

17. Or this cover she did for The FADER’s special 100th issue that year, when she added photographer to her résumé.

18. Her Vogue cover last year, which was also pretty damn jaw-dropping.

19. And that time when she posed as “The Last Woman On Earth” for W Magazine in their September 2016 issue.

20. Then finally her most recent: when she did an amazing photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar.

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It’s Time for Stimming Positivity!

If you rock by turning your body-

Or by shifting your weight from side to side-

If you flap your hands with stiff wrists-

Or with loose wrists-

You’re great! Body stims are amazing. Kinesthetic stims are a great way to regulate your senses, and they need to be recognized as a good thing. Just because they’re not “cute” stims like glitter or slime or frosting, that doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful and useful and good for you. You’re the only one who knows what kind of stims help you.

Yes, these are GIFS of me.

[Description: (First GIF) A person with glasses and a chewy necklace holds two stuffed animals, a teddy bear and a lamb, while turning quickly back and forth. They then move the head of the lamb stuffie and bury their face in it and rock slightly forward.

(Second GIF) The same person rocks slowly from one side to another with their knees pulled up to their chest and one arm wrapped around them. They drop their head onto the teddy bear and lamb while chewing on their necklace.

(Third Gif) The person flaps their hands for several seconds with stiff wrists, fingers curved slightly backwards. They then cover their mouth, which is still occupied by their chewy necklace, and their nose with their hands and turn quickly from side to side.

(Fourth Gif) The person leans forward to the camera, having dropped their chewy necklace immediately prior, and places it back in their mouth. They then lean back and flap their hands with loose wrists quickly.]

- Mod Ash