beat bobby flay is an allegory for the oppressions of capitalism and a bourgeois ruled world: bobby flay represents the oppresive bourgeoisie, and the two challengers represent the proletariat who are first required to fight with each other in order to have a chance against the bourgeoisie, showing the lack of unity under a capitalist regime. that battle is not the last; after the proletariat unwillingly battle against each other, they must then compete with flay. unfortunately, the independent chef is almost always defeated despite their efforts, showing big business and big money always triumphing over the poor and the small business owners. the show is designed to make the viewers frustrated when flay wins; everyone who appears on the show save for flay himself want the challenger to win, causing anger to be directed at bourgeois flay, and sympathy towards the proletariat, who is helpless under the horrible power of the bourgeousie.