Bobby Morley


-he’s the most protective teddy bear ever

-being one of the only people who can get a rare smile out of him

-he gets so embarrassed by his love for you though

-like he’s supposed to be this tough guy and then he’s a puppy when you’re around

-lingering touches because every touch could be your last

-everyone getting adorable-overload when they see you together

-sharing a tent/room

-him being a human heater, seriously that boy is hot

-his hands are huge also so when he cups your face for kisses its amazing, or when his hands are on your hips, or just any time because hands

-hugs where he never wants to let go

-he’d never want you you go on dangerous missions though, unless he was there to make sure nothing happened

-he would not trust your safety to anyone other than himself

-sometimes he’d get you flowers from a nearby field

-or just any present he could manage

-he’d be a hand holder

-the happiest anyone ever sees him is when he’s with you

-private conversations in deserted corridors

-stolen kisses before missions

-yeah he’d be a face grabber for kisses

-sometimes you two have a day where you just lay in bed and try to forget everything else

-being good friends with Octavia

-Bellamy adoring you for being good friends with Octavia

-she’d constantly be bugging him about asking you to marry him

-he’d find little treasures, maybe a ring, and he’d ask you

-he’d always find cute dates for the two of you (because nothing but the best for his queen)

-him reading late at night while you sleep on his chest

-finding books for him because you know how much he loves to read

-him telling you stories about history

-reading in that voice of his to you while you try to fall asleep, his voice being the last thing you hear until you sleep


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“why are you so tall?” you whined, already on your tip toes but still unable to reach your boyfriends mouth.

he grinned, looking down at you.

you pouted, “shouldnt be this hard to get a kiss.” 


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angel seduces the devil (bellamy blake one-shot)

Requested: A4 (oral sex) A11 (penetrative anal sex) A14 (face sitting) B12 (heavy eye contact) D13 (squirting) & D14 (face fucking) with Bellamy Blake from the 100.

Prompt: Y/N (Bellamy’s good friend and confidante) offers Bellamy some release after a long day of negotiations.

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Warnings: smut, as mentioned above, nsfw visuals

A/N: !!!THE GIF(S) ARE NOT MINE. CREDIT TO THE RESPECTFUL OWNERS!!! So I decided to include all of those minus the penetrative anal sex because I honestly have little to know idea how to write about that. I’ll do my research and have it ready for another piece of writing. I hope you guys like this smut piece. Lol I feel like everyone has requested Bellamy smut, so here goes!

With Finn, Bellamy and Clarke gone, you and Octavia were running things. Work in the camp had been completed before nightfall and you let everyone rest for the remaining portion of the day. You and Octavia smiled around, happy with how the camp was looking, before you went your separate ways.

You just got to the tent you & Bellamy shared and you knew that he would be back any second. You knew how much talking to the Grounders stressed him out, so you had a little surprise for his return. You were always shy to take the next step in your flirty friendship with Bellamy, but you thought today would finally be the day. You were currently laying in your bed, naked and awaiting Bellamy’s arrival.

“God damn them, Y/N!” Bellamy stormed in, not looking towards the bed. He took off his shirt and started ranting, as he normally did. “The Grounders are so damn stubborn. And now that Clarke is sexing things up with Lexa, she’s on their side too. They want us all to move in together, like some big happy family. Like I’m supposed to live with those animals!”

“I’m sorry, Bell,” you whispered and thought that maybe he needed verbal comfort more than physical comfort. “Let’s talk about it,” you stand up and decide to get dressed, your back facing him just as he turned to face you. His eyes raked over your body, his pants tightening as he realized your intentions. Bell quickly made his way over to you and held your wrist, pinning it to your back as you reached for your shirt.

“Does the little angel want to play with the big bad wolf?” Bellamy presses himself to your back and whispers into your neck, smirking as the hand pinned to your back now has easy access to his bulge. Your face turns read and you moan as he lays a wet kiss against your neck. “Were you going to seduce me?”

“I was here to relieve you,” you whisper and tilt your neck, giving him more access. “You can use me all you want, Bellamy,” Bellamy moans as you speak out, his hips pressing into your back. You palm his bulge through his pants and he sucks on a small patch of your neck.

“You can bet your cute little ass I’m gonna use you,” his free hand comes around and squeezes your ass. You yelp and he smacks it. “You don’t want the whole camp to know what we’re doing, do you?” He whispers into your neck. kissing and sucking on small patches all along the side.

“I-I don’t care, Bellamy,” you pant out and Bellamy growls.

“You’re right, let them know you’re mine,” he turns you around and pushes you down on your knees. “Get to work, angel,” Bellamy watches you as you sit up to remove his belt, your lips grazing his waist. His breath hitches in his throat you you pull down his pants and boxers. He quickly steps out of them and moans as you kiss his inner thigh. Bellamy snarls and wraps your long brown hair around his fist.

Your eyes meet Bellamy’s as you kiss his tip, letting your tongue taste his leaking precum. You moan and close your eyes as Bellamy follows suit.

“Fuck yes, angel. Just like that,” he whispers and tightens his grip on your hair, bobbing your head back and forth. The moment his tip touches the back of your throat, Bellamy goes wild: he grabs your head with both hands and starts moving his hips rapidly, face fucking you as best he could.

Bellamy looks down at you, your eyes meeting his as his hips move roughly against your face, causing you to almost choke on his size. Your eyes don’t leave his as your hands grab hold of his balls, rubbing them between your fingers. Bellamy nearly loses it, he screams out your name as his balls bounce off your chin and his erection twitches in your mouth. He’s been with other women before, but never with one like you. Your mouth was designed for him and him only.

“Fuck, angel,” he whimpers, his eyes growing darker as he takes in the sight of you. “I’m so close,” he whispers and you moan over him, the noise sending vibrations over his dick. Bellamy groans and your core leaks at the husky noise. He thrusts against your mouth a couple more times before releasing finding his release inside your mouth. He moans and yells out your name, his hips twitching as his grip on your hair loosens.

You swallow every bit of his cum and run your tongue along his shaft and tip one last time to clean everything up.

“You taste so good, Bellamy,” you whisper and blush as his eyes meet yours.

“Stand up, angel,” he commands and you stand up immediately. Bellamy’s eyes raked your naked body and you clenched your thighs together to keep your wet core from his gaze. Bellamy, of course, noticed everything. “Open your legs a little, baby. Let me see what you’re hiding.”

Your knees go weak the sound of Bellamy’s voice alone. You slowly open your legs and he smiles, his eyes growing dark.

“I wonder how the angel tastes,” he whispers and grabs your hips, pulling you flush against him. He dips his head to your neck, trailing wet kisses up to the small area beneath your ear. Bell nips the delicate skin and whispers out gruffly. “I want you to ride my face, feel my tongue going in and out of you, my hands all over your ass. Can you do that for me, angel? Will you ride my face?”

“B-Bell,” you whimper, pressing your hips flush against his as you feel his erection growing once again.

“I need you to answer me,” he growls out and smacks your ass, a low moan leaving your mouth as he does so.

“Y-yes,” you press your lips gently to his neck, letting your tongue lick a long stripe along the side. “I need to ride your face.”

“Good,” Bellamy growled and pulled you both to the bed. He laid down, his head resting on the pillow as his eyes watched you. “Crawl to my face, angel,” Bellamy whispers and you do as he asks.

You sit on your knees at the edge of the bed, your legs on either side of Bellamy’s. You slowly drag yourself up, your wet core making contact with his erection, his hips, his defined abdomen, and his chest as you leave a trail of your juices on him. Bellamy moans as he feels how wet and swollen you are for him. You reach his neck and Bellamy sees your glistening core. He smacks your ass and decides to pull you up himself, unable to wait.

He lowers your hips against his face, his mouth teasing your slit. He breathes in your scent and moans, his hands squeezing your ass as you bite your lip. Unable to wait a moment longer, Bellamy pulls you down. Your swollen lips meeting his ready ones. You moan loudly at the contact and Bellamy follows suit, the vibrations causing a tingle in your lower stomach.

“Angel tastes so good,” he whispers and his lips move against your folds. Your hands reach down and you grab a hold of his hair as his tongue enters you. You scream his name and Bell holds on to your hips, his arms snaking around your thighs from behind. He smacks your ass and you jolt. You feel his smirk as he holds you down to his face, his tongue teasing your clit as you moan. You’d never felt like this before, how were you supposed to hold off for so long?

“Don’t hold back, angel,” Bellamy moans against you, as though reading your mind. “Cum all over my face, I want to taste all of you.”

You pant, moaning Bellamy’s name as you tug on his hair. His thumb reaches around and presses against your clit as your thighs shake. His tongue enters you and swirls around your tight, hot crevices. You moan as he finds your g-spot, and you’re now unable to hold back.

“BELLAMY, FUCK!” You tug his hair and scream his name as you squirt all over his face, just as he wanted. Your body convulses over his as you ride out your high with Bellamy mercilessly swiping up your juices with his skilled tongue. Your climax ends a little too soon for your liking and you’re left blushing as Bellamy pulls you down, laying you atop him.

“Fuck, that was hot angel,” he whispers and kisses you, wanted to give you a taste of yourself. You moan into his mouth and he smirks, running his hands through your hair. “Let’s go to the river. Clean ourselves up quickly?” He kisses down your neck as you smile.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” you whisper and tug on his hair, happy that you finally had the guts to seduce the handsome devil.


“is she going outside?” Murphy asked, watching you leave the bunker.

“we better follow her.” Bellamy stood up.

“agreed.” your protection was the only thing they agreed on.

“oh, please, continue on my lap” (bellamy blake one-shot)

Requested by anon from THIS nsfw list. Please feel free to request more xoxo

Prompt: You’re stretching in your tent when your best friend & long-time crush Bellamy walks in to ask for your help. You don’t notice him, and he doesn’t make himself known until later.

Warnings: smut kinda i guess

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

A/N: I only included pictures of the Balancing Stick position & the Downward Dog position. These are not my images, I simply found them on google. Enjoy!

“Okay, I can do this,” you put your hair up and sigh. Today was the first day of combat training, and you had no idea what the day would consist of. You were dressed in a loose t shirt and your newly washed underwear. You couldn’t go out there just yet, some pre-combat exercises had to be done to calm your nerves. “I just have to stretch a little and I’ll be okay.” You roll your shoulders and move your head from side to side.

On the Ark, you taught yoga classes. Only once a week at first and then once a month after the oxygen issue ensued. Yoga was your stress reliever, it helped you get rid of the anger that you felt towards the little Ark government. Once they restricted yoga classes, you had no way of ridding your anger. You attacked the guards one day and were locked up. The council members sent you down to Earth in hopes of killing the entire lot of you, but you have never felt more alive. Ever since you got back to Earth, you picked up Yoga once again and your anger has subsided.

You take a deep breath and get into a plank position. You hold your breath and in that moment, the infamous Bellamy Blake decided to walk into your tent. You had no clue, of course, as you were busy counting your breaths and calming your mind. You were late to the training session and he was sent to check on you. Now that he’s in your tent, he doesn’t actually know what to say to you. Bellamy watches you, confused and somewhat intrigued.

After another few breaths, you change your position to the balancing stick. Bellamy’s breath was caught in his throat as he took in your flexibility. He was your best friend and he knew that you taught yoga on the Ark, but he’d never seen you like this. This is the first time he’d seen you relaxed… and in this position. He watched you rock yourself back and forth on the ball of your foot and he felt his bulge grow.

And as you take your position into downward dog, Bellamy let himself fall on your bad before a noise escaped his mouth. He sat on your bed, eyes wide as you slowly move your behind to find a comfortable position. Deciding he could no longer remain silent, Bellamy let his cocky persona take over as he cleared his throat.

“As much as I admire this view, I’d have to say that you’re missing out on training,” his raspy voice catches you off guard and you fall flat on your stomach before turning around quickly to face him, your elbows planted on the ground.

“What the hell, Bellamy?! You scared the living daylights out of me!” You placed a hand against your chest and Bellamy’s eyes zeroed in on your breasts.

“Yeah, well seeing you in those positions had me a little… left out as well. How come I, your best friend, have never seen you this peaceful?” The words roll off his tongue peacefully, but his eyes only get darker as he takes in the rest of your appearance.

“Because my best friend always likes being the cause of my stress and my anger instead of being the one who takes it away,” you shrug and lean back, causing your shirt to ride up and reveal your midriff. Bellamy’s breath gets caught in his throat as the two of you make eye contact, the lust in your eyes matching his. “You’d never let me get through a session of yoga if you saw me this relaxed.”

“Oh, pardon me princess. Am I disturbing you now?” Bellamy raises his brows and smirks.

“You didn’t let me finish!” You smirk right back at him before standing and facing the wall, away from Bellamy. “Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to continue.”

“Oh, please, continue on my lap,” Bellamy pulled off his shirt and before you could question him, he pulled you down onto his lap–your back flush against his bare chest. “Bend over all you want now, princess,” Bellamy nips your earlobe and you feel his bulge grow as the heat rises in your cheeks.

“If this continues, it can only be me. I’ll chop your dick off if you end up in bed with anyone else. Deal?” You let out a throaty whisper as Bellamy skilled lips land on your neck and he bites down.

“If this continues, I wouldn’t need anyone else,” he breathes out against your neck and sucks harshly on the little spot he bit. He makes sure there’s a nice purple mark before answering your question fully. “You have a deal.”

“Good,” you whisper before turning around and straddling him. “Kiss me, Bellamy Blake.”

And boy did he kiss you.


“oh sorry.” you looked down.

“im only shirtless.” he said, “nothing you havent seen before.”

heat rushed to your cheeks, “what?”

“come on, lets not play games Y/N.” Bellamy turned to you, “you look at me just as much as i look at you.”

breathless (au bellamy blake one-shot)

Prompt: You & your FWB Bellamy have been busy due to classes starting back up. You two haven’t been able to make time for one another yet, so Bellamy decides to take matters into his own hands.

Requested: shower sex with Bellamy (from THIS visual smut drabble list)

Warnings: smut, visual smut, shower sex, swearing, dirty talk (?)

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

A/N: sorry this is so short! after all, it is a quickie! enjoy loves xoxo !!!THE GIF IS NOT MINE!!!

You groan and trudge to your dorm. This semester was especially hard, class after class starting at 8 in the morning. You had a 10 minute break between your classes that allowed you to move between the buildings and barely make it to class on time. Some days, like today, you had Chem lab for three hours. Thankfully, you had an hour break between your last class of the day and your lab.

“Finally,” you whisper as you walk in your dorm, closing your door behind you. You drop your bag and your hands immediately reach to the back of your neck, kneading the knots that had formed due to the stress with school. You moan and tilt your head back.

“Let me,” you hear a soft whisper and gasp. You swiftly turn around to see your best friend Bellamy standing behind you.

“What the fuck, Bellamy?” You catch your breath and let out a light laugh. “You scared the shit out of me.”

“Come here,” he smiles and pulls you to his chest. “You poor thing.” He kisses your forehead and you immediately feel your stress leave you.

“God, I’ve missed you, Bell,” you bury your head against his neck and kiss it gently.

“You’ve got no idea how much I miss you, babe,” his hands rub the small of your back as he smiles down at you.

Your eyes meet and a surge of electricity flows through you both. Your eyes darken and you bite your bottom lip. Your hand reaches up to trace the side of his face. He closes his eyes and gulps as your fingertips graze over his cheekbone, his jaw, and finally his lips. His eyes shoot open and he watches your every move, waiting for you to speak the first words as he always does.

“Kiss me, Bellamy,” you whisper huskily as your eyes meet his once again.
Bellamy groans and doesn’t wait another moment before pressing his lips against yours fervently. His hands reach up to cup your face as he kisses you desperately.

“I need this,” he whispers in between kisses, as he quickly reaches down and pulls your shirt over your head. “I need you, babe.”

This time, you turn the tables and push him against the wall. Your hands reach down to the hem of his shirt, ripping it off in one swift motion. His hands wrap around the small of your back as he pulls you against him, his mouth dominating yours as his tongue teases the roof of your mouth. You moan and press your hips against his.

“The shower,” Bellamy moves his mouth down your neck, unclasping your bra in the process. “Let’s continue there,” he whispers and slides down so that he’s on his knees. He smirks softly up at you as he places a gentle kiss against your clothed opening.

“Fuck, Bell,” you whisper breathlessly and your fingers tangle themselves in his hair. “What happened to continuing in the bathroom?”

“From what I recall, you don’t shower with your clothes on,” he chuckles and whisper against the waistline of your pants. He kisses your bare waist as his hands slowly remove your pants. He eyes your lacy panties and he looks up at you with a raised brow.

“It makes me feel good,” you shrug and blush. Bellamy kisses the inside of your thighs almost apologetically.

“We’ll do this more often,” he whisper and bites your hip. “I promise,” and with that, you hear your panties being ripped off of you. You gasp as you feel the cold air hitting you.

“Fuck,” you whisper and clench your legs together. “Your turn, please,” you begin to lean down but Bellamy shakes his head.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to contain myself if I let you strip me,” he smirks and you blush as he swiftly removes his own pants and boxers, his erection springing up and causing your core to throb almost immediately afterwards.

You grab his hand and quickly lead him into the bathroom, smirking as you notice your favorite scented candles lit all over the shelves and sills.

“You totally planned this,” you chuckle and elbow Bellamy in the chest.

“As I said before,” he wraps his arms around you from behind, his hot breath fanning over the side of your neck. “I need you.”

You moan loudly, his erection pressed against your lower back as you two make your way to the shower. Once inside, he presses you against the wall, his knee placed between your legs. He reaches down and turns on the shower, the warm water cascading over his back as he towers over you. He leans down and gently presses his lips against yours, his knee teasing your core as he does so.

“Bellamy,” you whisper breathlessly as you feel his smirk against your lips. “Please don’t tease,” your hands land on his shoulders as his head dips into the crook of your neck. He nips and sucks his way down to the base of your throat. You squirm underneath him, teasingly grinding your hips against his. Bellamy moans as his hand reaches down to rub your slit.

“You feel so good,” Bellamy moans against your chest as your nails dig into his shoulders. His fingers rapidly move up and down your slit, his erection growing with every moan that spills out of your mouth.

“Bell, please!” You groan loudly, desperate to feel him inside you. “I need to feel your throbbing cock inside me, please,” your nails rake down his shoulders, knowing how your words would affect him.

“I hope you’re ready, babe,” his lips trail back up to your ear, his teeth tugging your earlobe as he rams himself into you with no warning. He groans and slowly removes himself from you before thrusting into you repeatedly.

“FUCK!” You let out a string of curses, Bellamy’s name coming up in the mix.

He groans your name repeatedly, his hand slithers down between the two of you and rubs your swollen clit as he mercilessly rams in and out you. Your nails leave long trails up and down his back as you feel him twitch inside you.

“Bellamy I’m close,” you whimper and his hand quickens its pace against your clit.

“Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my cock,” he moans and you let out mewled curses, his words bringing you even closer to the edge.

Your walls tighten around his length and you cum all over him, shuddering as he continues to ram into you. After a few more thrusts, you hear him scream as he pulls out.

You quickly move a hand down his side and wrap it around his throbbing length, your eyes never leaving his. You quickly move your hand over his, pumping his length as he growls your name. He leans forward, using you as a crutch. Your hand grows sloppier and faster by the second as he continues to throb against you.

“FUCK!” His lips find yours and he screams into your mouth as he releases in your hand and across your stomach. “Fuck,” he groans against your lips, his mouth still desperately moving against yours.

He leans into you, his hands roaming your body as you breathe heavily against him. You move your hand up his back and rest them against the back of his neck, pulling his head forward so you can kiss him. He smiles as he kisses you, his hands finally resting against your hips. He continues pecking your lips for a few moments more before pulling himself back.

“Come here,” Bellamy reaches his hand out and you smile at him, taking your hand in his as he pulls you up. “Let’s get cleaned up before your class starts.”

“Okay, captain,” you stand in front of him as he reaches around you to grab the soap. “I’m so happy I have you.”

“Trust me, I understand baby,” he kisses you gently as his hands begin rubbing your shoulders.

You sigh and relax under his touch, falling more and more hopelessly in love with your best friend Bellamy Blake.