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Bodega Shopping Fall Lookbook
In the style of ClothesEncounters on YouTube, we take a look at a fun, cozy, cool-weather look for shopping for chips, withdrawing from the ATM, or just hanging out with the cat. 

Praise the lake today, the path
you walked around it. How
even in your stumbling, you
left the bed & basement. Small
steps, every grateful breath.
You slept through the night.
Had dreams full of plants.
Not everything is dead.
—  Anna Meister, “Slow Climb,” published in Bodega


Hi, it’s Kawaiikochans. We heard it might come back… “King of Fighters.” Okay, we’ll make a joke with our usual spirits. It shows signs it’s still going… “Kawaiikochans.” Our magazine is almost kansei! Regular updates to start again?! “You’ve said it already.” But…!!