I’ve had a lot of guys hmu and sexualize fat girls and sing my praise for being a fat girl who loves myself. I’m out here tryna help big people love themselves, not sexualize them.

I was with a guy before who was ashamed of me and never brought me out in the day because I’m not skinny and he didn’t want people to see us together and say shit, thought I wouldn’t notice. And I put up with it because I thought it’s what I DESERVED. I was like “well I am fat..and not that pretty..” and I let it happen!! I don’t want aNYONE else to feel that way or be in that situation- there’s nothing more powerful than knowing your worth. And I promise every single one of you angels that you deserve the fucking world. You deserve to be shown off and loved without them tryna change you. You’re perfect - and you don’t need anyone regardless.


Shout out to my fellow petite trans brothers out here
  • To the trans guys who are so thin their binder will NEVER work to sculpt “pecs” for them.
  • To the trans guys who go to try on XS clothing sizes and still end up never having clothes that fit snugly enough.
  • To trans guys who have to custom order men’s jeans because they rarely carry a size small enough for them, or to trans guys who just wear “women’s” jeans since it’s easier.
  • To trans guys who can eat all the “right” foods and do all of the specific exercises and still just… don’t ever beef up in the right ways because it’s not what their body is willing to do. 
  • To trans guys who are so small that even other afab people laugh when comparing the size of their hands or their shoe size to yours.
  • To trans guys that have height dysphoria worse than anything else sometimes.
  • To trans guys who know they’ll still be small/short even after starting T, and just have to learn how to cope with it.
  • To trans guys with a metabolism too high to be anything other than skinny.
  • To trans guys who don’t want to have the image of a soft, skinny, “smol” trans boy but always end up lumped in that category anyways.
  • To trans guys who get called ‘adorable’ in anything short of a leather jacket with bloodied knuckles.
  • To trans guys who do fit a softer stereotypical image and don’t mind that! Who embrace flower crowns and pastel sweaters and feel like they’re trans the “wrong” way!
  • To trans guys who can wear all the passing-guidebook clothing, change their gait, and deepen their voices and still get misgendered.

You’re all awesome and even other trans guys sleep on y’all but you’re just as much of a man as the 6′0″ well muscled guys you always see people praising.
You’re going to find a way to feel comfortable with your presentation some day, I promise. 
Whether that means starting HRT, getting surgeries, learning to self love, or a mix of any of these! You’re going to be happy with yourself some day, even if it takes a little bit of work.
Hang in there.

Every body is different and not every large person is eating in an unhealthy manner.

I have a chronic illness called hypothyroidism. This messes with my metabolism and my mood. I’m working on incorporating healthy habits but I will never be thin.

Don’t say, “just eat less” that’s not how it works for me.


How an Instagram yoga star ignores trolls, shines light on body acceptance

There’s a yoga instructor taking the Internet by storm, and she’s almost certainly the exact opposite of what you’d expect.

“Apparently, when you show the Internet your fat a– in a yoga pose, everyone wants to know how the hell you managed to do it.” So goes a line in the first paragraph of Jessamyn Stanley’s book, Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body.

“I am fat. I am not the person you would typically imagine teaching or practicing yoga. Or even sitting behind a reception desk at a yoga studio,” she writes. “I know how it feels to be an outsider.”  

The 29-year-old has become a champion of body acceptance while also championing bodies of all shapes and sizes to embrace yoga. “We have this whole idea in our society that it’s only meant for slender white women, essentially,” Stanley told USA TODAY in a recent interview. “And because there are so many people who think that because they are not that, they can’t even walk into a yoga studio. And the reality is that if you can breathe, you can do this practice.”