Body of Lies

anonymous asked:

honey herbal lady grey milk

honey:type out the last text you sent
”I’m going to believe. I’d say my glare made her blood run cold……buuuut it already does :V” huuurrr snake joke

herbal:post a selfie


lady grey:favourite outfit?
uhhhh hm. My fave is my destroy the weak t shirt. it’s very long but is loosely form fitting and has actual comfortable sleeves for a women’s T. I usually wear it with my cargo pants.
My other fave is black tank, dull dusty green button up worn loose with my painter pants. 

milk:do you have any allergies?
I’m mildly allergic to ragweed, pecans and tomatoes (but i fucking eat them anyway cuz i love tomatoes. screw you body. *lies fetal position on the ground in agony* “WORTH”)
I’m more seriously allergic to a relative of ragweed: Chamomile. I also have very poor reactions to most anything with sedative properties to them (natural and not). 


kagehina as b-boys (for hq 69min on twitter) | (dance AU)