Kichijoji Dake ga Sumitai machi desu ka?

So I found a really awesome manga today???

It’s called “Kichijoji dake ga sumitai machi desu ka?” or, roughly, “The only town you want to live in is Kichijoji?” and is by Maki Hirochi

It’s about two sisters who work do real estate in Kichijoji, Tokyo

They’re both fat girls, but as far as I can tell so far, they aren’t fetishized or are the butt of a joke???

They’re both super cute, and drawn proportionally and realistically, seriously I can’t think of the last time I saw a manga with fat girls as the main characters/protagonists, or if I EVER have period. 



Also the stories are all just really sweet, it’s basically just the sisters helping people who come to their real-estate agency find the perfect home, like, it’s really cute and sweet and good? 

Also it has a live-action drama going on rn which is super exciting!

Basically, I don’t know if this story will get more popular or if the manga will get an English translation, but I was just super hyped about this and wanted to share ~ <3

i never see any male positivity and it makes me sad so im making a post!

short boys are cute

tall boys are cute

super pale boys are cute

super dark boys are cute

boys with long hair are cute

boys with no hair are cute

boys who wear make up are cute

boys who dont wear make up are cute

boys who hate sex are cute

boys who are super sexual are cute

boys with deep voices are cute

boys with high pitched voices are cute

feminine boys are cute

masculine boys are cute

gay boys are cute

straight boys are cute

boys in between are cute

skinny boys are cute

chubby boys are cute

boys with no muscle are cute

boys with lots of muscle are cute

boys who love fashion are cute

boys who couldnt care less about fashion are cute

silly boys are cute

serious boys are cute

outgoing boys are cute

shy boys are cute

boys with glasses are cute

boys with no glasses are cute

boys with disabilities are cute

boys with no disabilities are cute

boys with dark hair are cute

boys with light hair are cute

super girly boys are cute

boys who don’t know what the word “girly” means are cute

all boys are cute and if u say otherwise u might want to think about how hurtful ur words can be


Wanna know something? I didn’t believe I was beautiful until my boyfriend started taking pictures of me. I couldn’t look at pictures of me, I couldn’t even catch myself off guard in my reflection without hating myself. I would think I was bigger than I really was, smaller than I really was. I hated my smile unless I staged it, I worked my angles and I never even realized it. 
Hes not the most amazing, flattering photographer. He caught ugly ass angles and tells me theyre beautiful while I cringe. But he normalized me to myself. An image of me outside of selfies. And I’m so thankful for that, I find so much more beauty in myself now. in my body, my posture, the way my fat moves and adjusts, the way my face sits, angry when I’m watching tv or the way my eyes look dead when Im focused (tbh thats ugly but what are you gonna do).

anonymous asked:

I don't mean to poke at your personally, but pride in being fat can be very harmful to people. I can't see how it would do any good to convince people to be proud of their bodies when they haven't done anything to be proud of. Theres no way that hard work, or effort, or anything went into being fat. to teach people they should be proud of that is worse than saying everyone who lost the soccer game still deserves a trophy

This sounds like the angry ramblings of a person who doesn’t understand self-love so let me tell you

I not only preach that fat people should be proud of their bodies but I preach that they should love, adore, idolize and build statues to their bodies cause listen honey, it’s hard enough to love yourself in a world with ever shifting body/beauty/hotness standards but it is a herculean feat for a fat person to love themselves in spite of people like you tearing them down at every turn in search of a hierarchy to cling to in order to feel some vain, empty sense of superiority; fat people deserve all the happiness in the world.

#233 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “reader losing her virginity to Van? Not super smutty stuff, but like cutesy, body pos maybe?”

Note: Yo. Virginity is a social construct. Fucked twenty people today? Get it, friend. Never want to touch another body in your life? Cool af. Waiting till ya find ya soulmate? Groovy. Don’t think about it much at all? Rad. Your body. Your choice. Whatever you want to do with it and however you want to define it is up to you. Now. Back to thinking about Van McCann’s stupidly long fingers.

There were a million things that kept Van at a distance. He was a year older, seventeen to your sixteen. He dropped out of school while you stayed. Your parents’ nervousness of your friendship with him. Catfish and the constant touring and prioritising of the band over everything else. Van’s carefree and wild nature; a stark contrast to your calculated and cautious. The tragedy was that none of that mattered to Van. He had followed you around since you met as children. He had loved you like you had loved him. Maybe it wasn’t proper love, just teenage crushes that felt like the absolute end of the world. Regardless, all the things that kept Van at a distance wouldn’t have really meant anything if you hadn’t have let them.

Most people assumed you were dating. They’d all stopped questioning anything Van did long ago, so it was never an issue that you were so different. Platonically and innocently tangled up in bed sheets ironed by your mother, listening to Bernie’s vinyls on your big brother’s record player, watching Van watch you, you had never felt so same. So identical. He was just like you and you were just like him.

“You’re killin’ me, love,” he’d say whenever you’d only let him kiss your cheek, or demand a stupid piggy back instead of hand holding, or scoff and roll your eyes whenever he joked about being a proper couple. Honestly, the only thing keeping you and Van from being Y/N And Van was you.

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Everyone tells you to ‘love yourself’ but they leave out how hard that can be.

How bout this, start by forgiving yourself.
Step one of self love is forgiveness. So forgive yourself, of all the expectations you have, of all the things you think you mess up on, for all the things you are ashamed of…forgive yourself. Because you are worthy of forgiveness, this is not up for debate.

Then once a day take 30 seconds in the mirror just appreciating all that you are. In those 30 seconds repeat the words “I am loveable and capable” because you are…even if you don’t believe it yet.

And if you can’t get thru the 30 seconds? Just repeat step one and try again tomorrow.

—  Forgiveness doesn’t come easy either, but it’s necessary.
#208 - For anonymous & all the people that wanted this

A fic about: Being the girl with a good stash of tea. American Sign Language. And Van McCann.

Note: Thank you to the many people I spoke to about this fic (particularly J, Em, and Kasey). I truly hope that this is what people wanted and that it’s nothing but pure and inclusive and good. 

You jumped out of your skin when he tapped you on the shoulder. The reaction startled him and he flinched. He started to speak, but his hands crossed his face too much and his words weren’t fully enunciated. You couldn’t read it; all you could do was put your hand up in a motion to stop. He did and his eyebrows pulled together in confusion. You pointed at your ears, then shook your head. The realisation splashed across his face and his cheeks went from a milky white to a rosy pink. His pretty freckles still stood out though. You were better than most at noticing small details like that.  

He started to speak again, but slower, and you were used to reading the words he formed. “I’m sorry.” You nodded. After pulling your phone from your bag, you opened a new note and typed All good. Did you need something?

Handing it over, the boy read and grinned. He said, “Good idea,” but started to type it out anyway. Good idea, sorry

He held it up and you nodded.  Some1 says girl in stripe shirt knows where good tea is ????

Handing the phone back to you, you laughed. You were definitely the girl in the striped shirt with the stash of good tea. You nodded at him. It was clear he had a lot of questions, top of the list probably was ‘why is a girl that cannot hear backstage at a music festival?’ but he’d have to keep those to himself. 

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HI friends!! Tomorrow is my surgery! I might be back soon if I’m feeling up to it, but there’s a chance that I might be gone for a week or two. I’ll be back to check in eventually, but know that you are all so so wonderful and I am eternally grateful for all of the love and support that you’ve poured out onto me in the past few weeks. Thank you for being a part of my journey and allowing me to be a part of yours!


time to love my body unconditionally ♡