Body By Finn

but can we just talk about how happy mike looked when Will remembered him????

like you could see how nervous mike looked at first, when they asked Will who mike was. You could practically see the expression on Mike’s face go from worried, to scared, to worried again. What if Will DIDNT REMEMBER HIM? What if Will, the only boy Mike ever felt so strongly about and the boy who was his closest friend, ceased to remember everything about him?

Mike would never be able to handle that. You could see it in his eyes.

And then, THEN, Will says “that’s my friend. Mike,” with a smile almost forming fully on his lips. And the relief that floods Mike is SO OVERWHELMING, and you can see momentary joy on his face.

Will may have forgotten Bob, Hopper, and some other events/people, but he could never, in a million years, forget Mike Wheeler.