Body By Finn

When Han gestures past Finn with his chin and Finn is confused….

chibifukurou: The chin thing
coppersam: The chin thing wouldn’t read under a helmet
coppersam: Which is probably why he doesn’t understand it :D
tequila mockingbird: oooh sam i’d never thought of that
starbit: that makes sense sam
coppersam: I bet Finn’s heavy on hand gestures and vocalizing and very low on other body language
tequila mockingbird: well, or finn has this terrible habit of making super rude faces wehn he’s supposed to be listening respectfully to something boring

i realized something about adventure time recently and it’s that humans probably don’t know why they were animal hats. In AT Stakes we learn that past humans wear them to confuse vampires, but after they settle on their islands, we still see so many people with animal hats. 

Susan doesn’t know about the vampires. The Hyoomans probably don’t know about vampires either. Finn definitely has no clue about anything regarding human history but that doesn’t change the fact he’s always covering his head with a bear hat. they don’t know why. they just know its what you do

My favourite thing about Steven Universe is that it didn’t have a bad ending, unlike other nowadays cartoons.

You got Bill Cipher in Dipper’s body

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Finn mad because Ice King’s crown and Jake being The Lich

Star as a succubus

For a second, Wirt become the new woodsman

Even an evil Morty

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But there isn’t an evil Steven or bad ending. The only thing we have is when he go back in time and kill himself

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but the fandom doesn’t care because they create an AU where Steven is Jasper’s son (not my fanart).

He’s such a cinnamon bun that it’s impossible turn him evil.

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