Black Light Bodyscapes by John Poppleton   


John Poppleton is photographer and artist that creates sensational works of art painted directly on the human body. His “Black Light Bodyscapes” series consist of whimsical nature scenes painted with fluorescent pigments on the backs of female models. The models are then photographed under black light to produce these incredible visuals.“Poppleton’s bodyscapes combine the beauty of the female form with the the splendor of the natural world. He incorporates the curves and shapes of the models into his paintings, making a strong allusion to the feminine essence of Mother Nature on their bodies.


PAX Body Paint - Don’t Use It On Skin

Up until recently I suggested PAX, a mixture of acrylic paint and pros-aide,  as a skin-safe body paint specifically when using Liquitex acrylic paint. This was based off a variety of sources that recommended it for use on skin including cosplayers, makeup artists in forums, published sources and a SFX makeup wiki. Some of these sources specified that Liquitex was the only skin-safe acrylic paint option and the MSDS mostly supported that. Even the pros-aide adhesive website recommended PAX for use on skin! While I do my best to post accurate information, and promote safety, there is always misinformation and room for human error. 

Last month I recommended PAX in a post and I had several people message me that PAX was not safe for use on skin. I would like to thank them all for bringing it to my attention, especially arkadycosplay  who pointed it out first. Some of those who messaged me were qualified SFX makeup artists and I really did value their feedback, but it was important for me to get responses from the companies themselves. So I e-mailed both Liquitex and Pros-Aide to see if I could get an official response. 

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Liquitex’s Response / Pros Aide’s Response / Apology / Cosplay Tutorial’s Next Steps  / Thanks


Liquitex does not recommend their products be used on skin. This disputes the claims that PAX is safe on skin, or safe on skin if Liquitex acrylic paint is used. PAX body paint is not recommended as an option for body painting and Cosplay Tutorial will not recommend it any further. 

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With the Steven Universe fandom becoming lager and a good portion of the characters cosplay are unnatural skin tone I have something to tell all you cosplayers! SEAL YOUR FACEPAINT! SEAL IT!

No seriously I mean it SEAL it. If you don’t seal it please don’t wear facepaint period. There is not excuse not to. If you try to say ‘professional sealers are to expensive to buy’ hear are so cheap ways to seal.

-Hairspray (only use as a emergency) 
-Baby power
-Ben nye sealing spray
-Ben nye sealing power

There are of course different types of sealers of course but those are the most commonly used as well as cheapest ones but depending on your body paint you use please research what would be the best type of seal to use for your body paint! Sealing your body paint is extremely important and a must do!

I know this fandom is young and full of people who have never done facepaint and while that is okay I do not want this to be a repeat of the homestuck fandom! Have fun with your cosplay but please make sure that you don’t ruin someone else cosplay and/or stuff because you didn’t seal!