They’re probably going to go for a generic Southern accent for Dekapan in the dub (what do Tohoku accents even get translated into in dubs?) but if it was up to me, I’d give him a Minnesota accent like Martha Generic from Bobby’s World. Dasu would be directly translated to don'tcha know


so i got a message from ne0nfaith asking if i could listen to his friend Bobby Generic’s first single. i did, and here it is. it is seriously some good ish. ya’ll should listen to it. 

Little Bobby Generic had quite a childhood on a show that ran for 80 episodes worth of entertainment. Bobby’s World had a variety of characters, all worthy of a mention but a few in particular stood out. When you look back, Bobby’s Uncle Ted immediately comes to mind. From the looks of things, Uncle Ted was bumming off of his sister and her husband, living and breathing on their dime. On top of being deadweight, the man gave off a very creepy vibe. No grown man should find that much joy in constantly giving a little boy noogies, it’s just not normal. Then there was Bobby’s mother, Martha Generic who had the heaviest North Central American English accent you’ve ever heard. Many have noticed the fact that she is basically the cartoon version of Sarah Palin. Really, it’s remarkable how much Martha’s gee gollys, gosh darns, and don’t ‘cha knows sound just like Mrs. Palin herself. On top of having interesting characters, the show had Howie Mandel! Howie has changed a lot visually since the 1990s. The long, curly locks that he used to wear have ceased to exist. Many didn’t know that he hosted Deal or No Deal because now he has a shiny, bald head. Those who watched Bobby’s World tend to appreciate everything Howie & company had to offer. A few years ago there were even talks of a comeback; but being that there are no new episodes, it seems as if there was no deal.


Yeah, I really like this song.  Bobby Generic has a voice that’s very easy on the ears. The only problem is the interference in the background - some kind of fuzz that’s there in parts of the song - at the start, a bit at the end.  The piano keys are real nice, so’s the repeating loop in the background.  The smoothness of it reminds me of old school hip hop, circa 90’s.  Especially when the ladies come in.  My best friend Marmarade, who loves hip hop more than any other kind of music, said “this is the best new hip hop song I’ve heard in a long time”.  <3 <3 <3


This guy messaged me to check this out.. Honestly, I thought the music would be terrible haha BUT it turns out that this shit is pretty dope. Peep it.. 

Watch on

@bobbygeneric #newmusictip “Everybody is a Star” always good to hear rappers tellin their tales. His pops left him at an early age, ladies man and all he want s to do is get his shine. This sample is one of my fave roots songs, it fits his story perfectly.

might have to watch out for this guy……




This is the most legitimate tumblr inbox spam I’ve recieved in more than a minute. Bobby Generic has definitely got this…


BOBBY GENERIC - “Famous Nobody”

Got this track sent by Hotspotscoldnights…thanks, we really like it!


Bobby Generic - Famous Nobody

I recieved a message this morning with a link to this track. It’s safe to say Son and whoever produced this track knew what the f**k they were laying down. S/0 to Bobby Generic. Feel free to send me inks.