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“Also   the hardest thing about the show is when we have to record  actually stacked and it’s hard to have three microphones, and I’m the smallest.” - Dementri 

” i’m just i’m a big dude” - Bobby 
” I feel horrible for you “ - Ed

“ I’ve been hurt  several times recording the show you my only complaint. We should stop doing that “   - Dementri

Bobby Moynihan Interview. 'What did Adam think of the sketch when you first told him?'

What did Adam think of the sketch when you first told him? Did he improv any moments? And what was it like for you all — as fans — to see him channel that character right in front of you?

Bobby: I think he dug it. He was so, so good at the process of SNL all week. But, he just nailed Matt. I think people love Matt so much because he commits so hard. I just kept saying in my head, “He’s Kylo Ren.” He is such a fun and interesting dude in real life, and then they say action and he becomes absolutely terrifying. I became a child around him. I am such a fan of his work as an actor. He’s sooooooooo good. I hear how nerdy I sound when I say this, but I have looked into the eyes of Kylo Ren when he was mad at me and it was dope. I’m 39 years old.

Lastly, the reference to fan debate over Kylo Ren’s lightsaber was a real deep cut. Who’s responsible for that reference and what side of the line are you on?

Bobby: We just thought that is something Kylo would sensitive about. That he would throw a tantrum if you mocked his lightsaber. And he did. And it was awesome. I’m 39 years old.