Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPsmallshops

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

The goal this weekend is to capture creative photos and stories from local stores and independent shops. Some tips to get you started:

  • Part of the attraction of small local stores is their architecture and decor. Does it have a particularly artistic sign out front? An old tiled entrance? Look for the small details you can capture, and remember it doesn’t hurt to ask for permission first before you start snapping.
  • Every small business has a big story. Take some time to chat with the people behind the counter and share a portrait with their story.
  • Finally, whether they’re locally sourced, one-of-a-kind or just beautifully arranged, don’t forget to peruse and share the stories behind the products themselves.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPsmallshops hashtag only to photos taken over this weekend and only submit your own photographs to the project. Any tagged image taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday morning.

“I’m supposed to hit this house party later and I don’t want to show up empty handed. I’m not old enough to buy beer so I’ve been waiting here to see if I can find someone to buy it for me. So far, everyone’s been too scared. You wanna grab me a sixer?”

“Not really. I mean. I think it’s illegal to buy beer for a cat. And it’s not really good for you.”

“You’re just like the rest of ‘em.”

- Unknown, Ditmas Park

Here are the ruins. Here is the avalanche.
Here are the gods, content to tremble
in their nests. Here are the elevators that go
nowhere. Here is the speaker music can
come out of, but it chooses not to. Here are
the myths. Here is their proof. Here is the
hurricane of letters, joyously flinging them
into itself.
—  Dalton Day, “The Geography of Ventricles,” published in Bodega