Sketch and lined commissions!!!

You heard that right! Commissions! Info below!!

SKETCHES(+1 character is $3)





Lined work is like sketches, but they are lined over with a faber castell pen, making quality better.






Will do: splatoon and human ocs, simple poses, slightly advanced poses, weapons(melee preferred please), a little mecha.

WON’T do: animals/furries, firearms(unless you REALLY REALLY REALLY want it and need it to save your life or the world or something), complex poses, nsfw, gore, vore.

Maybes: slightly complex poses(if you think a pose is a bit complex, show me the pose and if I say no, I won’t draw that pose and please choose another, if I say yes, don’t be upset if the final product doesn’t look like what you expected, I’m not that good with complex and detailed poses), firearms(exception explained in won’t do).


Pay via PayPal!! You will send the money to me since I don’t know how to do invoices! My email is!

If you’d like to commission me, contact me via email, tumblr IM, Twitter DM, skype, or discord.

Requests are only open to a selected few. Sorry guys.

anonymous asked:

I’m the anon about the excerpt! Ummm hmmmm something with Orion or Brontes would be amazing!

Already did Orion, so here’s some Brontes shizzle:

…A portal materialized in the wall, and the Proctor came gliding through it.

His eyes swept the oiled bodies. “Line up.”

The men hurried into formation. The Proctor’s presence was always troubling, but his vacant gaze was particularly unsettling on this day.

“Before your challenge today, we have a guest.” He stepped to the side, revealing the passage behind him. “Kneel for your Sovereign.”

Tobias nearly flinched. The Sovereign? He dropped to his knee, and footsteps echoed off the walls, steady. Ominous.


Tobias made his way to his feet. Brontes, the Sovereign, stood in the portal, a beast of a man barely past his peak, his body bronzed and robust, his dark hair and beard slightly peppered with grey. A crown of gold leaves sat on his head, and a burgundy drape wrapped his waist, stretched from hip to shoulder, then looped three times around his arm—the traditional attire for a man of eminence. He oozed regality, certainly out of place among the oiled competitors—save for his eye patch, the only visual confirmation that perhaps he belonged amid the bloodshed.

The Sovereign walked down the line, nodding as he passed Drake and Kaleo, scrutinizing the others. Then he came to a stop, staring long and hard at the man before him.


wan-the-avatar  asked:

Hey Nikki! Ive noticed your muscles have definitely been getting beefier with every selfie (which is sick!), and I wanted to know if you have a goal or an image youre trying to peak at? inb4 korra pic

Ahaha thank you!! Yeah I want to get down to a lower body percentage and have my back/ab/arm muscles be (more) visible basically and one of the reasons why this cut is going to slow is because I’m also tryna retain my strength but yeah maybe body goals along the lines of jessie graff or sandra prikker

I don’t like the fact that Roman is putting his body on the line more than Seth and Dean during this reunion. 😒 like why is he always attacked. Like why couldn’t Kane bring his old ugly ass out when Dean and Seth had their tag team match. 😒

And the crowd ate that shit up. I don’t even want to watch TLC anymore.


First time commissions!

I want to develop my skills and I have found a few art lessons I would like to buy. However they cost money and I’m broke. You can support me by commissioning me or reblogging this. I only have time for smaller commissions like these but hopefully you’re interested. :>

You can find more examples of my art at my tumblr page!

PRICE: 12,50€ - character with a solid background                                                                             (example pictures: the brown cat and the hedgehog^)

           + 2€ simple shading (example picture: the gray cat^)

           + 7€/additional character (I don’t charge for the shading)

I’m getting paid about 5 €/h so the prices should be fair.

We can discuss about the price if you want only half a body/ headshot/ line art.




Most felines (Cats are my strength as you can see)

Most canines

small predators

blood, scars

simple clothing like collars, scarfs etc


People or anthro

armor, complex clothing

any animal species with hooves

No experience with frogs, lizards and dragons




Rules and instructions:

Don’t commission me if you’re unable to pay.

I can refuse a commission if it’s too hard for me or it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I’d like to have a reference for an OC. However if the character is very simple I may be able to survive without.  Which brush I use for the lineart, A or B? Do you want a  specific pose or expression? You can also mention the gender of your character.

First I’ll do a sketch and send it to you. If you think it looks fine, I’ll get the payment and finish the drawing. If you spot a mistake in the finished piece, you can ask for changes, but only once. You can keep the sketch and can ask for the lineart. If you don’t want a solid background I can send the picture with transparent background. I do PayPal.

I need time. You’re probably not the only one commissioning me and I spend most of my daytime at school. It will take max 1-2 months to finish ALL the drawings depending on my schedule and the amount of the commissions.

I’ll take 3-5 commissions at first before I close. I will do an update on my page or delete this post once all slots are full.

Please ask if you have any questions.


⇁ through the flames (and into the lava)

Originally posted by kookielife

pairing⇁Jungkook x Reader

genre⇁smut, fluff, slight humor, crack || dragon!jk, fantasy!au i guess

warnings⇁public indecency, dry humping, fingering, non-penetrative sex, cumplay, i’m sorry

word count⇁7.8k

Your boyfriend is a dragon.

Or so he claims.

or; the perks (and unexpected complications) of dating a fucking dragon

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SUPERNATURAL: Cutting to the chase, “death is not the end for Castiel,” executive producer Andrew Dabb reports. “That being said, when we pick up our season he’s more dead than people usually get on our show. Castiel has a big role to play for us, but that may not be as soon as some people are hoping.” Meanwhile, the Winchester brothers, Dean especially, are reeling from the double whammy of losing their friend and their mom Mary. “There’s no one they can call,” Dabb notes, “so our guys are a bit on their own, a little spun out, both emotionally and in terms of the plot.” On top of that, they’re “acting as parents” to Lucifer’s “walking atomic bomb” offspring. “There are parts of him and things he does that they really love,” Dabb shares, “and there are parts of him and things he does that worry them a bit.” In the alt apocalypse world, Mary’s attempt to run away from Lucifer doesn’t go as well as she had hoped, while the fallen archangel finds that he “may not be the most powerful” creature over there.
BONUS SPOILER!: “Even if it’s not played by an actor that we recognize, there are certain characters that are going to come back in different bodies,” Dabb hints.
Mistborn | 02

Kim Taehyung | Comedy | Fluff | Angst | arrangedmarriage!au | dragon!au 

❝You’ve been promised to Taehyung since you were seven and he’s hated you since. Nothing could possibly change that fact, not when you’ve all but stolen his freedom by simply existing. Or so he thought.❞

warnings: this is horribly historically inaccurate. pls. don’t read if you like know shit because you’re just in for a wild ride. also. this is like, borderline sucky because its rushed and im lazy but yah 

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i think that the media portrays a very mocking and sort of fanciful conception from astrology that is really really far off what’s really going on
there is still a place for horoscopes in the daily newspaper but it’s wasteful reading. you could literally sit a pack of monkeys in front of a computer and get them to type up daily horoscopes for you. i don’t know if they are there because its legitimately still seen as vague and light form of entertainment, or i dont know if the way mass media conveys astrology as foolish and illegitimate on purpose. morning tv shows ‘astrologers’ or maybe ‘astrologists :p’ who emulate the stereotypical old ‘clairvoyant’ who speaks with that soft weird voice and really reinforces the notion that astrology is very vague practice, involving angel cards and amethyst stones. in truth the astrologer would be there with her books and chart notes in hand. i wonder if and why they try to conceptualise an image. it still fascinates me that after hundreds of years the daily newspaper still has a section reserved for the zodiac. even after the church tried to burn and banish astrological teachers and teachings it lived on through secretly handed down through astrological families so it could be reserved. and then uranus was found and it blew the whole thing apart for a while, and then scientists debunked astrology but they debunked the theory that astrology involved constellations and the sun passing through stars and that they had since moved but tropical astrologers never claimed that either. our ancestors taught us the way.  

our consciousness is in harmony with the heavens and our children and future generations inherit these cosmic memories. it can never be truly banished because it’s a part of who we have always been, ever since the beginning we have looked at the stars above and seen our reflection. even people who dont contemplate astrology know their sun sign or express interest or dismay. for some reason we have made it of cultural importance. by carl jung; ““We can also find in the unconscious qualities that are not individually acquired but are inherited, . In this deeper stratum we…find…archetypes… “
is it an agenda to maintain the fanciful image of astrology where it’s conveyed that followers believe constellations and planetary bodies have hook line sinkers down to earth and control the earth like puppet masters and it’s basic fortune telling? i dont know where im going with this ive been awake a few days, but the elite has always utilised astrology. for many years only the king had access to an astrologer and natal chart, the common people were unworthy. in their eyes we are still unworthy and getting relegated to fortune cookie extracts unless willing to go against the grain and not feel senseless for taking it up as a course of study. maybe i wish that more people understood that astrology involves a lot of books, a lot of reading, writing, learning, and memorising. it’s why it’s such a delight, i feel its the closest thing we have to god’s handwriting 


The Model 3 body line slowed down to 1/10th speed

Everything Has A Price // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Five [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Pool Sex, Daddy Kink, Unprotected Sex, Violence, Fist Fighting, Talks about Death and Bodies, and Swearing.

Word Count: 8,533

Song: Crazy In Love by The Eden Project Ft. Leah Kelly

“I betrayed her, Mitch.” I cried hysterically as he drove like a madman to Lee’s house. “I told her I was gonna be there with her. If something happened to Nia, it’s all my fault.”

“Nothing happened to her.” Mitch replied, looking over at me with determination in his eyes. “She’s alive. I’m sure of it.”

“I-I’m gonna have to live with the weight of this for the rest of my life, aren’t I?” I sobbed.

“No, you’re not because she is okay.” My boyfriend argued.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because this is Nia we’re talking about. She’s strong and intimidating as hell. No bomb is gonna bring that girl down.”

My doe eyes looked up at Mitch in complete awe. Here was this guy who just happened to stumble into my life and ended up becoming one of the most important people to me.

I gave him a smile and a nod just as we entered Lee’s street, the loud sounds and flashing lights of cop cars and ambulances stealing my attention. The whole road was full of police officers and paramedics hard at work, pulling bodies and a few survivors out of the completely destroyed house. Black smoke filled the air and you could practically taste the burning wood on your tongue. Firefighters held up hoses in front of the house as they put out its fire. The whole street was an open invitation to pure chaos. 

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